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@cable_extreme: It is more than likely that a middle eastern guy existed to be the template for the religious figure. While true many of his attributes are probably lifted from older mythology the fact remains that there is a lot of historical evidence that the actual man himself existed. That being said, just admitting his existence doesn't confirm or disprove a religion nor does it automatically mean everything that was said about him was true. For instance we know that Alexander the Great was a real guy, it was claimed that he was a son of Zeus. Just because the man was real doesn't mean the myths surrounding him were.

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@cbishop: I'm actually working out a fight scene for them later on. Hopefully it comes out as well as it did in my head.

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@cbishop: I also wanted to show off a bit of the personalities of Kearn's dogs with them going straight into attack mode without hesitation. Its a small bit but potentially important later.

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@cbishop: Well, I've already introduced Giant Dogs and Goats the size of bulls so I figured it wouldn't be too out of left field for this world.

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@impurestcheese: Book 1 is only 12 chapters. I was planning the same amount for this. @cbishop has all the previous parts in his fan fic long box

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When I was in high school there was someone we only knew as the Sh***y Bandit, they would take turds out of the toilet and use them to make graffiti on the walls of the bathrooms. Who ever it was was never caught but I hated the prick. It sucks having to go to another floor to take a leak while still having to get to your locker down the hall and still manage to get to class on time all because some gross weirdo couldn't keep it to himself.

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Moon Knight absolutely destroys Rorschach. This isn't even a fight, its a straight beating. Moon Knight is a trained professional soldier who can fight almost on par with Taskmaster vs a guy who knows a little boxing and has trouble with regular people in a fight.

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There's no age limit, but it's kind of weird if you're thirty and not playing with your kids, but by yourself. Odds are if you're doing that you probably still live in your mother's basement. :/

Someone had to say it.

I play video games with my kid, not all the time but just because you play video games doesn't mean that's all you do. Sometimes I'll go a whole week without touching one, but that also doesn't mean I get any less enjoyment from it.

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@herokiller12344: Its a movie that features a space raccoon and a talking tree as main characters. If they try to take it too seriously general audiences won't see it. Aside from that what's wrong with a funny super hero movie, we don't need all of them to be grim and gritty.