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I have makuhita in Ruby, but he kinda sucks. My Kadabra is my big ace in the hole.

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@wildvine: Could be Gastly... Dark, very articulate for a mon, and likes to lick people.

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@wildvine: I thought it was fitting, since you are a bit odd... Ish. :3

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@wildvine: Somewhere I have an oddish named Wivvles....

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@wildvine: sadly I deleted my FireRed save, so I may end up deleting that list. But I'm doing well on Ruby.

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@teerack: I've just barely started D:

@dngn4774 said:

No dragons????

Once again, just started yesterday... so nah... croconaw is closest I have to a dragon....

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Not bad.

Too bad you're playing SS. Mega Beedrill is a beast.

Oh well... mine thinks he's a Scyther anyway.

You need to evolve your little sh!ts, yo.

And add Charizard.

F*** Charizard!

@xwraith said:

I didn't even know you played Pokemon until now.

I am just getting back into it.

@higorm said:

Hey, do you play pokemon showdown?


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@delphic said:

Joy wouldn't this be better kept in your own personal notes?

This is a project I've always been pretty open about. I have personal notes too, and more of them, but I figured I'd share a few character sheets with people who've helped me with this over the hellacious amount of time I've been working on it.

Nice characters sheets :)

Thank you, ma'am. ^_^