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They do it because when people like you flip out about it, people go check it out to see what you're talking about and it drives up ratings. Basically your post here is the exact reason they're doing it.

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Somewhere in Russia a guy is looking at this thread and not giving a s**t. Not saying its right to demonize them but most Russians i've met dont really seem to care much about what the rest of the world thinks. I guess if you can survive Russian winter, everything else seems less of a big deal.

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Id say flipping out over a tacky shirt hurts feminism way more than that shirt ever could. It makes it a bit harder for people to take them seriously about the actual issues when they focus on s**t like this.

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Both of them are actually doing a pretty terrible job if you think about it. Punisher causes almost as much collateral damage as full blown super villain and Gotham is a total s**t show. Honestly if it weren't for Spider man and Dare devil to pick up the slack Punisher wouldnt have appeared to have accomplished anything aside from making things a bit worse.

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Lord Galactus would laugh at your little batman and superman if they weren't beneath his notice.

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When my wife decides its time to start playing it

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You watched 4 entire season of something you don't like?

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@cable_extreme: All weapons and tools are technology, some are low tech but they still fall under the definition of technology.

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@sheenlantern: toilet paper can be made using methods without technology. Like picking bark off a tree and grinding it up into fine dust like particles, then munching it together in water multiple times and letting it dry. You could then alter it using different methods such as using hardened tree sap to make it sturdier. But in a situation like that I'd just go to a lake or river (which I would live by to bathe).

A lot of us in Texas don't use technology as much as most people. Besides air condition and lights, my family eats most of what we kill. And we love hunting.

What you just described is technically technology. A lot of people on this thread seem to not know the definition of technology, its using tools therefore using anything other than your own body and natural abilities is using technology. To use no technology means you get nothing, no tools, no weapons, no non naturally occurring shelter.

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@ostyo said:

@joshmightbe: It's not hard to build shelters, scavenge for food, or build your own tools. I've spend my entire life growing up reading and practicing this stuff because my father didn’t want us to be defenseless or helpless if we ever got lost out there. Trust me, it's not as hard as you think as long you have the drive and knowledge.

Any shelter other than a natural cave is technically technology, all tools are technology. Your issue here is that your thinking technology only consists of modern machines, this is not true. Technology is literally everything that involves you using any item at all that is not part of your body in order to preform any task.