...YOU go f*ck yourself. YOU killed the hobgoblin. YOU b!tched up mysterio's comeback. YOU go for cheap thrills in lieu of real storytelling. so...go. f*ck. yourself. (don't know if they require you to censor on this site,but i tried).


why, why why,

in 2008 black spectre made a triumphant return in what was only his THIRD APPEARENCE since 1982...and then he died. why,i can't imagine. for me,his debut in moon knight vol.1 #25 cemented him as the greatest moon knight villain ever(no disrespect meant to bushman but carson knowles was a hell of a lot more compelling). and yet he immediately faded into obscurity with only one other appearence (which most people don't know exists) in 1998 between his first and his last. in spite of this,when they launched the new series in '06 i knew they would (finally)use him again sooner or later because they were revisiting a lot of moon knight's old enemies and allies. and at the end of what was otherwise a glorious return for the black spectre,he was killed off. oh,well.  it WAS written by the writer from that crappy tv show. black spectre should have been moon knight's arch nemesis.


the best

after all these years he's still marvel's finest,and he only gets better with age. he outdid his father,who was great as it is. and he draws the best goblins,bar none.he's to spider-man what david mazzuchelli was to daredevil.