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@outside_85 I think he meant Marston and Perrez and for that matter Simone and Rucka, stayed philosophically close to Amazons Marston created.

I mean you can have all sorts of versions of Alfred, somewhere he´s a pysician, secret agent, just butler, same with Jim Gordan. But I think the point is philosophically and structurally the story remains as the original intended. Azzerrelo hasn´t really achieved that, and lets face it he´s not unified with people rally to support his changes. At least if he improved WW I would have forgiven him but he hasn´t. Change the Amazons back, more relatable, they were flawed despite people trying to ignore that, WW was not perfect as Azz suggested before his terrible take on her mythos. As I´ve said before Azz´s story would have worked exactly the same with out all these silly changes. No difference whatsoever. Just get rid of it already. Amazons peaceful, harmonious society, but that are isolationist. Whether they have technology or are just spiritually and philosophically enlightened makes no difference. Its the spirit of what they are that matters.

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There are many more also, where he explicitly says he wasn´t a fan of the character.

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@jaken7 - I´m ok with anyone liking what they want. What I find irritating is when people try and justify this being true to WW mythos or to Moultan Marston´s original concept when clearly even Azz himself has said he never liked WW and wanted to change the character. Nothing about this character bar what she´s wearing and being called WW has any relation to WW of past.

As for you enjoying the run, I´m glad... But I like things, and if I have to justify them I will. For instance I like the Existential Philosopher Heidegger, who also at one point joined the Nazi party. If I meet someone who doesn´t like Heidegger because he joined the Nazi´s, I do not try and defend them by saying, no he didn´t. That would be plane fiction and yes I would be trolling them if I did. The way I´d defend him is by explaining why his philosophy was so interesting, revolutionary and important.

I think if you enjoy this run, rather than either insulting pre-52 WW or pretending hasn´t completely changed the character, why not instead, defend the book, by explaining what´s so good about it.

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@lvenger - Can you please stop trolling it´s a completely different character and you know it. You all know it. Lvenger I saw a whole post of you moaning about the minor changes to Supermans mythology in the Man Of Steel and lamenting the fact he killed. You basically said it wasn´t superman. So how on Earth is Man of Steel any less faithful to Superman than this run is to WW.

@wdw - I respect your opinion, and I get what your saying about how every writer changes aspects ofa characters mythology. But that is usually to enhance it, or somehow crystalize the inner meaning of their story. Every great WW writer has done that, staying true to who WW is. They may have altered things a bit or brought out different aspects of her origin or mythos, but essentially what it did was enhance the character and her mythos, not detract from it. Azz on the other hand has obviously been given the mandate by Geoff Johns and his cronies, that WW is broke and needed fixing, hence this new absolute mess of a story. Not only a bad WW reboot, but in places a really slow paced, trivial, mess of a plot. If anyone "Shook-Up" Green Lantern like this Geoff Johns would go absolutely ape s$%$. As I said there have been good parts to Azz´s run, so I want it to continue for all the fans of it, but I want Wonder Woman back, villains, supporting cast, superhero action, and her wisdom, intelligence and merciful spirit. Thats what I want and that is all I´m paying to get as a fan, otherwise, I ain´t buying WW.

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@wdw - You are right. I have bought all WW books. The only problem, Azzerello´s WW isn´t a WW book. It´s another character, who Azz invented, who I´m not interrested in. A true WW fan who doen´t like this run should feel no obligation to buy it. In fact what I do is every month I buy several old issues of WW from Rucka to Luke to make sure at least her sales are still up... I think that´s a good way to protest. On the other hand I enjoy that people like Azz´s run. Its good that people enjoy it, so I just wish they´d continue that storyline as an elseworld. I don´t want another character who I can see so many have a passion for completely destroyed or forgotten the same way WW has been forgotten.

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no. i will not buy any of the final issues.

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mate this is a silly op, even for a prenew 52 fan. Believing in Peace, yes, but nonviolent. I mean, how would that work for a modern audience.

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All of them and Steve Trevor...

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Our capacity for mercy is what separates us from beast... But it is only in the qualities of cruelty, violence, and, war that we can truly measure a mans soul... To sum up our humanity, is to travel a road that separates divinity from depravity... an abyss of tempestuous lusts indulged by ape and god alike...

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Again, just Azzerello trolling pre-new 52 fans, making Diana God Of War. I have to say he is funny. Guys a proper troll. Even looks like one.