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@nickthedevil: I never said he was the perfect person to take the mantle, just saying he's better than some random new guy or a lot of others who might have taken it if not for him. I'm sorry but Patriot wouldn't be right for it because despite basically being Cap Jr. he doesn't have the same level of experience necessary to fill the role, Sam has experience, some decent skills and a deep connection to Steve so we could do worse than having Sam hold down the fort until Steve inevitably returns.

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@oscars94: Well if he is as smart as Banner now, then he'd be smart enough to recognize there uses. Also since Reed Richards is part of the Illuminati they probably have some kind of back up contingency for a smart Hulk. Cause as much as I can't stand Reed, he is the most intelligent person on Earth 616.

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@oscars94: So they are rehashing an old story just leading it to a different end.

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@oscars94 said:

@joshmightbe: @raynorj: Oh good, I think its Bruce taking over, kind of like Secret Wars. Interesting. In New Avengers, because of Tony tampering with his brain, using Extremis, Hulk is now speaking in full sentences.

So basically exactly the same thing as what the Professor Hulk was intended as before the retcon, just with Extremis instead of hypnotherapy?

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@oscars94: My fear of this is that they're just going to rehash the Professor Hulk, and if that is their plan I don't see why they didn't just have that personality resurface. I never had a problem with the Professor personality, but I'd prefer it if they leave Savage Bruce out of it.

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@dernman: Rhodey was a character that barely anyone outside of real Iron Man fan boys was even aware of until about a year or so before he took over for Iron Man. Before that to any casual reader he just seemed like some dude Tony hung out with on occasion. It wasn't until that time that Marvel actually gave him any depth. I'm not claiming all background characters are useless, I'm just saying that one didn't really do much between 1979 and 1990, he was just kind of there until they decided to do something with him and it worked out great.

On the Other hand you have characters like Thunderstrike who was basically created for the sole purpose of being a Thor replacement that they had no idea what to do with when real Thor came back so this could really go either way.

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He's hiding in my bathroom, could you please come pick him up, its the fifth time this month and I've already had to redo the floor twice.

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@dernman: I seem to remember that War Machine came out of one of those character swaps. Rhodey went from basically unnecessary back ground character that virtually no one cared about to a fan favorite after he took over as Iron Man for Tony. Not saying that will happen here but its possible. Another Thunderstrike is just as likely as another War Machine, just saying that sometimes these gimmicks can lead to good things. Also there's no way in hell this is permanent, Marvel doesn't have that kind of balls.

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I'd wish for a billion dollars free of any negative consequences what so ever physically, mentally or spiritually for myself or anyone else.

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@raynorj: I've been a Hulk fan for 28 years (Yes I'm old) If the character having dramatic personality changes bothered me I'd have lost my mind a long time ago.