The Tick vs the Reboot part 2: Shinobi Bologna

continued from here part 1

Neo City

The Tick appears in the middle of the street when a watch appears on his wrist, "What's this for?"

The voice of the void comes from the watch, "It how you can tell me if you like the new world, don't hit the red button unless you want out."

The Tick started poking at it when he was yelled at, "Seriously, don't touch it."

He intended to ask more questions but was distracted by an explosion. He wandered over to see an epic battle in progress. He poked his head around the corner to see an armored man with a small chair tattooed on his cheek holding a sword nearly twice the length of his body facing off against a ninja in white holding an equally ridiculously large blade.

Chair face roared to the ninja, "Come Moth, meet your death."

The Tick looked on confused as the ninja sprouted large wings, "Arthur?!"

The Tick stepped out to say hello but was hit as Chairface's blade hit him in the back swing and shattered. The fight stopped and both men stared in shock at the Tick, "Whoopsie."

He then waved to Arthur, "Hello, chum."

The watch interrupted, "He doesn't know you."

Chairface then turned with a furious glare and punched Tick in the face. The Tick then grabbed his nose, "You jerk."

He then punched Chairface in the gut and sent him into the air landing across the street holding his stomach in pain as Tick noticed other ninjas standing around in awe, The Moth ninja then ran over to Tick, "You must finish him."


The Moth ninja began to explain the very, very long and needlessly drawn out back story of Chairface's melodramatic descent into evil. While he talked Tick's mind began to wander, 'Is this what Arthur feels like when I make my speeches?'

After Arthur wrapped up the back story that Tick could have sworn lasted a month he noticed Chairface standing up. He looked over, "Really, you're just now trying to escape?"

Chairface then stood in fight position with his hands out in front of him as he started to yell and all the ninjas looked worried. Tick looked to Arthur, "Umm, so are we going to do something here?"

Arthur turned, "You fool, he's preparing his chi attack."

The Tick gave a blank stare for a second, "O Kay."

He then walked over to the screaming Chairface, "Knock it off."

He then snatched him up by the shoulder pad and flicked him in the forehead with his middle finger knocking Chairface out cold. The ninjas were again stunned and ran up to him. He turned and saw a female ninja in red, white and blue tights, his eyes went wide at the sight of her, "How do you walk with those."

Her face went red as she noticed he was pointing at her chest and Tick became confused again when a large water drop appeared above her head.

Suddenly the ground opened up and Arthur shouted, "His Master rises."

Tick looked back to see a mass of tentacles rising from the ground but before the fight began Tick drew attention, "Oh that's just nasty."

He was referring to the ends of the tentacles that were heading toward Ameri-Maid, the female ninja, "Yea we're done here."

He then pushed the red button.


The Void

"So, ninjas aren't your thing?"

The Tick shrugged, "The tentacle thing was over the line their buddy, where those things at the ends....."

"Yes, sorry anime can get weird fast. Any who, will have option 2 up in a jiffy. And Next time try to play along."

(To be continued)

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This is awesome! Damn didn't realize how much I missed Ticks big blue a$$ and all his weirdness.

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@joshmightbe: Ha ha ha very good, Tick Vs Anime...Anime wins! I hope you get him into a horror genre and honestly, I think you can do it, a teen romantic drama :) Go TICK!

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Tick vs Twilight like vampires. "Spooo...wait. Dude are you sparkling?" Lol

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@batkevin74: I intend to have a run at multiple genres

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Your chapters are linked to the previous chapters, but not to the next chapters. Fix it. Fix it now. <disapproving scowl here>