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@eyedcyou: He failed at that and the only reason his debut had any success at all was because a real Villain made it possible.

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@eyedcyou: But his whole motivation is stupid. He's jealous of Bruce because his parents died and his father saved his mother's life. WTF is that? Most of Batman's enemies at least have a semi reasonable excuse but Hush is just a greedy, jealous prick. If he was crazy like Joker or a gangster like Penguin his motivations would make sense but considering he's a mostly rational character with no real criminal connections it just makes the whole story seem dumb.

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@eyedcyou: That kind of makes Hush a sh**ty villain. Basically his hole skill set is Batman specific and only had a chance of working that one time that it didn't. Basically having Riddler pull the strings insured that Hush would never be interesting again. Great Batman Villains like Joker and Riddler are great because they can be a problem for a wide variety of heroes which makes their chosen nemesis(Batman) look better for beating them. Hush will never be a great villain because he's a one trick pony and that trick already failed the one time it could have worked.

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Is the Joker truly evil, or is it his insanity that causes him to do evil things? Would removing his insanity give him a different moral conscience?

Actually Joker doesn't legally qualify as insane, most of his crimes have an obvious display of malice and forethought so anywhere else but Gotham and that evil prick would be scheduled for execution.

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So...Thors mommy is going to become Thor?

Freyja is not Thor's mom. Gaea is his biological mother and Frigga is the one who raised him so there's no way Freyja qualifies as his mommy.

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@4thor: Its not a new scenario, comic writers always say that, Slott said that crap when he tried to pretend he invented the mind swap during superior spider-man. No writer is ever going to admit his new story is just a retread with boobs.

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@4thor: My argument is simply that others have used his name before which they have.

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@feral_nova: Not saying I'd want to be a teenager again just that there are days when it'd be nice to not have any real responsibilities.

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@4thor: You realize tho that Thor Odinson will still be in the book, in fact early reviews are indicating that he's still a major part of the story so there is a possibility that she won't actually go by the name but if she does it won't be the first time. For instance Beta Ray Bill did in fact go by the name Beta Ray Thor briefly and Red Norvell used the name with Odin's blessing and regardless of circumstance Eric Masterson was a completely different person from the Actual Thor while he was using his name. In fact Masterson more proves my point than takes away from as it given the fact that he was only using Thor's name because he had his powers.

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@feral_nova: The funny thing about teenagers wanting to be treated like adults is the fact that once you hit 25 unless you're rich you become the world's bitch and realize being treated like a kid wasn't so bad. In fact I'd be more than happy to have someone covering all the bills and doing my laundry while I got to bitch about how rough I thought my life was over this adulthood s**t any day.