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I had and idea for a villain where basically some guy (who has powers possibly) is a super obsessive fan of Wonder Woman who knows she stands for Feminism, but who basically is crazy and interprets that as hating (and wanting to kill) men. So he goes on an insane murder spree of men.

I think this could help serve as a meta way to highlight how many men misinterpret Feminism to mean man hating. Obviously, somewhere along the way WW would explain what Feminism actually is about.

As for naming the guy, Wonder Man is taken, obviously, so I'm not sure what to call him. Maybe something Herakles related?

that is brilliant. that would be a wicked way to update dr. psycho as well.

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@csg_cl said:

@agent41: somewhat untrue. Themes in WW are relatable simply because they are straight forward allusions to issues such as mysogny or teen suicide or image issues. Almost never are these issues Diana herself faces. If you make such generic statements as "she teaches us how to treat people" you could be talking about nearly any character. Diana's issues with being unrelatable are more specific in nature ... She's always been too perfect for a reader to directly identify with beyond the "this is what an ideal woman should be". The way she's been portrayed for decades stumbles into a female power fantasy along the lines of Batman/Superman ... I dare say most women don't identify with that sort of thing. Making Diana herself relatable means giving her more direct personal problems to face, not making her even higher in her ivory tower.

I take a slight bit of umbridge with this. Diana´s issue has been bad writing. I don´t relate to Diana when she´s been in the hands of bad writers, I do when she´s in the hands of good writers who understand her. In the 70s show where she was pretty much depicted in the manner you´re talking about, she became a huge international sensation. Why because by-and-large the show was fun, but also Lynda understood her and did a fantastic job of depicting her in a manner that took her mythos seriously.

I really don´t think there´s a fundemental problem with Diana as a character or her story, there is plenty of vunerability as-well-as plenty to relate to in her journey. However I think it´s a terrible mistake to think one has to enforce uncharacteristic issues on her, such as "daddy" issues or sibling rivalries or man-raping Amazons to make people relate to her. I think it does quite the opposite in fact, it makes her story completely unrelatable and leaves one with more questions than answers. Such as: why is she so heroic if raised in an enviroment of pure bigotry? It also now the Amazons are impossible to root for in anyway. If people step out the comic bubble and actually think what someone who knows nothing about WW is going to think of that whole story, I think people would realize it´s highly unappealing for a superhero to be the product of The Amazons as they are currently being depicted and what most likely will happen is it will divide audiences the same way Man Of Steel did, by essentially changing Pa Kent into a douche bag who would advocate letting a bus full of school children die. In the end making Superman dark, something which he isn´t did more harm than good for him. Yes Diana certainly needs problems, that modern audiences can relate to or empathise with, but we must be careful those problem fit organically with Diana´s story and the kind of values general audiences associate with the character. Her mother murdering men is a HUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE mistake if that is the root the movie wants to take. And being Zeus´s bit on the side also makes her highly unsympathtic. If it was a TV drama like Daredevil, that might work, but noway you can make people understand all that in a 120 minute film for instance.

Comicbookwise, as I said bad writing is ww greatest enemy, not being unrelatable.

By the way I just wanted to give an example, so I´m not being so abstract. You might call WW too perfect in Rucka´s run, I don´t know. The way she always did the right/noble thing, almost with out thought, might make her seem morally infalable. However to me, what I saw was a badass warrior who lived by an unwavering moral code that was her own, be damned with what the world or anyone else thought of it. When she used medusa´s snake venom to blind herself, so as not to be turned to stone, I didn´t see some perfect, priggish, debutant, who was beyond reproach, I saw a bad ass warrior, who doesn´t give a &$$R%$, this is woman willing to even tarnish looks that were favored her by Aphrodite, to kick someones ass. I dare say if that ever made it into cinema, it may be the most badass thing a superhero would ever have done in film. Cause I have never seen Bataman purposely blind himself, so as to save Gotham City. Same with Maxwell Lord thing to a lesser degree. WW was able to get low, down and dirty and I found it awesome. And the fact she did it with this regal grace, made it all the more badass to me and that was from someone who wasn´t a huge WW fan when I read that comic. Anyway that was just to give some context to my argument, because till this day of any of the mainstream superheroes WW has done some of the most cool things I´ve seen anyone do, which I´m sure General Audiences would lap up. So sometimes I really don´t get the whole relatable thing.

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Origin: Once a beautiful nymph, Daphne, was a powerful Naias Nymphe who fell in love with an Atlantean soldier. Apollo grew jealous of this and asked Circe to curse Daphne. Circe cursed Daphne and made her human. However by doing this Daphne no longer retained her supernatural beauty or her control over nature and water naturally. Being cursed a human Daphne was no longer recognized by her Atlantean lover and could never see him ever again. Soon after, Apollo killed the Atlantean soldier.Knowing who cursed her and what Apollo had planned Daphne sought out the knowledge of sorcery to get her revenge. Along with this Daphne also obtained the "Faerie Rose". This was a sword enchanted with the deadliest poison that strips the immortality of a being and inflicts a fatal poison. With her newly gained power Daphne battled Apollo and Circe but was drastically outmatched. Apollo burned half her face off and Circe banished her to another realm filled with mystical monsters and barbarians. With her ugly appearance Daphne passed off as a barbarian becoming a high-skillful warrior and an experienced sorceress who transported herself and her fellow warriors back to Earth. Her and her blood thirsty warriors were called "The Immaculates".

Powers:Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Sorcery (Magic Blasts, Magical Shields etc.), and Sword Mastery. Wearing a mask carved from the bones and magic of mystical beasts and nymphs this symbols Daphne tragic and pitiful life. Whoever puts the mask on will see a ballad of Daphne life.

Goals: Revenge on Apollo and Circe. Wishes for her warriors to mate and breed with the Amazons to create the ultimate army to burn down Olympus. However Wonder Woman rejects this and tries to stop her from killing her brother Apollo and the other gods from blind rage.


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@agent41 said:
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@jphulk26: @saren:If you seem to despise me,hate me,attack me but you still follow my every move,comment in topics about me and have the need to mention my name. Dear you are a fan.

Are you Cheetah

Yes. And i'm plannng a revolution with greenpeace. Everybody will be forced to adopt a baby cheetah and listent to cheetah girls every day 15 hours straight. Diana is not here to stop me. JAJAJA.

Stupid schemes like that are why you won't be in the Wonder Woman movie

Cheetah will be. And when Cheetahs take over the world we'll see who is stupid. You need t think outside batman's box. Nobody cares when the tears of a clown fall down. Sorry joker.

Fear not Cat Avatar your turn may come after I make 800 million at the box office world-wide beating even that big boy-scout and his bald class mate that DC favor over me. The day of reckoning is soon upon us when all the nay-sayers of the Amazon-whore, will eat their words. However there may well be no Diana for you to face in a sequel because I´m going to grind her bones to the dust. Her and that Island of mannly pigs she calls sister, will burn in the glorious afterglow of Earths greatest conflict. They will be stalked, tormented and violated for my amusement. For Diana may well be the Princess of The Amazons, BUT I AM THE GOD OF WAR.

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get good writers and good actors and good make up artists. If you can have a talk tree(Groot), creating Cheetah shouldn't be all that much harder.

That isn´t the point. Make a good ww film before even thinking of putting any of WW´s whackier villains front and center. Cheetah can and must be done in a movie. I think as secondary villain, but maybe even as primary, but ease the audience into her mythos first. Hence Ares, Maxwell Lord maybe with Circe, or just a villain that is a bit more easy to market, should be the face of WW´s villains for the first one. Sequels. once people trust in the ww brand, can then have midgets, furballs, swanns or throw whatever in the mix, but you have to be very careful with the whole ww package in the first film. In fact the more I think about it, it´s got to be Ares. Even Max Lord and Circe are a bit too vanilla to make the kind of impact needed. Maybe Doctor Psycho if played Dinklage will be taken seriously. But I think that´s just about the only chance he´s got.

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it gets cold flying in such skimpy attire. lawyered.

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@agent41 said:

@jphulk26: @saren:If you seem to despise me,hate me,attack me but you still follow my every move,comment in topics about me and have the need to mention my name. Dear you are a fan.

Congratulations. You are certified Cheetah fans on the inside.

By the way a character is as good as the writing so. There is no such thing as bad or good. Just a difference in the quality of the writing. Our lovely comic world is known for its inconsistencies in that department.

Are you joking? i didn´t even mention you. Don´t know where you got this impression from.

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@saren: Isn´t that just a little offensive to midgets. :) On a serious note a midget villain can be taken seriously? I understand the furry thing, but I would think post- Game Of Throwns people would be down for Dinklage as Dr. Psycho for instance. Do have to agree about Cheetah. Very risky. I think she´ll need to be a secondary villain to another badguy personally.

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@jphulk26 said:

I just don´t like the name Diana Prince. Its different with WW because everyone knows she´s Princess Diana of Themyscira. She doesn´t hide that. So it´s kind of difficult for me to get with an SI, when her name is exactly the same as a Superhero. I just think the spirit of truth thing gives her a convinient way out of having to have a secret identity. I still think there´s a lot to make Diana relatable without having to give her a secret identity. Also her SI hasn´t exectly been built up well either. What is it? Is she a spy? a secretary? what? I just like her better as Amabassador in Themyscira House with all her colleagues and supporting cast. Rucka especially made an interesting dynamic there and gave WW something meaningful to do when she wasn´t superheroing. That was the best idea in my opinion. Not every superhero needs a secret identity. If it doesn´t work, why force one on her.

I think this is where her very long history and a million continuity changes have hurt her. Diana Prince only works if people don't know that WW is Princess Diana. But, to be clear, I don't believe she MUST have a SI ... just that it can work. I like that they've explored/played with it in SM/WW, it's already opened up some possibly interesting stories for her character. I guess my point is that it opens up the character for other kinds of storytelling opportunities and gives her a side that anyone can relate to in some way, it's harder to relate to the Princess (easy to wish you were her), I guess it's like Barbie, being an ideal opens her up for criticism and inevitable questions of her relevance to young girls. Having a SI opens up the potential for a writer to put her in situations that can be relatable to "the man on the street". I don't mind the Ambassador role, but it only plays out for so long before it also becomes one-dimensional, and tons of people would find that particular role unappealing because of the politics ... but agreed that Rucka did it best!

Hey you inspired me to go back and read some of the latest editions of WW SC´s and I really liked the ones that were just her dealing with her world. I actually think it would be great if they made some of this into an animated series. Loved the Ares and Cheetah. Just looking through so I can avoid the ones with Supes or Batman villains. I did get the first several, but started getting annoyed always seeing her in Gotham. It just was getting on my nerves so I stopped, glad you got me back into it.