Marvel Iron Age: Predators part 1 (A Hardy and Creed/Deathstrike crossover)

Continued from here H&C v2 part 3 (Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with Arnold hunting aliens)

9 months ago

Thrud, daughter of Thor flew over Texas toward Chicago. There she planned to take vengeance on the man who killed her people and destroyed her home. As she flew she felt compelled to land on a small abandoned crossroads. As she landed a cold chill went down her spine as a man began to speak, "Do you really think you're equipped to deal with your enemy?"

She turned to see Hellstorm leaning against an ancient light post. She was clenched her teeth, "I was trained in magic by Loki himself and taken the power of this black page."

She waved the page from the Darkhold at him. He merely grinned, "Yes but do you know how to use it?"

She hurled a black flame at him that he easily deflected, "That was neat, now let me show you real power."

He snapped his fingers and she fell to the ground being crushed under an unseen weight as all the air was ripped from her lungs. She gasped and tried to crawl away as he spoke, "You have two options here child, I can kill you, right here and now. Or I can teach you how to use this new found power of yours so you can do some real damage.

New York City, now.

David Hardy calls the Vision, "Any luck yet?"

The Vison comms back, "I'm afraid not. It has been a week, perhaps he doesn't want to be found."

David nods to himself as he answers, "That may be so but if he's been involved in these killings like you say then he's gonna get himself killed. I won't let that happen."

Vision nodded as he replied, "Understood."

The comm then went out as Vision pulled up another line.

Castle Doom

Queen Carol sits on the throne going over a bit of state business when her monitor activates on its own to the surprise of the receptionist who operates it. Carol smiled a bit to see Vision, "Long time no see, how have you been."

"Not well at the moment. I require some assistance."

She sighed, "What's the problem?"

"Well, after the death of the Abomination, Creed 7 went missing. He was filled with rage and not even David Hardy knows where to find him. To make matters worse there has been a series of murders of Iron soldiers along with many low level criminals, muggers and the like and I fear 7 may be responsible. I worry he may be trying to get himself killed. I would like to ask Shield's help in finding him."

She leaned down, "Is it possible, he's gone rogue?"

"I suppose, but I personally wouldn't think it."

She nodded, "I'll see what I can do."

The Apartment of Ngumi Takada

Ngumi sat finishing off breakfast as the girls were watching some children's show she found awful. She rolled her eyes as the girls laughed at an awful joke. She silently wished for them to change the channel when there was a knock at the door. "Oh thank god."

The girls gave her a curious look as she spoke out loud, "Don't worry about it."

She then went to the door and opened it to see a soldier, "The Queen requests a meeting."

"Can it wait."

The soldier gave her an indignant look, "I'll be out in a minute."

"I'm heading out girls, you know the drill."

They waved as she left.

She entered Castle Doom wondering what the meeting was about, she hoped Carol had some more intel on Wide Awake as she came to the throne room. Carol cleared the room as Ngumi entered, "I need a favor from you."

"Is this about the other night?"

Carol stepped down, "No, but it could be important. I would like you to go to New York."

" I can't just leave the girls, while I run off to another continent."

Carol hushed her, "They will be well taken care of."

"And if I say no?"

"Then maybe I put a stop to your nightly activities and you get a new address ."

Ngumi gritted her teeth, "What's the job?"

"What do you know about Creed 7?"

"He's that smart Creed right?"

Carol nodded, "What he is, is a genius with super powers that's gone off the reservation."

"How's that our problem?"

"He has access to a great deal of Shield secrets and he's already proven to have no problem dealing with our tech. I need you to find out if he's become a threat and if so, eliminate him."

Ngumi gave a nod, "Fine, but when I get back we need to have a talk about boundaries."

Carol rolled her eyes as Ngumi walked out, "Looking forward to it."

New York City

7 stands on a roof top, he's been running around the city for days like an angry stray dog. Now he looks down on a man bearing the goblin insignia shoving a woman against a wall. Without hesitation he leaps down and hurls the man across the alley and delivers a savage beating. As the woman runs off screaming 7 looks down on the bloodied man begging him not to kill him. He stares down thinking no one would miss this man, no one would care if he finished him here but still he stopped himself from delivering a fatal blow and yanked the man to his feet, "Find a new line of work."

He then shoved him away as he leapt onto a fire escape and headed back to the roof.

Across town

Several Iron soldiers stand around a man just caught Jay walking, instead of just giving a ticket and being done with it the men on a power trip began taunting the man, "This guy just doesn't respect our law does he?"

Another shrugged, "Don't look like it. May as well off him right here, today its jay walking, could be murder tomorrow."

The terrified man was whimpering a bit as the men pushed him around and chuckled at him. Suddenly they went quiet as a woman's voice seemed to echo around them, "Big bad tin soldiers, always so tough in that armor."

The power went down in their suits and they found themselves frozen as their chest plates fell away as Thrud walked out in dark blue wearing a blood red cape sauntered out. She lifted her hand and a shadow seemed to rip itself free of the ground and formed three sets of claws. She moved her hand in a slashing motion and the claws followed suit tearing into the trapped soldier. They screamed in pain as the shadow claws ripped at their flesh.

The man they'd stopped stood shaking with fear as the soldiers finally fell. She looked to him, "Run along before you join them."

As he ran a small part of her had a tinge of remorse but a voice in her head spoke, "These men deserved this, that man was too weak to stop them, no sense worrying over him."

She nodded in response and took to the air.

Midtown, Manhattan

David looked over one of the murder scenes and found himself staring at claw marks on the wall, "Those are too deep and too sloppy to be from 7"

Vision replied over the comm, "He is emotionally unbalanced at the moment."

"Doesn't matter, being a stealthy assassin is written in his DNA. He couldn't do a job this sloppy if he wanted to. No to mention these marks are about an inch too deep to come from his claws and if he was using a weapon this town would be goblin free in about an hour and there'd be significantly less soldiers running around."

David stepped into the shadows as a patrol went by. They were discussing a new murder that took place a few miles from where David was, "I'm gonna go check on something. I'll keep you posted."

(To be continued)

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This was cool! I'm all over it. Loved Hardy and Creed from the very beginning. Gonna be fun, I'll send you this chapter first in a pm to see what you think.

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Ngumi gave a nod, "Fine, but when I get back we need to have a talk about boundaries."

Carol rolled her eyes as Ngumi walked out, "Looking forward to it."


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Interesting. I am behind in old Iron Age but enjoying new Iron Age so far. Onto chapter 2

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