Marvel's Superman chapter 7

Sky over Manhattan

The Avengers capable of flight were gathered awaiting the arrival of the Herald of Galactus, hoping to fight him off before he could call his master. The Silver man arrived to see the blockade but paid it no heed. Iron Man addressed him, "I don't know if you can understand me but this is your only warning. Leave this planet in peace or be prepared for a fight and frankly you're out numbered."

Johnny Storm flew up beside Iron Man to get a better look. He turned to Iron Man, "So is the Silver Surfer here looking for a fight?"

Iron Man shrugged, "Was that the best you could think of?"

Johnny looked back to the Herald, "He's a silver dude on a surf board, what would you call him?"

The Surfer ignored them as he turned to signal Galactus. Iron Man and Johnny then shot toward him to cut him off. He swung his hand back throwing off cosmic energy that knocked the two of them out of the air as the rest went for him. Ms. Marvel came within striking distance but he swatted her away like a gnat. He then fired another energy blast sending the rest toward the ground.

He then noticed the sound of a sonic boom, he turned just as a fist came for his face. The Surfer was shocked by the force of the blow that sent him flying off his board. He hit the ground hard and pulled himself up as his attacker landed. Superman delivered hundreds of rapid fire punches within seconds sending the Surfer back reeling for a moment. Finally he caught one of the Kryptonian's fists and delivered a shot of his own.

Superman was thrown back a few yards and stared at the Surfer. He was surprised to see a bit of blood from his lip. This was the first time he'd bled since he was a child. The Surfer looked to the symbol on his chest and asked, "Are you of Krypton?"

Superman nodded as he readied himself to continue the fight. The Surfer's hand started to glow with a green energy. As Superman came in striking distance he suddenly felt ill. The Surfer then began to punch him with his fists still glowing. Superman was brought down and looking truly shocked as the Surfer grabbed him and tossed him aside. He wondered why the Herald hadn't just killed him but put it out of his mind.

As the Surfer's hands stopped glowing and he left the scene Superman felt his strength return. He flew up to find his enemy but he was too late. The Surfer was signalling his master. He then looked back to see Superman floating behind him, "If it means anything I am truly sorry, but Galactus must feed."

A burst of rage came to Superman as he heard the emotionless way the Surfer gave his apology. The Surfer seemed to sense this and attempted to bring back the green energy but Superman was on him too fast. He punched the Surfer with enough force to shake the city below and sent him crashing through several buildings before hitting the ground.

Superman then went to meet with the Avengers. He floated above them as they reassembled and stated," Its too late, Galactus is coming."

(To be continued)

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@batkevin74: @SandMan_: What happens with Silver Surfer and The F4 meeting Uatu will be pretty much the same as what happened in the actual comics. I will be mentioning it but I'm focusing on Superman's encounter with Galactus in the next chapter.