Marvel Iron Age: The Masters Vol.2 part 1

Butte, Montana

Exodus stood with his back turned to a large encampment, hundreds of mutants had flocked to his banner. They were tired of being hunted, tired of running and ready to fight. Exodus had gathered them with the promise of vengeance. He listened to their thoughts as a large transport ship landed, they were nervous.

Zemo stepped out flanked by Callous and Lash. Exodus looked them over, "I was told this would be private."

Zemo nodded, "They are merely for my peace of mind."

Exodus shrugged, "I am not the lunatic that first emerged from the vault. I can have a simple conversation unless one were to test my patience."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Zemo looked out on the camp, "I was told I should manipulate you, make a speech about how I sympathize with the plight of the mutants but we both know better. So I've decided on a more forthright approach, I want nothing short of the complete downfall of the Iron army and all who it placed in power. I believe that's an idea we can both agree on."

"And I assume, you would take their place?"

Zemo chuckled, "I see myself as more of a facilitator of change, I don't particularly care who takes the reigns I just want to profit from it. Unfortunately the mad man who sits on the throne is simply bad for business. Your little revolution has yet to be more than a minor annoyance thus far, I can make it a legitimate threat. All you have to do is agree to my terms."

"And those would be?"

Zemo raised 2 fingers, "I have only two, One, when I require your services you come, no questions asked until the day I have Stryfe's head on a pole. And second, in your camp there are five black envelopes held by yourself and various others. I would like to have them."

Exodus looked on, "And how would you make my revolution a threat?"

A second transport suddenly uncloaked and a hatch opened as Zemo used a remote device, "When the Iron army took down hydra there were many armories that remained undiscovered. In those armories were weapons years ahead of their time. This provides a distinct advantage given the relative stagnation of the Iron tech. This transport is filled with those weapons and communication equipment that cannot be jammed so you can spread your message and build your army."

"My people have power, I don't see how weapons change anything."

Zemo grinned beneath his mask, "Well, to be frank. They're prepared for mutants.They have scanners and inhibitors and Hunters specially trained to deal with your kind. What they aren't prepared for are weapons designed to destroy gods and monsters in the hands of true revolutionaries. I'll leave these as a good faith offering, it should arm this camp well. If you agree to my terms I'll give you enough to arm a nation."

Zemo then left Exodus to ponder the offer. As the transport lifted off Zemo's comm went off, Exodus was on the other end. Zemo had a smug look under his mask, "Excellent, there's an armory 5 miles due north east of your camp, the codes are in a packet on the flight deck on the transport."


Hours later, Northern Alberta Canada

The transport hovered low over the large man stomping through a clearing in a forest. Zemo tossed four black envelopes into a safe as Callous glared, "Is there a problem?"

Callous nodded, "We don't need him."

"On the contrary, I want that power and I'll have it in whatever form its in."

The rear door opened as they landed in front of the Juggernaut. Zemo stepped out, "Could I offer you a ride? Mister..?"

He looked him over, "Polasky, Vince Polasky. And you are?"

"A man with a lot of money in need of some extra muscle."

Vince gave a grin, "A ride sounds great."

Two men watch from a distance as Juggernaut boards the transport. One is the Traveler the other Damion Hellstorm. The Traveler looks to Hellstorm, "I would have thought using criminals was beneath you."

Hellstorm shrugs, "I use the tools I have."

"You know you can't control Chthon."

Hellstorm leans in, "Who said I want to? Why are you here, you can't interfere with my affairs, everything that happens here is at the hands of willing mortals."

"You got me there, just wanted to see this. When they beat you I want to remember that smug grin on your face."

With that the Traveler was gone. Hellstorm rolled his eyes.

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Oh the suspense. Can't wait to see where this goes!

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@joshmightbe: I'll leave these as a good faith offering, it should arm this camp well" Exodus, I suggest you just pull his head clean off before the masked ba$tard stabs you in the back, front and side! :)

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@batkevin74: He's not dumb enough to trust him but he needs guns to fight a war