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How come I didn't hear people complaining when Brick was changed to a white guy on Arrow?

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@k4tzm4n: Maybe they'll just say it was one of those really lucky breaks, like those few people who survived skydiving accidents where their chutes didn't open. Its not a common thing but it can happen.

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@k4tzm4n: If they don't explain it in the next few episodes I can get behind the complaint but I don't need all the details instantly.

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I'm okay with Jimmy being black but Jimmy is supposed to be scrawny and awkward, I've seen this guy in other things and while he isn't exactly a body builder he is neither scrawny or awkward.

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@buttersdaman000: maybe Tatsu used some of the stuff from a Lazarus pit but diluded it somehow to prevent the psychotic episode but also made it less effective hince why Ollie didn't come back fully healed.

They still have plenty of time for explainations but it would have made less sence to have them actually go to the pit considering it was pretty clear Ra's wanted him dead and I can't see him just leaving a pit unguarded.

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Depends on who's throwing the punch. If its somebody slow I'd just move, most I'd try to block and if it was a dude and I thought I had a good chance of winning the fight I'd punch back.

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@buttersdaman000: Its a standard action movie and tv thing, the hero always shrugs off crap that should kill them.

Its why in real life you'll never see someone slowly walking with their backs to a massive explosion, it looks cool in action movies but in real life you'd be hurled across the street and your organs would be liquified.

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I'm actually glad Ollie isn't away for long. I know he could have laid low for a couple more episodes but when the mid season finale happened I was worried they were going to stretch it out for way longer than needed.

If I have to choose between a bit rushed vs the plot being stretched to far and going stale I got with the quick option.

Maybe I've just been watching too much anime lately and I've just got impatient with the trope of main hero out of action until the last minute before saving the day.

Still got images of Goku running down the snake road.

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Honestly this could be the best trailer ever made and I'd still be against this movie, I don't care that Johnny is black, or that Thing is CG, or that Sue is adopted or that Reed is young. I can deal with all that what I absolutely cannot forgive is Doom being a f**king blogger. I'm sorry, Doom is meant to be a self made King, anything less simply is not Doom and for that reason alone I will not watch. I've already put up with him just being some shady business man and I ain't doing it again.