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@darkdetective27 said:

@jphulk26: Yeah I dont really care for some of these descisions, but the only jumping really high sort of makes sense she didnt originally have flight and like Superman it was a later addition to her powers. I wish she could fly but I guess they wanted to make her different from Superman. Though I hope this 20s rumor is just that a rumor and they have plans to keep in th the modern world maybe just have it set before BvS.

If they want to make her different from superman, give her her animal empathy, divine wisdom and more vulnerability to piercing weapons, so she isn´t indestructable like Supes. Plus she´s a warrior. There is no reason what so ever that wonder woman should only be able to jump high. It makes her significantly weaker and is just dumb.

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Why is this here again?

i think your mum asked leaky to post it here.

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@username12345 said:

I'm sorry, it needed to be done.

this is why no one takes you seriously

This had to rank as the most bullshit moment in comic history. How dumb was this fight, I mean really. First WW blocks this. Second, one punch from ww kills storm. and I love storm, one of my fav comic characters, but this was voted on and happened just because of the popularity of the x-men at the time. If the JL animated series was out by then, no way people would have voted storm to win,

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@sprior93 said:

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@maccyd said:

It's based on Greek Myth, them being half siblings shouldn't affect any romantic subtexts :P

:) I thought that, but at the same time we are now in modern times and it will just seem to many not familiar with greek myth as icky.

@darknightspideyfanboy said:

@jphulk26: well I wouldn't say it was straight forward we didn't knew Bruce was being mentor by Ra's until the end. Ares being her older brother won't stop him being a villain not the envious kind ether.

That is a basic movie twist. The narrative of why he was Bruce´s mentor and their subsequent relationship and his training was fairly simply and packaged neatly to explain how Bruce became Batman.

On the other hand having a scenario where WW thought she was a clay child then discovers she was actually a daughter of Zeus and in fact her brother was the one who trained her as a child, I just can´t see these revelations having any relavence to the whole plot of a movie in as tight a manner as Batman Begins.

I just know if they use Ares as a villain (/which I believe there will be a huge pressure on them to do so, as Ares is easily her most marketable villain) and Ares now has to be her sibling, it´s going to alter the dynamics between them a lot. Especially since on one side they will be basing things off Ares New 52, but on the other they have to base thing off Ares pre-52, when he was actually a badguy. It´s going to blur things a little, I think.

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@jphulk26: Ares can still be a villain but it going to be like batman begins ra's al ghul you know teacher who becomes the bad guy

Yeah, but Ras wasn´t Batman´s older brother. You don´t think that might have changed the dynamic a bit, for the worse? I also think the God Of War being her mentor is not a good idea. But that is just me. I think it´s too convoluted. In Batman Begins, Ras being Batman´s mentor felt very straight forward, which is what you need for a movie. I think Ares would better off young as well. But that is besides the point.

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@darknightspideyfanboy said:

Ares a envious older brother? If they are following the new 52 orgin then he was more like a teacher/father figure to Diana not envious.

Hence, we can count him out as a villain. Which is my point. What stronger, more commercially viable villain is there for her to face?

@claymore1998 - yes, very much so. It was more on Ares side than Diana´s, but there was always a sense in which he toyed with her, and played with her in a flirtatious manner. Especially in Rucka and Simone´s run. Not so much Perrez.

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I don't think we have ever seen anything even remotely linking Ares and Wonder Woman romantically in pre 52 or new 52 so that wouldn't really be a big issue.

That being said, I understand your point. I might not agree with them entirely but it was very well written and interestingly poised.

Awesome stuff, keep up the good work ^_^

I don´t mean that. I mean having that kind of flirtatious relationship they had before. There actually was a lot of subtext between them pre-52. Oh and thank you.