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Oops voted wrong way. I meant no. Won't let me change it.

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wheres the love for alkyone

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1. Ares

2. Alkyone

3. Dr.Psycho


5. I like the idea of Dr. Poison

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@agent41 said:

I make this only because the respect thread was going off topic. So everybody that wants to express what they feel about the way they treat her in the New 52. Here you can do it so the respect trhread can be what is supposed to be. A respect thread.

really. not being funny but how old are you/ every thread i've ever made has had some people come in and voice opinions i didn't like. deal with it.


@jphulk26 said:
@agent41 said:

I make this only because the respect thread was going off topic. So everybody that wants to express what they feel about the way they treat her in the New 52. Here you can do it so the respect trhread can be what is supposed to be. A respect thread.

really. not being funny but how old are you/ every thread i've ever made has had some people come in and voice opinions i didn't like. deal with it.

How about if I saId as a prenew 52 wonder woman fan don't make a new 52 respect thread on wonder woman forum. after all a lot of wonder woman fans hate what new 52 has done to her, so actually creating a new 52 respect thread here is actually quite insensitive. go to the new 52 forum and start that thread there. I'm not saying you should. but that is the exact equivilent of what you are saying.

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@hawk80 said:

Clay origin, similar to Post Crisis, with few changes. Low tier blessings are innate (wisdom, loving heart, animal empathy), but high tier blessings are unlocked after the contest. When she become flesh and blood, she become flesh and blood, no more "revert to clay" story. Her powers cannot be removed, unless the same group of gods decides that she is unworthy.

Supporting cast includes the Kapatelis family, the Sandsmark family, Etta Candy, Donna Troy, the embassy staff and all the amazons (normal and Bana: Philippus, Artemis, Io and so on...). Trevor is an ally, no love interest initially.

Perez, Jimenez, Rucka and Simone inspire this continuity. Amazon Attack! didn't happen.

Anything post-Simone, specifically in the new52, will never happen.

Yes. I would say add more psychologically real tone like the Earth One Comics. Then bring back Ares as archvillian and Dr. Poison, Dr. Psycho, Cheetah, Alkyone, The Crow Children (The Hellions) and Veronica Cale as her main secondary villains.

But again revamp them, like they have revamped superman and batman villains. it's that simple. Yeah 52 ruined her in my opinion.

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@bullpr - Sorry my friend. Too busy sleeping with really really really hot women to research so much on what is obvious, both sides are wrong and need to cut it out and stop killing children. No justification. None. Now I´m going back to sleep with some chicks.

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@bullpr - You make some valid points. Well done, I hope it helps you sleep at night, being so clever.

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@numi said:

Actually, Gal Gadot is still Israeli and served for two years in the IDF (not Mossad) so her showing her support to her brothers and sisters in arms is nothing to be outraged about. She was on those streets, she was there, she's not clueless and has a better frame of reference than anyone on these boards criticizing her so far.

She's a military veteran supporting the people of her country and their military, which she was a part of.

did you read the comments or just assume what people said. Hardly anyone has acted outraged at Gal, neither have I said she was wrong, it´s actually been a rather civil discussion for the most part. Maybe respond to what is being said rather than responding to what you assume has been said. We have discussed back and forth on many aspect of the situation and as I said by and large it has been a civil discussion, with everyone free to share their thoughts, without name-calling, blaming or accusations of wrong doing. I am obviously not Israeli and not Jewish, so I cannot know how she feels, on the other hand I am a WW fan, and I know what she represents. Having said that you can´t possibly be suggesting I have no right to have an opinion or state my thoughts on the current conflict simply because I have never served in the Israeli Military and therefore must no nothing about what´s going on? I asked the initial question only in reference to her playing WW - as well as - Gal´s fellow actors being threatened to be blacklisted by Hollywood Executives for daring to say anything against Israel. I have gone no further than that nor did I claim to be outraged by her comments, being uncomfortable with something, is not the same as being outraged.

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@_andy_can said:

What's with this post she's Israeli and she supports her country I don't see anything wrong with supporting your country. Also I don't support any side since I haven't been there and I don't believe everything they say on The TV we don't really know who started this conflict.

Depends on what country, surely? Or is nationalism a virtue in and of itself always worth following?

I actually think Nationalism or National Pride as a whole tends to be a rather silly affair. Nationalism simply teaches people to hate those they don´t know or have never met; some how take pride in achievements, they had no responsibility for, and, claim to have gone through trials of human suffering they never experienced. I think humanism should be taught, especially in these times of war. Sure sometimes we must defend ourselves, but we should do in on a rational basis, not on the basis of hatred towards the other side. My fear when it spills over into irrationalism and blind hatred toward our perceived enemies, as Nationalism often inclines war into the direction of, every side then loses the moral high ground. One cannot preach righteousness of their cause through the prism of Nationalist Fervor, and Irrationalism. It immediately negates what they have to say, even if they do have some valid points, because really it means their intention is to punish and destroy, rather than defend, and seek peace.

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@soldierofel said:


1. I agree with you that it is wrong for people to cry racism at any criticism just because they belong to an ethnic group. If you've got a problem with someones personality and they happen to be a different race it is not racism. Full stop. Rather it is a criticism of the person themselves and how they act. It only becomes racism when people fully hate the person because of there ethnic origin. So yeah if people have got a problem with Israel because of the amount of civilian deaths it's not anti semetic rather it's a cry for Israel to be careful in their defence.

2. Again that is a valid point. Actors who play super heroes are needed to be morally upright or posses the same qualities as their character. Like you said, Christopher Reeves acted like superman a lot in his real life. He donated much to charity and spent time at the make a wish foundation dressed up as superman. Henry cavil does the same thing. Christian bale like you mentioned went to the funerals for the people who died in the batman shootings and signed autographs and gave his condolences to the families of the lost. Ron Perlman also spends time at make a wish foundation as hellboy. However i believe it is slightly to early for Gal Gadot to appear like she is wonder woman mainly because we don't know how WW will act in the film. If the script has changed her from being an envoy of peace to a warrior born then she will act a different way. At the end of the day Gadot made these remarks not to promote Israel itself but acknowledge the sacrifices being made by the IDF soldiers. Since she was in the military she is going to support the troops so to speak and I personally still think it's too early to judge her.

Fair enough. Agreed on both points. although on a separate note I hope she isn´t simply presented as a warrior, especially in her own film. I think that is a terrible way to depict and reintroduce the character to a new age. Her dedication to peace and diplomacy, is what´s made her standout from so many other superheroes throughout the years. I mean with Snyder I have no hope, I know he´s just eating up New 52 and even if he did try and encapsulate her ideals, I´m pretty sure he´d screw it up. So I´m pretty much expecting badass warrior/paltry feminist, who is a love interest to Bruce or Clark. However I´m hoping she´ll do well enough in the movie that they´ll green light a solo project which a new team can come on and rectify and bring in parts of the original concept of the character. Who knows what they´ll do but I find the Ambassador of Peace/Warrior a far more compelling character, with far more inner conflict between how to balance both sides. But knowing WB, I´m guessing she will just be badass warrior with no message apart from "Lets Fight." and some fey idiotic version of Girl Power. Who knows?