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@antimutant001: I hate to admit it being an older fan, but comics need those new fans so they have to do what they have to do. Comics are on the verge of becoming a dying medium and those movie fans can help stop that from happening.

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@antimutant001: Saying they want to make money is not a valid complaint, everybody wants to make money. The primary function of any company be it comics or cars is always to make money, if you think it isn't then you are very naive. I never said people weren't entitled to their opinions I just said that not liking something doesn't automatically mean they don't understand it, nor does liking it mean they do understand it, for instance Batman, there are hundreds of Batman fans I've heard talking about him who clearly don't even have a basic understanding of the character, while I've heard people who don't like him much with a clear image of who and what the character is.

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@antimutant001: I understand DC just fine I just like Marvel better over all, its true some DC characters are better than some Marvel guys and both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Just assuming people don't understand something because they don't like it is a bit condescending really.

I don't understand the animosity some DC and Marvel fans have for each other and just out right spite for anyone who likes both. Tho to be fair both DC and Marvel are pissing me off lately with the 20 events a year business model they've got going now. When you hear the phrase Earth Shattering every 5 minutes it loses its impact.

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@perfect_10: I would be mildly interested to see an attempt to make Turtle boy cool. I believe itd be full of unintentional comedy.

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@billy_batson: I will be giving this show a shot, if Jimmy sucks in it I'll just do what I've been doing with Superman comics for years and ignore him.

I should admit I'm not entirely unbiased here since I consider Jimmy Olsen the most useless character in comic history.

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@perfect_10: I know that it just feels weird to use the term alpha male and Jimmy Olsen in the same sentence.

Its like if they rebooted family matters and made Urkel a navy seal.

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@cobramorph: I think we're getting Supergirl for simiilar reasons to why we have Arrow, see they wouldn't let them use Batman on TV so we have Green Arrow instead (And a show about Jim Gordon on Gotham) and now that WB is building a cinematic universe around Superman we can't get him on TV.

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@theblackhood: I'm not trying to white knight anything, that's not my style. I just find it weird that people don't care when a black character gets turned white but get all freaked out when the opposite happens. I personally don't care what color Jimmy Olsen is because its not like his skin tone makes any difference, tho I do have issues with having male model looks so I'm not exactly feeling this actor for him. What bothers me is hypocrisy and that's what this is.

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@theblackhood: There have only been 2 occasions where anyone actually gave a crap about Jimmy Olsen 1 was when MOS turned him into a girl and now, other than that Jimmy Olsen is best known as an occasional burden to Superman.

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So what I gather here is that when you change a character that was black like Brick into a British white guy, no problem, you change Jimmy Olsen into a black guy and people wig out.