The Tick vs the Reboot part 3: Dark side of the Spoon

continued from here part 2

Gloom City

The Tick stands alone in an alley in front of a burning car, "Yesh, this place is a dump."

The void watch agreed, "Yea, but you promised to play along this time."

"Okay, okay, and you promised no more tentacle pervert monsters."


The Tick then wandered out on the street where he saw Big Shot unloading a gun into a mugger, "Wow, there...."

"This is how they do things here."

Big Shot looked over to the Tick, "Halloween was 6 months ago Nancy."

Tick glared as Big Shot strutted past him. Tick then noticed the Die Fledermaus symbol in the air and looked up to a gargoyle hanging from a tall building were a man dressed in a pitch black bat costume swooped down toward an explosion that went off as if on cue.

Tick quickly followed to see the Midnight Bomber throwing grenades at random buildings and shouting nonsense, Tick thought to himself, 'Nothing unusual there.'

Die Fledermaus then swung down in an unprecedented display of competency and immediately delivered a savage beating to the bomber. The Tick sighed, "Okay, I'll give it a shot."


Tick found himself in a dark alley where he saw a man with a gun attacking a woman. He stood grimly over the man casting a large shadow over him and then stated as threateningly as possible,"Spoon."

The man then opened fire and bullets bounced harmlessly off his chest and he swatted the man against the wall and picked him up to smash him, "No, can't do it. He's already down."

A woman's voice came from behind, "I can."

A red white and blue knife then stuck in the man's head, "Oh come on, is murder really the only crime fighting option here?"

The watch spoke up, "Pretty much."

American Maid then came up poking Tick in the chest, "You're gonna need more back bone than that to survive this city."

Tick then stomped away from the Alley when he noticed an overly muscled man in a moth suit emptying a machine gun on the Idea Men. Tick shook his head, "Nope."

He then pressed the red button and found himself back in the void, "Can we find one where you don't have to be a homicidal maniac to be a good guy?"

"Dark and Gritty sells well, people don't even really care if it makes any sense or not."

The Tick dropped down in a folding chair that had been added to the void, "Well, its not for me. I was there all day saw forty murders and not one smile."

"All righty, option 3 coming right up."

(to be continued)

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Haha its like he ended up in the Wildstorm universe

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@joshmightbe: Poor old Tick ended up in a Frank Miller/Grant Morrison/Garth Ennis universe :)

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I'm waiting for the chapter where he just red buttons through multiple undesired worlds that we will readily recognize.