My Marvel: Avengers Alliance Roster

To be admired. I play on Facebook, unfortunately, so please don't ask me to add you.

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You should read Eternals Vol. 3 and 4. I think you would like Sersi and Thena in terms of female powerhouses, and the rest of the eternals are just amazing.

Good list though.

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Domino !

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Felicia Hardy and Carol Danvers. So much female awesomeness.

Posted by ZhuRong

I wouldn't put Black Cat and Spider-Woman on the same team lol

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No Captain America? Communist.

Posted by Joygirl

No Captain America? Communist.

He costs 90 points. :( F that, I'll get Rogue or Gamora instead.

Posted by RisingBean

@joygirl: Your lack of patriotism wounds me. Rogue and Gamora are mere shades by comparison.

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@joygirl: Did you buy most of them with real money?

Posted by Joygirl

@darkbeam: LOL. Naw. I don't spend money on stupid games like Avengers Alliance. Just a lot of perseverence and time.

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@joygirl: Wow you must spend a lot of time playing it because a lot of those characters you got there are high price in points you must be good :-)

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Sadly I only have a few of these.

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