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@joygirl Your thoughts?

When Martian Manhunter made him sane he regretted his actions. So yes, it's his madness that drives him to commit horrible acts.


I wouldn't end the thread so easily. The question really pertains to which interpretation of the Joker we're talking about. Because of things like the Multiverse each type of joker that has been portrayed can be debated through this question. Your statement is correct for Post-Crisis pre Flashpoint Joker, but that is only one version that we definitively know of. We might not find the same answer if we go by Nu52, Nolanverse, DCAU Joker, and so on and so forth.

Despite the fact that we know it's all bullsh!t, Nu52 Joker is supposedly the same as Pre-Flashpoint Joker.

Nolanverse Joker doesn't count, he's not even a somewhat similar character.

Good that you brought up DCAU Joker though, he is evil -- he was a criminal long before he went insane and is the only version of the character (besides the Burtonverse Joker) to actually have a real name (Jack Napier). He is less of a mystery and while he is crazy, it's safe to assume that his criminal actions are just because he's a bad person.

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@joygirl Your thoughts?

When Martian Manhunter made him sane he regretted his actions. So yes, it's his madness that drives him to commit horrible acts.


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Glade City on a warm, partly cloudy Tuesday afternoon!

Glade City, a lustrous metropolis on the Pacific American coast, represents a hub of culture in a world gone wonky. Whether it has simply attracted little attention, or whether it has some secret defenses that are not well understood, Glade City appears to have an extremely low rate of violent crime. The economy is strong, mutant reports seem to be relatively low, and all in all, the cogs turn. A modest amount of tourism keeps currency flowing into the city as people come from all around the world to see the the sights -- from the lofty, clean buildings, to the lush streams and semi-tropical forests scattered through the city, to the massive waterfalls that keep the air clean and fresh.

Lush waterfalls draw visitors from all around the world!

The city's mayor is a woman named Tara Ravencourt, who always wears a smile and seems to love her job. When asked what makes Glade City such a beautiful gem of culture and safe, thriving community, we quote; "It's a lot of luck, I think! We've really been blessed with Glade City, and it's something I'm really honored to be able to share with the world." When asked how the city stays so safe at night, she answers with another question; "Why would someone want to destroy something so beautiful?"

Verdant, lush, sparkling, and bright, Glade City is a great place to find a job. The ever-expanding metro has enough new companies and businesses popping up every month to give thousands and thousands of high-profile jobs, from entertainment to business and everywhere in between.

A young woman enjoying the ambiance of a beautiful lake.

Glade City is home to such landmarks as the Donovan Sisters' Entertainment Expo, the Bright Minds University, and the legendary Glade City Super-Mall. With amazing and diverse cuisine, state-of-the-art theater complexes, and plenty of lavish spas and other establishments to pamper yourself at, nobody leaves Glade City without feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

So, why wait? Come to Glade City today and find what you've been missing. Whether you're a sportsman, a hobbyist, just want to relax, or are looking to make your way in the world, you can find it right here!

Glade City -- The Greatest City on Earth!

OOC Stuffs!

  • Standard CVnU rules apply, durrr.
  • Please PM me or one of my alts if you have thoughts or ideas for Glade City.
  • Please do not destroy Glade City. We have Expendaville for that.
  • If you plan to bring a villain character to Glade City, try to stay under the radar unless you have a specific storyline planned. Violent crime is not tolerated within the city limits.
  • Heroes, subtle villains, mutants, aliens, magical characters, and everything in between is welcome.
  • You do not need a reason to come to Glade City.
  • Have fun! ^_~
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Snowbell's on her way here. :3

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@tranquil: @warsman: @the_psyentist: [ You guys think I should get Nymphixia in on this? She could be sort of a guide. It also seems... unlikely, that an event this big would occur under her notice. ]

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@just_an_average_man: I'm f***ing leaving them both up. A testament to what happens when CV takes 20 minutes to make up its mind as to whether or not you posted. Pick which one you like more.