Bizarro Needs Work (My Ideas)

I love Bizarro.

As a child of the 90's, I grew up with Dini's version in the Superman animated series, and when I got a little older and my interest in superheroes was renewed, I went back to watch that show some more. He was an incredible character when Dini wrote him -- the perfect blend of twisted and confused, not "evil", just wrong. He was deeply sympathetic, even a touching character. Anyone who's done their best to do the right thing, only to find themselves continuously in the wrong, can immediately relate with Bizarro, who's very touch seems to be cursed.

Not all incarnations were the same, of course. He was terrible (like most things) in the Superfriends cartoon, a blockheaded idiot with no motivation. You can't win them all....

When I heard about the New 52, Bizarro was one of the first characters I wondered about. Where will he be? What will he be up to? What changes will he undergo? Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Trim him up a bit. He doesn't need to look apish, since he's a MIRROR of Superman, not a deformity. His look is, of course, the least important of his issues (in my humble mind, anyway). This is my idea for an ideal-looking Bizarro -- a dark mirror of Superman, as he should be.
  • Ditch Bizarro-world. It was sort of neat that he had his own little square planet, but does it actually make ANY sense? Bizarro was a clone, not a Superman-oriented alien, and I'd like for him to stay that way. Having an entire planet of other Bizarro-things made him less special, since everyone ever had a Bizarro equivalent. It also introduced a gigantic, stupid-looking tablet that said "Bizarro #1". And that's terrible.
  • Take a closer look at his morals, and why they are the way they are. I never want to see Bizarro doing evil for evil's sake -- it makes him a pointless character, a stupid Superman that tries to smash stuff out of sheer idiocy. He should be confused -- constantly trying to do well, and continuously failing because everyone he tries to save, he kills. Everything he tries to create becomes destroyed. He's a dark clone, a twisted mirror in a world that doesn't belong to him. It should always show -- and he should never just be another villain.

Aaaanyway, I think that's about it. Just my thoughts for when he comes back to DC in all of his bizarre, twisted glory.

Posted by Gambit1024

@Joygirl: I wholeheartedly agree. Bizarro should be exactly what he originated as: a mirrored clone. The cube planet is really stupid.

Posted by tonis

@Joygirl: your so right about the possibilities of this character, with the right writer one could really explore Superman's morality by observing it's opposite. So much potential still being ignored with him.

I just watched the Superfriends episode a few evenings back where he decides to clone the Superfriends and bring them back to his world, until Myxlplyx convinces him they need training and all sorts of offbeat antics arise. Yes it was super cheesy but damn if I didn't still find it super entertaining :)

Posted by cbishop

I agree on your ideas for Biz's personality, but wholeheartedly disagree with axing the Biz' World. That is a goldmine of potential that has never been properly plumbed. BW came about, because Superman had to get Bizarro off of Earth - he was causing too much trouble. But because Biz' liked things to be imperfect, he wouldn't go to a round planet, so Supes crafted a round world into a cube, by hand. <sigh> Those were the crazy 1970's. :)

I like the BW, because at some point, an army of Bizarro Supermen really need to come to Earth to "help" Superman. As if one Biz' isn't enough - all of them? Holy crud. There are more ideas there, but a Bizarro invasion is the one I'd like to see most. ;)

Posted by PrinceIMC

I liked that in Superman the Animated Series even the colors of his suit were just a little off. The blue was a little too purple, the yellow a little too green and the red a little too orange.

Posted by cracker_jack