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I like her villains being more eclectic. I've heard suggestions in the past suggestions that they should only use mythological villains with her but I think that limits the story too much. Maybe there's some vague theme to tie them all together, but I'm not sure what it is. I think it's kinda reaching to put a theme to all of Superman's villains as well.

I don´t. Themes can be nice. I also don´t reduce all Diana´s villains to mythological, nor would I want them to be.

My suggestion was the theme connecting them was psychological. They were all guided by an obsession and distorted forms of love which were like the inversion of Diana´s love.

Superman is easy, all his classic villains, are Gods like him, except they´re corrupted by there Godlike power or intellect.

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@saint_wildcard: Dude if true, I will love the backlash when News Channels end up running with "Wonder Woman´s Lois Lane, Steve Trevor, gets a movie before she does."

Actually wait batman and superman is coming out before. forgot my bad.,

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@agent41 said:

The feminist thing is taken out of proportion by some people. Femist doen't mean hating men. If some women take her as a feminist icon that is not a bad thing. A lit of powerful and independcent female characters are taken as feminist icons by a lot of people. it's not a bad thing. If there are some people that misunderstand the concept and use her image to attack men that is something that has nothing to do with WW and her comic. WW has never been portrayed as a man hater in her comics. She has a lot of male friends and she respects them as much as she respects her female friends. She believes in equality and treats women and men with equal respect. Writers shouldn't worry about the people that misunderstand the feminist concept. The best way to handle this is by showing that Diana cares about men and women equally because that is the way it is in her comic.

Exactly. Feminism is such a feared word, but many female characters in movies that are loved and respected are considered to be feminist characters. Clarice Starling, Buff the Vampire Slayer anyone? Cat Woman! All at sometime have been considered and interpreted through that light. If feminism ever comes across as man-hating, be weary who you are reading, most likely it´s either a male writer who doesn´t know how to subtly deal with a character who is a feminist icon (sometimes female writers as well) or the writer has a purposeful agenda to make feminism out to be a man-hating set of theoretical beliefs. Feminism like Marxism, existentialism, liberalism, Realism, post modernism etc is made up of a vast tapestry of theoretical and ideological commitments, that diverges from each thinker, writer or social activist that has contributed to it´s rich history.

I mean it´s hilarious to me that people fear a theoretical approach to politics, social theory, aesthetics and philosophy. It´s like saying "man I hope filmmakers don´t get to hung up on Neo from Matrix being a postmodern icon in a remake, cause I don´t want to alienate general audiences by making Neo look like a Modernist hater" it´s dumb. sorry OP.

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I usually assume the theme was Fantasy genre to Supe's Sci Fi and Bat's Noir/Crime Thriller as others said before.

Yeah, it can be. I think that´s a better way to put it. Accept, I would say that it´s not strictly fantasy in the sense that it´s still quite down to earth. It´s not - you know - third earth, elfs and fairys. Mythological stories are stories set in our world where Demigods, Gods, demons, and humans all exist as one and usually are moral parables, where as Fantasy usually creates it´s own world, that more or less has very little to do with our own. Examples Star Wars, Never Ending Story, Lord Of The Rings. Actually Azzerello´s wonder woman was more like that, which is actually - now I think about it - why I hated it so much.

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Superman - Sci-fi

Batman - Mystery/Crime

Wonder Woman - Myth

Atleast the majority of their rogues focus on those areas.

I absolutely agree. But I would say this is what underpins their mythology as a whole.

Superman´s mythos is most closely related to the sci fi genre.

Batman to pulp and crime fiction, essentially noir.

Wonder Woman is steeped in mythology.

It´s part of what intrigues me most about this trio. They are all very different from each other, and even the genres of their individual stories have very different influences, yet they gel so well together. I wish their were more compelling trinity stories and graphic novels.

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@sog7dc said:

This is one of my favorite Wonder Woman moments. I think Kelly is my favorite Wonder Woman writer ever.

Can you tell me what this is from. writer, year, which series etc. Thanks :)

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Oops voted wrong way. I meant no. Won't let me change it.

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wheres the love for alkyone