Marvel Iron Age: Hawkeye (Reboot) # 9 (continued from here)

Long Valley

Anthony and Anatoly hid behind a tree as the Iron soldier passed by they overheard him loudly cursing about the Iron Pigs unit from Allentown. Anthony looked over and whispered,"Must be getting close to the state line, that's good for us. The Iron Pigs are famous for being pricks about jurisdiction."

Anatoly still watching the soldier,"How is this good news?"

"They'll be too busy arguing over whose is bigger to notice two guys passing through."

After the soldier had passed they slowly crept out from behind the tree, making sure to check that the soldier wasn't followed.

Abandoned Gas Station, Long Valley

The Slayer unit landed noticing tracks leading into the small building. A-1 leaned over on a small pile of paper remnants, "They have been here, one left waste, genetic scanner confirms it belongs to primary target."

A-7's comm goes off, "This is Sargent Ermy, Allentown Iron Hall, you are wandering awful close to our jurisdiction. Stand down we can take over from here."

A-7 replied, "Negative, were are nearer to targets, your assistance is unnecessary."

Ermy shot back, "You're not getting this, I said back off."

A-7 responded, "Inconsequential, targets will be apprehended, your assistance is unnecessary."

Ermy nearly screamed, "You'll do no such thing on our turf."

A-7's tone became more firm, "Targets will be apprehended, any opposition will be terminated."

Allentown Iron Hall

Ermy got up from the comm and talked to Specialist Barnes, "We got another crew out there, just threatened to kill us if we interfered with their search. Talked like a damned automated teller, creepy as stark."

Barnes nodded, "So I should probably go find out who the other guys are then?"

Ermy nodded, "Suit up, and don't take any crap. They act up, you show them what Iron Pigs are all about."

Long Valley

Anatoly tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for Anthony to finish his business, "We are going to get captured within a day if you keep having to make these stops."

Anthony walked up holding his stomach, "Why aren't you sick? You ate just as much of that crap as me."

Anatoly laughed, "Its your weak American stomach perhaps."

Anthony glared for a bit and they walked on. A few miles up the road they stopped at an abandoned truck, Anthony plopped down in the driver's seat, "You think it'll start."

Anatoly shook his head, "Unless you've been hiding a can of petrol god knows where I doubt it."

Anthony tried the ignition, "We call it gas here."

Anatoly walked to the rear of the truck,"It doesn't matter, we have none whatever you call it."

They both went silent at the sound of clopping hooves, Anatoly asked, "Is this part of your country known for wild horses?"

Anthony got out, "Not that I know of."

A large hoofed creature stepped out from the forest as the men ducked behind the truck. Anthony's eyes went wide, "Holy stark, its real."

Anatoly peeked over the truck bed, "What the hell is it."

"Its the goddamned Jersey Devil." As it passed they noticed the creature was dragging an Iron soldier, sparks coming off his armor as he struggled to escape the beast to no avail. Anatoly dropped back down, "If we get out alive remind me to never set foot in this god forsaken place again."

Anthony nodded in agreement, "Lets get the hell out of here."


Corporal Silvestri commed McHatfield, "Sir we lost Macfarland."

McHatfield replied, "Was it the pigs or the slayers?"

Silvestri answered, "Nah, it was that damned devil again, can we just say it was a krang this time, I get sick of listening to New York giggle at me every time the damn thing does this crap."

Mchatfield demanded, "Did you at least try to stop it."

"Yup, and it worked about as well as usual." Silvestri then continued on his way.

Scranton Iron Hall

McHatfield sits back in his chair, "I hate that damned thing."

(To be continued)

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"Nah, it was that damned devil again, can we just say it was a krang this time, I get sick of listening to New York giggle at me every time the damn thing does this crap."

Ha ha ha very nice! I'll start pondering the next chapter. Good work :)

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@batkevin74: Glad you liked it I got worried after I posted it, just thought it could add a little character to the Scranton guys if I made Jersey as rough as possible and I figured why not since I'd already mentioned the Jersey devil any way.

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Here's the latest issue by joshmightbe

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Here's the latest issue by joshmightbe


Awesome story!

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Ah the Devil got'em eh? Great read.

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@Time_Phantom: Sometimes I just like when bad things pop up without warning in the middle of a story