Splicers: The Corps Chapter 15

Continued from here chapter 14

Bronx New York, THTF safe house

Kirby and Hollis sit on a couch reading mission specs when Kirby looks over, "So, Zulu company, you guys are the ones with all the dirty little secrets right?"

Hollis grins, "You have your fair share as well."

Kirby shrugged, "Rough planet, sometimes you gotta do dirty things to get by."

"Preaching to the choir buddy."

Kirby then looks over Emerson snoring in her chair, "How's are little squad measure up?"

Hollis pointed to Emerson, "She was one of the world's best assassins before she was recruited, she's got a body count that'd make most serial killers nervous. Monroe has been trained since he was old enough to walk to be a soldier, if it weren't for congress he'd be running the task force, Ellis is hard to pin down, General Monroe recruited him after the Prophet advised him to but no one really knows why."

"You buy into the Prophet?"

"He's good at what he does, I ain't one to believe in the spiritual mumbo jumbo that some say about the guy but I can see where it comes from."

Safe House roof

Morgan and Rob sat on the edge of the roof smoking as they talked Morgan stared down at the passing cars, "So what you're saying is Bigfoot is real?"

Rob nodded, "I don't know the specifics but apparently one popped up about 5 years back and kicked the crap out of a bunch of feds in Oregon."


Rob flicked away his cigarette, "I know, right."

Manhattan, Ivan's Penthouse

Rossini glares from a screen as Ivan speaks, "I don't like your tone, my business in Detroit is personal."

Rossini shook his head, "Attacking a task force head quarters to settle a grudge is a stupid waste of resources that I can't abide."

Ivan sat down in front of the screen, "I do not take orders from Gypsies, I simply allow you my service."

Rossini gave a cold stare, "If you ever use that word as a derogatory term in my presence again I will have your tongue removed, you have your position because I gave it to you. Keep your mind on real business and save the grudge for later."

The screen went blank after that and Ivan picked up the phone, "Change of plans."

The voice on the other end replied, "Just as well he hasn't been here for a couple days."


Little Odessa Vodka Bar the next night

Emerson wanders around the club in a slinky dress when Marcus Drake shows up behind her, "How about I buy you a drink darlin."

She put on her best fake smile, "I wouldn't turn it down."

Morgan and Rob watch a monitor in a van down the block from the club. Morgan shakes his head, "That douchey sneer alone makes me want to shoot this guy."

Rob chuckled, "He is a hate-able little prick."

He then hit a comm, "Kirby, you ready with my distraction?"

Kirby replied, "Just waiting on Hollis' signal."

Hollis looks down from the roof of the building where Ivan had his penthouse and shined a flashlight down to signal Kirby. Kirby then walked up to the door buzzer and called up to the penthouse, "Hey, heard you were looking for me."

Ivan instantly recognized the voice. As he left Hollis dropped down through a vent in the roof and went to the computer to copy the hard drive and plant a bug.

Back at the bar Emerson dropped something in Marcus' drink as he looked to wave to a friend. As he downed the drink she sent Rob a text, 'Got him.'

(To be continued)

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Ah, a little more insight into the Big Foot comment from early. Very, very interesting. Suspenseful -- good thing I don't have to wait for the next chapter. :)