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Boomerang looks stupendous. Deadshot looks like Will Smith as Deadshot. El Diablo is a great pick and looks very cool. Harley looks like a cotton candy orphan stripper. Croc looks cool but WHY ARE HIS HANDS SO SMALL. Flag looks like... well, Tom Hardy in armor. Enchantress looks like a crackhead. Katana looks like a 16-year-old that just got out of a Halloween store. And I don't know the indian guy that will be dead before the opening credits. Also since this is so obviously a live-action remake of Assault on Arkham, where's Killer Frost? Not like DC doled out character rights the way Marvel did.

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@blackdog2009: Pretty cool, though I don't think your style really matches any of the projects I'm working on right now. :)

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Well, I'd like to say any of that makes me feel better, but it really doesn't. I'm sure you'll find a few people willing to take you up on this, but it's not going to be me.

Best of luck.


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I'd say I go down at round 10.

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Let me go into a bit more detail on my position on this, and kinda break down what your pitch sounds like to a prospective employee (as someone who has been in the situation before).

Your company, to be extremely blunt, doesn't exist from what I can tell. It has no capital, no employees, and no products. You're offering to let people work together (which they can do on their own), in exchange for taking 50% of the rights to their characters. While a single banner to work under is a convenience, it's not one that's worth half character rights.

Stock options, to be blunt once again, means nothing for a company that doesn't exist.

So of your three "alternative compensations," one is detrimental, one is useless, and the third is something we can do on our own without you. That's not particularly tempting.

While it sounds like you're coming from a good place, contributing to a volunteer army to build a company from the ground up works a lot better as a partnership than an employer/employee relationship. Your pitch boils down to us working for free for you, not retaining full ownership of our characters, ultimately not being an important part of the company, with no guarantee whatsoever that our works will be published or the company will succeed.

Generally when an artist and writer pair together in order to create a project, it's under the mutual understanding that they'll be equals and both benefit from the success of the project. Under your as-of-yet nameless publishing company, we struggle towards an unsure future. Not worth 50% rights.

Best of luck, but I'll be better off working on my own comics and commissions than giving my work away for a promise.

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@flyboyalaka: Exactly what resources do you have? Or are you speaking purely of having access to multiple artists and writers via connecting several people under one banner?

Apologies if I seem a bit distrustful. Went through another situation like this a while back and it didn't go well. Just confused as to what, exactly, you're offering. "Stock options" sounds cool but means very little if the company doesn't actually exist.

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