Unconquerable Avengers

My team. :D

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Posted by Lady_Liberty

Nice. I like BP as the leader of the team.

Posted by Joygirl

@theacidskull: He'll only show up occasionally, he is on the bench. :D

Posted by ARMIV2

Excellent team roster!

Posted by BR_Havoc

I like this team. I am kind of surprised for the Captain Marvel outfit hate? I love both her old and new outfit but I do see her in the classic look in a few years.

Namor would not do well on this team Black Panther hates him and Namor is only out for himself.

Posted by RisingBean

What's great is I see Cap leading Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye and some others in to smash the B team.

Edited by Joygirl

@risingbean: They'll have to work for it, Unconquerable Avengers aren't exactly pushovers and they DO have Namor. Thor is their only hope to really bring 'em down.

Posted by RisingBean

Hulk too. As it is I agree. Thor would be MVP.

Posted by Joygirl

@risingbean: Namor has brought Hulk down before, he'll do it again. :D But yeah Thor can probably get the job done mostly by himself.

Posted by RisingBean

@joygirl: Are you talking 60's Namor and Hulk? Because I don't see it happening now.

Edited by Joygirl

@risingbean: Didn't Namor beat him not long ago? I know he schooled Iron Man quite recently from a pile of scans I saw in a debate a while back.

Edited by RisingBean

I know Namor dragged him down under the waves back in the 60's and pretty much had a win. But I don't think he has had one since the 80's if not longer. I could be wrong, but I do not believe I am.

Here is the pic I recall seeing. Can't give you context.

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@risingbean: Well he should still be able to give the big guy a good fight, anyway, and with help from people like Agent Venom, Quicksilver, and War Machine they'll get the job done. Without Thor the A-team shouldn't be able to auto-win against the B-team.

Posted by RisingBean

@joygirl: Not arguing there. Good thing they have Thor to drop the hammer.

Edited by Avenging-X-Bolt

good choices.

except Namor

namor sucks :P

true. Namor is a douche nozzle

Posted by kidman560

@risingbean: @joygirl: well also Hulk has gotten a major speed boost now so Namor probably wont have such an easy time here

Edited by RisingBean

@kidman560: I think Hulk would wreck Namor anytime since the 80's. But Thor is the most powerful overall of the classic A team in my opp. So that is why I was giving Joy crap with him as my main focus. She can't argue he'd drop a hammer on her team. Pun intended.

Posted by kidman560

@risingbean: lol you should check out my avengers team. i made it under my lists you might like it

Posted by RisingBean
Posted by Darling_Luna

Awesome !