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Umm, DC has always owned Milestone. It was an offshoot imprint like Vertigo.

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@kaang_the_watcher: Dick Grayson's Mother called him her little Robin, afterwards it just kind of stuck with the rest of them.

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@humanrocket: The X-Men alone are probably getting pretty ambivalent to the concept of resurrection, I think half the members have died at least once.

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@transformers1024: I honestly can't recall any time when it has been mentioned. I think there have been times characters have referenced the Easter Bunny tho. That's kind of why I asked.

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Is Easter a big deal in the Marvel Universe?

I ask because the whole point of Easter is to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead but in Marvel something like that happens every other Wednesday, so would anyone even be impressed by it at this point?

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@lamdaddy20: Fox would turn him into a mutant or a blogger

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@iragexcudder: Spider-Man has been making less and less money for Sony, Disney owns all the merch rights so they aren't getting anything from that and the last movie barely netted a profit, yes it made money but a lot of people are failing to account for the massive marketing campaign and the cut the theaters took meaning Sony maybe made 50 to a hundred mil profit which I know sounds like a lot but it really isn't given that they spent 200 mil making the movie and probably tacked on an extra 100 mil for advertising. So technically Sony is just kind of breaking even on Spider-Man.

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If she does its new.

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I think we should wait until they confirm literally anything about this. Right now its nothing but talk. I'd love for Spidey to be part of the MCU but I'd rather not see a third Spider-Man origin movie so if they do make a new film version I hope they go the Incredible Hulk route and just give a brief overview in the opening credits and start with an active Spider-Man.

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@mortein: there is a difference between a valid complaint and whining, in fact when something is clearly wrong then you should point it out but thats not what these "Men's rights" guys are doing. They're whining because women and girls are actually allowed to call them out on there bulls**t now without being shunned by society for having an opinion.

Real men accept that their bad behavior has consequences and that some times life isnt fair, they do not whine about being held to a certain standard. There is no place on Earth where men are held as beneath women but there are plenty of places where the reverse is true.

Yes I get that people like to be all touchy feely now but thats aside from the point and has nothing to do with being a man.

Im not even gonna talk about who's more willing to take risks cause I dont have the information to make that argument but I will say that yes men and women are different but thats no excuse for being a dick.