MartianManhunter(A Space Odyssey Inspired by the Nolanverse)part3

Amanda: “I love my country, and if that thing knows anything at all that can harm it, then, we need to know… And, also, I respect your instincts professor… You´ll be running the team, along with Professor. Ivo. We´d prefer if you don´t bring that coo-coo bird Harleen Quinnzel anywhere near this facility again…”

Erdel looks stunned.

Amanda: “Is that understood Professor?” He nods in agreement. Amanda Con´t: “Well that will be all then.”

She immediately starts reading a folder on her desk, before Erdel´s even left. Erdel gets up and leaves her office. He closes the door, but then immediately pops his head through again.

Erdel “By the way mam…” She looks up serious.

Erdel con´t “He´s not a Martian.” She smirks looking back at her file.

Amanda: “Get out of here, you clown.”

End Of Part 3:

The awakening

Dr. Erdel and Professor Ivo, are in a large underground bio-containment room. They are in biosafety suits. At the center of the room is cryogenic chamber. The alien remains in a state of suspended animation.

The whole room is set up like a biosafety lab, and all staff are wearing similar suits. Some armed with guns, stand at the back, wearing red suits; other scientific and medical staff, wearing yellow and green bio-suits, busy themselves, tinkering and monitoring with computer equipment and medical appliances; Erdel and Ivo dressed in green, do some final preparation, by the cryogenic chamber, double checking components, and writing an inventory. Dr. Lee, is close by, behind a nearby computer also in a green gown.

Erdel and Ivo stand at center, with the cryogenic stasis unit in front of them.

Various medical appliances, and, multimodal computers are attached to the chamber, with scientists monitoring the Aliens vitals on screen.

Hanging off the chamber, are various drip stands, with IV tubes inserted into the cryogenic chamber and inserted into the Aliens skin.

Everyone looks curious, no-one seems confident, what will happen next.

Dr. Erdel: “Are we ready?” He says glaring deeply into Ivo´s serene expression, hoping in vain that Ivo might respond, with something, anything, that could inspire the strength, the will, the confidence, to surmount the unsettling feeling that stirred his intrepid soul.

Ivo: “Once we run the medical activation program, the systems should automatically begin resuscitating him.” Erdel turns Ivo´s way with a skeptical eye, pronouncing through pure force of expression that Ivo´s words hadn´t reassured him in the slightest.

Erdel now addresses the medical and military staff.

Dr. Erdel: “OK guys, everyone knows their job… Lets get this right…”

The following scenes will skip back and forth between the following two settings:

1 - One setting; follows talks given to the team, by Erdel, Lee and Ivo, in an underground room, with various diagrams on the board behind, outlining the biochemistry of the Alien and operations objectives for his resuscitation.

2 - The other setting is in the bio-containment room, that they are in presently.

I will indicate which setting each of the following scenes are held in, by titling them either: “CONFERENCE ROOM”, or, “Bio-containment room”

Conference Room

Dr. Erdel stands in front of all medical and military personnel involved in the resuscitation, briefing his staff on the projects objectives:

Erdel: “Lets get this straight from the get go… Our orders, bring the Martian out alive!... Alive and well… Anything less, we´ve failed. I have given you a week to familiarize yourself with the triage strategy in place to accomplish the operations objectives. If you have only read the Evacuation Manual once. Read again. Under no circumstances will the Martian be harmed.

Keeping you and our visitor safe is my job and I intend to accomplish it… “

Cut to:

Bio-containment room:

Ivo is bent down in front of a large metallic button, on the Cryogenic unit. Erdel hunched behind him.

Erdel whispers to Ivo.

Erdel: “Before we do this, we´ve double checked all CL5 Staffs ammunition, right?”

Ivo: “We triple checked, no live rounds found, just tranq´s. Don´t get so nervous, you´ll start freaking me out.”

Erdel smiles and nods; Ivo looks toward Dr. Lee, who is still standing behind his computer.

“Start encryption program. Dr. Lee, after the count down, upload our system override virus....”

Dr. Lee follows Ivo´s instructions. After they are complete, Ivo presses the button, by putting his hand in the shape of the Martian handprint on it.

Booming metallic computer voice: “Resuscitation program activated.”

Conference Room:

One of the medical staff in the room: “How do we know how the Cryogenic Chamber even, works?”

Ivo steps up to explain, Ivo: “I´ll take this one Dr. Erdel…” Ivo takes the platform addressing the curious audience.

“Our comprehension of its mechanics are limited at best … needless to say, it is extremely advanced. It´s operational model is well, it´s quite something… The bad news, we don´t know exactly how it works; the good news, we´ve figured out where the on switch is.”

Cut to,

Bio-containment Room:

Tag: An Hour Into Resuscitation

A female Medical Support Agent, watches the cryogenic unit from behind her monitoring station. It is clear when you see the screen of the Medical Support Agent that she is checking the vitals of the creature. Dr. Erdel approaches the MSA´s monitoring station. He asks for various readings off the multimodal monitors attached to the MSA´s computer. The MSA gives various promising readings, concerning the Martians vitals: heart pulse and rhythm, body temperature etc.

She answers everything is steady sir.

He then asks if they are still getting positive readings on his vaccine response.

The MSA, reports, “More than positive sir, his immune systems response is incredible.”

Conference Room:

In the room one of the medical staff asks Erdel if he can explain the Martians seeming imperviousness to bacterial and viral infections.

Erdel replies: “The Martians immune system, has a highly developed resistance to bacterial or viral based infections. Nothing in the animal kingdom even remotely compares... The more deadly the strain of virus we expose his blood samples to, the quicker his leukocytes respond... it seems because his immune system not only, builds antibodies to kill off foreign agents in its body, but also predicts how those agent might evolve in future.

Medical Staff: “But that´s incredible doctor.”

Erdel: “It is. We´re not even sure the results are accurate yet. The best we can figure to explain this curious phenomena: is somewhere in his species evolution, their environment was so brutal, so hostile, present with so many malignant elements, they simply had to adapt to survive. .. It ay have even happened on the verge of extinction…”

Scientist Staff: “I call technology. Think about it. Could be some kind of biotechnology …like smart blood.”

Dr. Lee: “There´s nothing to suggest this isn´t an absolutely natural phenomenon. But just think of the implications people?

With closer study of the Martians biology, the potential advancements in medicine are mind-blowing. One-day, we maybe be able create synthetic antibodies against some of deadly strains of virus know to man. Even the HIV virus represents about as much of a threat to our visitor as a child scraping his knee. “

Erdel and Lee, look extremely excited during his speech.

Bio-containment room

Tag: 17 hours later

Erdel, Lee, Ivo and some others watch curiously over the final stages of the Cryogenic unit ´s program.

The liquid inside the chamber is now red, and you can see the Martian inside, begin to stir. However he´s still not conscious.

Various robot arms, and, nanorobotic devices work around the body assembling then disassembling before our very eyes. At one moment it seems like it is given an adrenaline shot to the heart. The Martians body starts to jerk and spasm spontaneously.

The aliens movement unsettles the armed guards. They close in on the chamber. Obviously scared that something is terrible is about to occur.

All the while, lights around the unit, highlight an alien language, which is telling the user the programs progress with a count down to the procedures conclusion.

The cryogenic units fluid, now turns from red to yellow. The Martian calms down.

Erdel, signals for the armed guards to stand down.

Cut to,

Conference Room:

Erdel, addresses the room, but particularly the soldiers.

Erdel “I can´t stress this more. Our objective: Bring him out alive and well. We cannot fail. If aggressive when awoken, do not instantly jump to the conclusion he is hostile…

Just imagine, yourself in his position; waking up in a room full of aliens, in biohazard suits, prodding you with devices. It is only natural he may be scared of us - and react like any trapped creature would. So just be vigilante, but also, be aware…”

Cut to,

Bio-containment Room:

23 hours and 30 minutes:

Finally, we now see the whole room, electric with anticipation about what´s to occur next. The yellow jelly like fluid in the Cryogenic unit oozes off the body of the creature.

Erdel´s face stares at the unit. Ivo equally can´t take his eyes off the unit.

A medical staff member, shouts out: “Vitals are still stable.”

The fluid now drains away inside the machine, till only a small amount is left around the contours of the aliens body. The Martian now twice as muscular as was before the procedure began, rouses from his prolonged slumber, inhaling, attempting his first small, delicate breaths, without any respiratory assistance.

Erdel: “Everyone step back behind the red line. We don´t want to scare him.”

All step behind the red line, which is some meters away from his chamber. They try not to alarm him. The cryogenic chambers glass doors open, with a flurry of steam rising from the alien’s nude fragile figure. Now breathing the natural air, the alien blinks, muttering to himself, in an alien language. When he fully opens his eyes, realizing where he is he becomes frightened out of his mind.

Erdel, nods to the security personnel, who respond accordingly to his gestured command. They run up to the Alien, attempting to strap him down with harnesses. He struggles for a while; clearly demonstrating his superior strength. Everything in the room starts shaking of its own. The second tier guards begin a cautious approach worried weapons ready to fire. Erdel commands they stand down to no avail. Erdel realizing what´s about to go down runs into the line of fire, taking off his bio-containment headgear. He looks sincerely into the alien’s eyes.

Erdel: “It´s me buddy. It´s me, Saul. Your safe. I promise, your safe.” He strokes the Martian gently on the head.

Dr. Lee runs behind him. “What the hell are you doing Saul? Put that back on. It´s not safe.”

Dr. Erdel, ignoring Lee´s protestations, continues. “It´s me buddy. No need to struggle, we´re not here to harm you. Your safe… Your safe…“

We see from the alien P.O.V. He´s still extremely frightened listening to Erdel, but he recognizes him, and interprets Erdel´s pleas correctly.

Everything quiets down, the room once quaking, slowly returns to a calm state. The aliens agitation at the situations appears to have subsided. The guards gradually lower their arms. But just as we thought the turmoil has ended, loud shots are heard.

Erdel scans the room, looking at all the security officers, none of whom are shooting – then he sees it. There´s a medical staff member carrying a semiautomatic gun that he’s firing in the general vicinity of the alien. Erdel falls to the ground in fear.

Another Medical staff member is shot, screaming “What the hell!! He´s shooting at us!!”

Dr. Lee is hit twice in the chest. Everyone by now has realized what is happening. Either scattering in fear or frozen in shock. Most, duck behind the alien chamber looking for safe places to hide from the gunman. Security attempt to grab him. Some are shot in the process. Finally one security officer gets to him, but not before he lets one last shot off in the direction of alien.

We see it in slow motion.

Erdel instinctively jumps up to shelter the alien from harm. The bullet travels straight towards Erdel´s back.

The alien looks up at Erdel, seeing distress in his eyes and resignation to his coming fate. The alien´s eyes glow red.

Miraculously, the bullet somehow deflects off Erdel, flying straight back into the gunmen’s hand. The gunmen instantly jerks in pain, dropping his firearm in the process; all witnesses are stunned by what has transpired. Security, pounce on the gunmen, restraining him as he struggles.

The Gunman begins to scream gibberish, quoting bible scripture: “I do it in Jesus´s name!! In Jesus … Can´t you see God is testing us … testing the veracity of our faith … he´s sent Satan like he sent his son… you don´t know what your doing!! Get off !!… And I say unto thee … the dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard...”

Security manage to pacify the assaillent, shutting him up in the process.

Erdel, looks into the Aliens eyes, which turn from glowing red to their normal crimson hue. It is obvious that the Alien somehow used his abilities to deflect the bullet, therefore saving Erdel´s life; we see in Erdel´s expression recognition of the silent miracle that probably saved his life. The Alien in a state of shock, passes out.

Erdel glances around the room dumbstruck by the carnage. Revolted. Enraged. Shocked. Sickened. Confused. Saddened. Scared. Dr. Lee. He only becomes fully aware of the magnitude of destruction when he sees Dr. Lee lying in a shallow pool of his own blood. He kneels before Dr. Lee, who´s desperately taking in shallow breaths. Erdel´s medical instincts quickly kick in as he kneels to the ground, trying to figure out the source of the bleeding, so as to stop the flow. But Lees hurt bad. He takes his last breathes. Dying in Erdel´s arms. Erdel checks his pulse. He´s gone.

Erdel: “Oh God! Oh God!.”

Scene End

Fade Out.

Fade in.

Amanda Waller ´s Office:

General Wade Eiling, Erdel, and Ivo sit across from Amanda. The feeling in the room is tense. Amanda looks pissed.

The General and Amanda want answers.

Ivo barely unable to comprehend what just happened, remains in shock. Erdel responds indignantly to their questions.

Erdel: “What happened is some Jesus freak came at us with an unauthorised handgun, shooting up the lab!! He killed Dr. Lee. The man is dead. Died in my arms… And for what? for Jesus. For the triumph of ignorance over progress. Superstition over reason, he died for nothing… Those were your people. Military scientists. Military personel.”

Amanda: “How did he get a weapon in there in the first place? It was your job Saul, to implement strict security measures on this operation. Checking all satff, and registering all firearms that entered the lab. An outcome like this should not be possible, if you´d followed protocal...”

Erdel: “ This was a plan. I doubt he even did this alone. This guys been working you guys for months years even. Just waiting for a reason to snap. You don´t see that?”

Eiling: “I told you we needed a military team overseeing this operation Amanda. These kids don´t know a damn thing about security.”

Taking exception Amanda reminds Eiling. “Those were your men in there; your team. You headed up psychological evaluations.”

Eiling: “Amanda, that´s a load of crap, we can´t predict a thing like that. Only takes one bird to break free of the coo coo nest, There are so many trained nuts out there these days. And it only takes one, just one, who´s disciplined, and patient and trained enough, so that all your Little protocals, psych evals and stringent measures go out the window. The only one who can smoke´em out is one with guts, instinct and the savvy to spot´em. Erdel wasn´t prepared... plain and simple.”

Amanda stops to think a while.

Amanda: “OK, I´m handing over all matters of Security to General Wade

Amanda looking at Wade with a serious eye.

Amanda con´t: “But you and your men soldier, better have the instincts you claim, cause I´ll have a whole other head to add to my trophy board of career assasinations, if anything happens under your watch General…

Amanda con´t: “So, this is how we´re doing it play by play. Wade reexamines all personel. Till we can be sure, only security level 8 and above, will have access to the Martian.”

Erdel: “Come on…”

Amanda: “Saul. What do you do when you get an order?

Erdel Nods.

Amanda Con´t: “So as of now access is restricted to SL8 staff only. First… I want this mess cleaned up, from the bottom up. My reputation with Reagan Boy and CIA is in jeopardy because of this, and I won´t take the blame for your screw ups, even if it takes ruining any of you in the process. But I will throw you one life line. Just so we don´t take the route less travelled, I expect by months end, half clearance level 5 to 7 gone. Reasigned or terminated. All those remaining will be approved by me – and I mean it; if one of them looked at me wrong once, or, their taste in music is to comercial for my liking, or, if I Heard on the grape vine, someone once saw them have conversation in the lunch line with that shooter; gone, reassign or terminate.

I want information on the their school, their teachers, lawyers, priests, accountants, parents, lovers. The slightest inconsistency. Out.

But until we can be absolutely sure our staff don´t have any other worldly allegiances, the Martian candy store is closed gentlemen.…. We will work fast and nonstop starting with you, Dr. Erdel so you can get back to work … As for the family of Dr. Lee, they´ll receive the full benefits package, under staff insurance… Our position if we´re contacted, by anyone on behalf of the family… worked for SETI… mugged and shot... we know nothing else.

Onto important stuff. My understanding of the situation is the Martian in a stable condition, but remains in a state of shock. After your eval, and not a moment before Saul, we are sending you in. OK good talk. Dismissed.”

The General, Ivo and Erdel stand up to leave. Amanda, gets up herself staring through her window, at her own pensive reflection. She´s unable to recognise who shes become. Then before Saul exits: “Saul wait…” The General and Ivo exit, leaving Saul alone with Amanda.

Amanda: “Your friend Lee; he was a good man. liked him too.”

Erdel sad: “Yep.”

Amanda: “You can´t blame yourself you know. Not now. I´ve lost many good men in my time to war, disease, in the line of duty. Part of what I signed up for really. I guess I´ve grown desensitized… I know you think I´m unfair, handing matters of Security over to The General like that, but trust me, it will be better for you, now if you can focus purely on your job. The most important part. And it will appear favorably upon your wisdom with our superiors, if you happily accept the changes.”

Erdel: “But…I don´t trust him.”

Amanda: “You´ve keen instinct kid… but trust me, mine are keener… Let me worry about the General… That´ll be all Professor.”

Erdel leaves the office

Fade out

Fade in

Tag: One Week Later.

The alien is in a massive ceiled off room. He is standing up, eyes glowing red. He looks as if in a trance. But his forlorn eyes and crestfallen expression betray a deep mood of melancholy. Various plates of uneaten food, lay by rooms entrance. A number of cameras voyeuristic and intrusive record his every movement.

We move from alien’s quarters, to some scientists observing the room. Erdel, walks into the video room, where they watch the alien on high resolution screens.

Erdel “How is he. Still not eating?”

Scientist: “Nope. Not a thing. We can´t figure if he can´t or won´t eat. No sleep either.”

Erdel: “He´s catatonic. He´s not understanding all this… I want that room made as comfortable as possible for him… this is no prison cell, it´s his home for now… I´m going down.”

Cut to:

Erdel, opens the room with the alien. He´s in a biolab suit. He stays for a while, attempting to talk. But the creature gives him nothing. He´s totally unresponsive.

Cut to

Eiling and Erdel, stand in the corridor of the collected Cadmus labs and offices.

Eiling: “What ´s your progress? He, confessed he´s a mass murderer yet?”

Erdel: “I don´t appreciate your sense of humor sir.”

Eiling: “You´ll learn something from me in time. I´m a kidder. Always been the joker in the pack. You know what I mean? But I don´t joke lightly about my countries security son. As far as I´m concerned, till I know better, ET looks to be the most potent threat to our national security I´ve ever seen; and if he ain´t talking, we might as well just put him out of his misery, and dissect his corpse. I´m sure that will give us an abundance of information on what we´re dealing with.”

Cut to

Erdel watches the creature on screen. He´s still standing as before. Gas enters the room, he collapses to the floor after a few seconds, then some men in biosuits, bring food and other furnishings, books etc. into the alien´s quarters.

Erdel: “What am I going to do?”

Cut To

Saul in bed with his wife. Having another nightmare.

The Dream

The death chamber he the alien´s family in now Erdel´s own wife and child in it. An energy blast fills the room. Erdel´s wife screams in terror standing behind it, but before long her whole body is engulfed by the energy and disintergrates. Then a figure is seen off the reflective surface, separating the chamber from the outside. It is a white frighteningly monstrous figure watching as the wife´s ashes, blood and bone, explode out of the energy blast.

Erdel abruptly wakes terrified, sweating, scared. His wife wakes also to comfort him.

Cut to

Its morning, Now Erdel´s in his office at home. He makes a call.

Erdel: “Harley… Glad I finally got hold of you… I need your help… Yes, yes, he´s still catatonic… Yes nightmares... frequently… every night… every time I close my eyes. No, no progress… I need fresh eyes on this, a new perspective... Eiling, that mad man wants to torture him, to find out what he know…Make him feel familiar, how? … I don´t know where he´s from… Pictures of different galaxies, at the moment… He hasn´t looked at them… Try and bring him clothes like the ones in the dreams… OK, OK. I´m so sorry you got pulled out of this… I know what its like with those stiffs… I was never taken seriously, all pseudo science they said… I guess I needed a living, breathing, alien before they opened their eyes … Yep, yep… I´ll try…

He sees his son approaching the office.

Erdel Con´t “…Yeah, I´ve got to go… but thanks, you´ve been a great help.

His son enters the room.

Erdel Con´t “… Hey, what´s up, buddy?”

The son Neils replies: “You said you´ll come watch. We want you to come watch the movie with us.”

Erdel: “Sure tell mommy, I´ll be right down.”

Neils: “Ok, daddy.”

His son exits.

Erdel looks at a file on his table. Peruses over it. Then puts it down removing his reading glasses, before affectionately picking up a picture of his wife and child.

Fade out.

Cut to:

Erdel and his family sit in the living room watching the closing scene of THE WIZARD OF OZ, on an old television set. The whole family has enjoyed, but little Neils is particularly giddy with joy. He sits in the middle with a big bowl of Corn Flakes.

Neils: “One more; Charlie Chaplin this time.”

The two parents on either side look at each other.

Both together in agreement.

Erdel: “One more I guess!” Wife “one more I guess.”

Cut To Later

They are watching Charlie Chaplin Modern Times, the dance scene he has in the great hall of a theatre. Suddenly without warning, Erdel lets out an unnatural guffaw. Almost beside himself with amusement; during this outburst of unnatural laughter, his family watch rather shocked. He falls to the ground. Laughing, and then begins speaking in some strange language between the laughter. Seemingly unable to hear his wife and son asking if he´s ok. They become increasingly alarmed when he starts speaking the strange language.

After a moment or two of this, he becomes aware of himself again. On the ground. He looks up shocked at his family.

Erdel: “What happened?”

Wife: “You don´t know?”

Erdel: “I blacked out.”

Fade out

Fade in

We are now in the underground offices of Cadmus. Erdel, has just entered the building. He enters casually, as if he´d had a late night and was expecting everything to go routinely. But when he enters the long sterile hallway of the connecting subterranean labyrinth, he notices a lot of activity. Women and men in white coats are rushing around. They all seem stunned. Military personnel run past him, bumping into him like he is not there.

Erdel panics, thinking something might be going on. He starts following the crowd, who are running toward the alien´s quarters. He follows asking what´s going on.

They then get to the room. They look at the alien through a one-sided mirror. Erdel can barely make out what´s going on behind the crowd. He then, pushes his way to the front.

To his surprise, the alien seems to be imitating the penguin walk of Charlie Chaplin. He´s doing laps of the room, in this peculiar fashion.

Erdel can´t believe what he´s seeing.

We then notice Amanda next to him. The Alien then does a humorous Charlie Chaplin pratfall.

Amanda, as always, serious, turns to Erdel for explanation: “…What does it mean?”

Erdel shakes his head “I don´t…” Speechless.

The alien then walks to the one-way mirror standing in front of the glass, exactly opposite, Erdel.

Erdel anxious to see what happens next, is completely flawed by the aliens next actions. The alien begins to sing The Wizard Of Oz “Somewhere over the rainbow.” But as if he can´t understand the words. Almost like a deaf person trying to sing the words. But nonetheless the voice is beautiful; it´s as if he can harmonize with himself, and, even produces the sounds of instruments from his vocal chord.

Everyone looks with curiosity, whispering, not knowing what´s going on.

30 seconds of this goes by. The alien, then says, again like a foreigner who doesn´t understand English.

Alien: “Hell…o… Saul… Hell… o buddy Saul.”

His accent is very strange, like a deep earthy mild African sounding accent.

We see Saul look into the room, as the reflection of the alien bounces off his own reflection.

Amanda puzzled: “How´s he doing this?”

Erdel After a moment: “… I think he joined my family for movie night, yesterday evening.”

Amanda: “What?... “

Erdel: “Can you get me three things… A television set, some movies, as many as you can get your hands on, and a very creative tailor.”

Amanda: “What!! Why?!.”

Erdel: “I need more time with him; but, I think I can get him to talk.”

Fade out

Fade in

Erdel enters the aliens quarters wearing a strange alien style costume. The garments are similar in design to the ones he saw the Martian wearing in his dreams. He has a selection of these costumes in his hand, which he lays on the ground next to the alien. The alien however doesn´t even acknowledge his entrance.

Erdel trying to communicate: “For you. Clothes...Wear… Wear… like clothes from home home planet.

You then see on the screen “The End”, and credits role. It´s Casablanca. He does a perfect impression of Bogart´s voice, but without really knowing the meaning of the words said. A CD floats into the disk player, and, he plays another film from the beginning. This time Double Indemnity. Again he copies Frank MacMurray´s speech pattern and voice perfectly, but mixing alien language, with the films dialogue.

Erdel finally gets the aliens attention when he steps next to the television.

Erdel Con´t: “Me Saul. Saul Erdel. And you friend. Who are you friend?...”

He also signs what he´s saying so the alien will properly comprehend.

The alien, moves the television forward with his mind, so it is right in front of him.

The alien picks the clothes. Alien: “Wear… Thanks for Wear, Saul… buddy.”

The alien, then watches the screen again intently. Every once in a while, imitating a bit of dialogue. Erdel for a while tries to communicate, but to no avail. The alien is too transfixed by the moving images, playing on the television set. So Erdel begins to watch quietly with the alien, only laughing sometimes at the dialogue. The alien takes a moment to smile at Erdel, after he laughs.

Erdel tries to talk again seeing this as his queue, but realizes he is only disturbing the alien, who is puzzled, amazed, but equally entertained by the images he´s seeing.

Eventually Erdel gets up to leave.

As he exits, using his clearance card, the alien struggles to tell him something.

Alien: “You are Saul. Saul friend. I am… my na…me is Jónn Jónnz. Jónn Jónnz.

Surprised by this Erdel is only delivered from his astonishment, when the automatic door opens.

Jónn con´t “bye, till to-morrow Saul. Buddy. Go be with family now.”

Fade Out

In the next few scenes, are a montage. We see Jónn watching programs on history.

Such as images of World War 2, The American Revolution, mans first step on the moon Martin Luthor King “I have a dream speech.” etc.

The alien looking at pictures of star systems or Galaxies, and finding his own amongst them and pointing out Erdel “Home. Terrain System. Home.” Erdel observes in wonder.

Erdel showing him pictures then telling him words; e.g. showing him a cup, then pronouncing for him cup.

Amanda asking Dr. Erdel´s progress. He tells her Jónn is from the star system we know as “HD 10307 – 42 light years away.”

Cut to.

All photo real: We´re drifting in the outer space of the Milky Way, near Saturn. Schubert string Quintet in C11 Adagio plays in the background. Saturn´s rings shine and pulsate, little crystals of ice, dancing around rock and debris. Without warning an alien space craft soars at vast speeds past us, slamming into Saturn´s ring.

Space Craft P:O:V: The space craft on impact begins to maneuver at high speed through the rings of Saturn, struggling to avoid the large clumps of dust, ice and debris that form them. In time it escapes the hazardous terrain, flying off again at an incredible speed.

Cut To:

Schubert still playing

Erdel comes in and Jónn is floating in the room, listening to Shubert, while, looking at an image of the Milky Way Galaxy. Surprised enough by this, he´s even more stunned when Jónn addresses him confidently.


Jónn: “Shubert and Vivaldi are my favorite. “

Erdel: “What?!”

Jónn now turns to look at Erdel.

Jónn: “Schubert and Vivaldi. You asked me yesterday, did you not?”


Eredel: “But … but … You… You…”

Jónn: “I am Jónn Jónnz of the planet Máaleca Andra. I mean your planet no harm. I know you and the people you serve are concerned.”

Eredel: “You speak.”

Jónn: “Yes, I now speak seven of your Earth languages. I´ve been telepathically acquiring your languages for sometime. Although, I do confuse them sometimes, there are so many... Your species, none of them have this ability?”

Erdel: “No, No we don´t. Have you been reading our minds?”

Jónn: “Reading our minds? You mean, practicing The Zancata. Listening to the hearts of others, is what we Ma´Andraian´s call it. Practicing Zancata without another’s permission is strictly prohibited. We consider it extremely rude, without ones permission, unless used to interrogate a criminal suspect ofcourse. But, given the circumstances, I accessed your memory to a limited extent, so I could communicate with your Earth-lings. I must say I am exhausted by my efforts.

He gracefully floats down. Landing till he sits down, crosslegged.

Jónn: “Please sit.”

Erdel: “I can´t believe it. I have so many questions.”

Jónn: “As do I Saul Buddy. But let us be tranquil a moment. I have been using much mental energy, some leisure time is necessary, or I shall expire from my exhaustion… Anyway, I wish to teach you something of my peoples culture.”

Erdel sits: “Please!...” Fascinated.

Jónn: “I am glad you are eager to learn. Do you mind?…”

Erdel knows he´s speaking about telepathically connecting with him.

Erdel: “No, of course not.”

Jónn´s eyes glow red then suddenly like a mirage of an oasis in the desert, appears before them, an elaborate game, it looks a lot like chess. But the board is glass, twice the size, and the pieces are all angular shapes. The game starts with pieces on the first three rows of either side; and there are gaps between the pieces.

Jónn: “It is a popular game on my planet, called Kental. Kind of like your game chess. I shall teach you.”

Cut To:

Amanda, is sitting at her desk, observing on a big screen, with other military personnel. They see as the Martian attempts to show him how to play the game, but they themselves can´t see the board and they notice some static interference on the screen.

Cut To:

Later on, Erdel and Jónn continue to play Kental. You can see the game has moved on quite a way. Erdel, moves a piece with his mind.

Erdel: “So now, are you practicing Zancata on me now? Is that how I´m seeing this game.”

J´onn: “There are several practices of Zancata. The psychic arts. Scholars, educators, leaders, mystics, artists, madmen, philosophers; all contributed, writing several volumes, spanning 3000 works. Dialogues, Ethical Use Of Seeing Into Our Neighbor’s Hearts, Medical Application, Psychic Psychology, The Laws, The Arts, Education And The Academy, The Gods, The Demons, Grace, The Two Suns, Foes And Enemies. All dedicated to the form psychic knowledge and practice must take. What I show you now is simple, the mere practice of illusion making. I mastered this art on what you would call my 11th year. But, if you mean am I reading your mind, as you call it; no. It would defeat the purpose of the game.

Jónn Con´t: “You are a strong learner Saul, you´ve already showed some skill in setting up for the Kala. But, I believe I shall persevere due to my experience.

Jónn moves two pieces on his side with his mind.

Jónn Con´t: “Your turn. You have up to three moves to escape the Kala.

Erdel looks at the board perplexed. Still concentrating on the game, a single piece is moved.

Erdel: “So how does it work? Do all your people have your abilities?”

Jónn: “To varying degrees, some barely cultivate any at all... Others were so gifted, that they were at a time considered threats to the very social fabric and harmony of our society... You see, to me it is impossible to really explain how it feels to have what you call: my abilities. Suppose a blind man asked you how it felt to see, could you honestly give him an adequate answer? Or, a deaf person who wanted to know what hearing felt like; a mute person amazed by simple words; a man without emotion, passion, love, or, fear, longing for connection; even a dead man, after a while forgets what it once was to breath… My psychic powers are just a component of who I am; who I once was; who I´m destined to be… My people are not as remarkable, or, different, as you might think Saul…

They are quiet for a while.

Erdel: “ If I were to ask you to see into my heart right now. Could you?”

Jónn: “If I were to ask you to see a different shade of light, than the one you see right now, could you? … I can see without looking … for instance even now I see this is one of the most important moments of your life…

Al l the time, they continue playing the game.

Erdel: “Of course it is… It is not just profound for me, but for the whole human race. Since we first looked to the stars we´ve searched for it, for you. The proof that we´re not alone…”

Jónn: ”Ah but Saul, you are not alone. You do not even know what the word means. None of you do, and prey, to your Gods and mine, that you never discover Saul buddy… You say this moment trumps all others, but, nonetheless, I sense something far more precious exists in your tiny lifetime. Something you would sacrifice it all for. I´m not sure what it is, but I suspect it is waiting for you at home, eagerly anticipating your arrival.”

He makes a couple of moves on the board:

Erdel: “You are very talented in my humble opinion…

Erdel smiles.

Erdel Con´t: “I think I have you in Kala, my friend…

Jónn looks to the board and smiles also.

Jónn: “Perhaps you do Saul buddy... But I have 3 moves to escape…

Erdel: “ And you. Are you a family man? A wife? Children?

Jónns eyes turn black, sullen. He´s saddened by the question…

Jónn: “Yes… I think that’s Kala… Saul, perhaps I can be alone now. Some rest will be good for me, I believe …

Erdel nods… He gets up to leave.

Jónn attempts to give Erdel a hopeful smile, but fails: “I will see you tomorrow Saul... Buddy…”

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