Bizarre Crack-Casting Idea

I was talking to someone who was playing Mass Effect, and they mentioned a quote by "Joker". Didn't sound very Jokerish so I asked if it was the Mass Effect Joker or the Bat-Joker.

This got me thinking, and my thoughts lead down a dark path.

What if Seth Green played the Joker?

He has the face for it. He has the hair for it. He has the figure for it. We all know he's good at doing voices and when he tries, he can be a solid actor. Now, he'd need a damn good director to pull off the horror and intellect of the Clown Prince of Crime, and he'd also need to stand on a box or two (or have everyone else walk in a trench).

This also got me thinking that it's... an eerie possibility.

What do you guys think? Utterly stupid? Or a shocking and underlooked possibility for a more comedic Joker?

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Lol, you have some issues!

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@joygirl: No way... Seth Green was born to play Jimmy olsen......

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It's... possible. With some face paint and a pair of stilts.

Posted by Aiden Cross

Hm... i'm not too sure about that. I guess it depends on if you want the creepy serious kind of Joker, or the more fun Mark Hamill kind of Joker?

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@joygirl: Interesting, he definitely could do wacky insane well... and I bet he could do sinister... and maybe even threatening. I think his interpretation of the Joker would be fun to watch, but it'll never happen.

Who would be the Batman to his Joker? Can I suggest Bill Hader?