My take on the FBI "flying saucer" memos

So, you've probably heard about the FBI memos which were recently released and supposedly prove the existence of aliens. If not, here they are:

I'd been ignoring them, but now actual news organizations are reporting on them, so I guess I can't just ignore them anymore.

Skeptic that I am, I started off examining things like fonts and dates, trying to prove there's something wrong with them, and they're fake. I couldn't do that, as they are apparently real, and supposedly the real FBI released them (also, I'm not a forensics expert). Anyway, once I started actually reading them, I realized their veracity doesn't matter. Even if everything in them is completely accurate, they don't prove anything. The second one just tells what little the FBI knows about the super secret Roswell UFO crash, you know, this one:

Wow, what a conspiracy.

But what about the other one? They recovered three flying saucers, with bodies inside!
Wrong, read it again. Someone's informant just told them that happened. How much stock did the FBI put in this? "No further evaluation was attempted"

Sorry, UFO lovers, maybe the KGB's got some secret files left.
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you've already bn beating with the thread post  :P

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@castleking: Indeed. I suspected someone was already talking about this, but I was fairly sure I could bring something new to the discussion.
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it means that a secreter organization is covering the alien stuff!!!!

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I blame those damn Asgardians!