Splicers: The Corps Chapter 17

continued from here chapter 16

THTF safe house basement New York City

Marcus Drake sits tied to a chair bleeding from the mouth and nose as he looks up with a smarmy grin, "This is a bit dark, ain't you supposed to be heroes?"

Kirby leaned down, "You see an S on my chest?"

He then swatted him across the face taking care not to strike hard enough to kill him or knock him out, "We already know Rossini is backing Ivan, all you gotta do is confirm it."

Marcus chuckled, "Lets be honest here, I ain't walking out of here either way so you may as well get it over with."

Rob sat at the top of the stairs and takes out a remote for Marcus' power inhibitor and hit a button that made the light on it flicker making it seem as though it was malfunctioning. Marcus was oblivious to this as he eyed the blinking light. Kirby swatted him one last time before Rob deactivated the rigged inhibitor it threw off a few sparks just to sell the malfunction.

Marcus laughed, "You ought to take better care of your equipment."

He then vanished. Rob came down, "The trackers are online."

Kirby was cleaning the blood from his hands, "Won't Rossini just kill this one too?"

"This is a new kind, my buddy Malcolm made them to be undetectable and self replicating so even if they do stumble upon one there will be twelve replacements before he gets where he's going."

Rob looked at the bloody chair, "You enjoyed that."

"I owed the little bastard for dunking me in Lake Michigan."


Marcus Drake stood several yards from Rossini's home in upstate New York as an assistant waved a scanner over him. Rossini glared at him, "This was the last place you should have come, moron."

The assistant looked back, "He's clean sir."

Rossini then motioned, "Inside, now."


Rossini listened as Marcus explained the situation and as he finished Rossini chuckled, "He allowed you to escape, the arrogant little prick wants me to know he's on to something."

Marcus looked confused, "Wouldn't they be tracking me then?"

"Monroe is probably on a mission of vengeance, a minor inconvenience at worst. Inform Ivan I want Kirby and Monroe alive, the rest are disposable."

"Ivan ain't gonna like that. You sure you want to interfere with a blood feud? Russians take that crap serious."

Rossini had a stern face, "He will do as he's told."


Nexus HQ Manhattan

Emerson and Hollis stand on the roof of the building waiting for the last of the office workers and executives to leave. Emerson looked to Hollis, "Why do they call it the Helen Keller room?"

"Supposedly its the most secure place on the continent, no one can see or hear anything that goes on in their without Rossini's permission."

She then looked down on the listening device they intended to plant, "You think this Simmons guy is really smart enough to out wit the best security Rossini can afford?"

Hollis nodded, "If his files are accurate, odds are good."

"Wouldn't Ellis be better suited for this than me?"

Hollis chuckled "I'm sure he'd gladly trade places with you, he didn't look too happy about monster hunting."

"Eh, they'll just have the blue bulldozer doing all the work."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Nice! Seems Emil Rossini's world is crumbling down around him, bit like Nero. Good work, have a look at the recommended reading thread I put this series up so hopefully more people will enjoy what you do :)

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bump again come on folks its not that bad I promise.

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It's getting more and more exciting -- Kirby is the vicious type, isn't he?

Helen Keller Room. Makes sense.

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@lykopis: Kirby is going to really cut loose in chapter 20, still in the process of writing it.

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