Justice Society of America

My team. :D

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Posted by dngn4774

meh...I liked the mayhem version better. Have you seen my JSA.

Posted by BR_Havoc

I like this team. Are you talking about Old Alan and Jay or the younger versions of the n52?

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@br_havoc: Older. ^_^

@dngn4774: Cool list. :D And I like the Mayhem version better too but they were barely a JSA... they were just, like, a team.

Posted by BR_Havoc

@joygirl: Then this list is perfect :D

Posted by HigorM

best team ever made!

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Posted by joeagentofhand1

I like this this list, I might my own list for the JSA sometime.

Posted by time

Cool team.

Posted by oceanmaster21