The Mistreated

The lonely, the forgotten, the abused: the Mistreated of Comicdom. These are the characters that just can't catch a break.

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Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Totally agree with Riddler, Vandal Savage, and The Calculator.

Posted by Mercy_

Darrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk vengeanceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by RetconCrisis

Plastic Man. He's able to be almost indestructible to physical harm besides energy attacks, and no writers ever use him. And the redemption idea has always been one of my favorite things. Dude who was in crime gives up to fight for JUSTICE(!) and then finally gets accepted by the real heroes. I don't know too much on how he would be implemented in the N52 to be honest.

Posted by Mr.Q

I think the problem with the Riddler is that he is smarter than the writers. Paul Dini even said the reason they didn't use him much in Batman: The Animated Series was because they had a hard time coming up with good riddles and schemes that didn't make him look ridiculous. it takes a sharp mind to understand a sharp mind.

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Posted by RetconCrisis

@joygirl: I don't wanna make mah own damm list, I'm too lazy tah.

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Posted by DrunkVader

id say black alice is beyond any pity she worse than carnage

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@drunkvader: That's... not really true... she hasn't even killed many people at all last I checked.

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I agree on Riddler.

Posted by Deranged Midget

@drunkvader: C'mon mate, seriously? Again with the spamming of pointless memes and now GIF's? You were given more than enough chances and you were on your last warning.

Posted by HeraldofGanthet


While I'm unfamiliar with Misfit, I agree with every name on this list. I for one would love to see Ragman get some more shine in comics, on the CW Arrow show perhaps, or on whatever replaces "Young Justice in the DCAU".

Good call.

Posted by ARMIV2

Seeing as how I'm actually unfamiliar with a few of the characters here, some more love is definitely in order.

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Pretty good list, I'd add every D list every myself. :P

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You`ve got more comments!


Anyhoo, good list you got here. And I made it happen! I`m so cool...

(Everybody stares at me, not believing in my statement.)

I`m gonna cry again...

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But I wouldn`t want Calculator to control Brainiac. Weaker ones are fine, but Just no.


Maybe one of his robot bodies would be okay.

Posted by Floopay

Sebastian Shaw deserves a mention, in my opinion. Good list though.

Thanks for reading,


Posted by TekTheNinja

riddler is actually my favorite villain.

Posted by KEROGA

@joygirl: Joygirl .You and your awesome ideas. :P (used the calculator design from DC Universe Online)

Posted by Joygirl

@keroga: Omg! Awesome! Also your art seems to improved a helluva lot.

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Posted by Quartermaim

I saw a fake Batman trailer depicting Michael C. Hall as the Riddler I felt it was a great take on the concept. Riddler is brilliant and should easily give Batman trouble in the intellectual arena. Never been depicted to my liking.

Posted by BR_Havoc

Atlee was such a great I am depressed I better go read Powergirl again.

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Where is Croc!?

Posted by Joygirl

@bruxae: Eeeep I forgot him. I'll have to add him tomorrow. ^-^

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

I agree with this list (but I would add the Atom)!

Posted by Vitalius

I agree with the list itself, but in some cases like The Riddler, writers dont use often because they want create good plans for Riddlers and that take a while to do it.

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What about Cheetah (often reduced to a c-list thug, especially in cartoons) and Killer Moth (the original-anti-Batman)?

Posted by DrFate

Well, Riddler is in my top ten Batman vilains