Marvel Iron Age: Hawkeye (reboot) #11 (Continued from here)

Long Valley

Anthony and Anatoly stayed on their knees as the three Iron soldier units began to argue over who would take them in. Anthony went to move but one of the slayers fired a beam just ahead of him sending him back to his previous position, "Well master escape artist, got any way out yet?"

Anatoly sighed, "I'm thinking.....Do you smell that?"

Anthony sniffed the air, "It wasn't me."

Anatoly gave him a condescending glare as he looked at the area the slayer had just blasted and noticed an exposed pipe, leaking natural gas from a crack the soldiers blast had made. Anatoly's eyes lit up as he whispered, "You said those special arrows, they go off like a shot gun shell, that means a spark yes?"

Anthony looked to where Anatoly's eyes pointed, "Are you out of you starking mind?......never mind."

Anatoly looked him over, "You have a better idea?"

Anthony looked around, "Fine, I'll need a quick distraction."

Anatoly found a rock the size of his fist and watched as the soldiers continued to argue, he waited for a moment when none were looking his way and at his first chance he hurled the stone at the head of one of the Iron pigs. It clanged hard causing the soldier to turn, "Which one of you back water tin cans threw that?"

The soldiers from the Scranton Hall were quick to defend themselves as the pigs crossed the field. Slayer A-3 halted the conflict, "Target 1 is armed."

They all turned in time to see Anthony fire his arrow into the gas line. Major McHatfield roared, "Everybody down."

Anthony and Anatoly bolted away as so as he'd fired, they ducked behind an old abandoned cement truck as the explosion went off. It was quite a bit bigger than either had assumed and sent all the soldiers flying, even killing a few. The two managed to lose the soldiers completely in the chaos. Even the slayer unit was forced to retrieve some of their unit from the tons of dirt and rock the explosion had thrown up.

20 minutes later, Scranton Iron Hall

A nervous Private Liefeld makes a call to Warforce 1, an aide picked up the comm and listened. The man, Major Ted Moss replied, "I'm going to let you tell him."

Liefeld yelped,"Wait, I...."

Moss interrupted, "This is an honor, boy. A lowly private being allowed to address the Supreme Commander personally."

Moss then redirected the comm to the command deck looking over to the operator,"What? I wasn't gonna do it."

Warforce 1 command deck, Stryfe answered the comm, "Make it quick, I'm busy."

Liefeld nervously stammered out, "Yes, sir. You know that large stock pile of natural gas we've been storing under Long Valley?"

Stryfe sighed, "Yes, spit it out Private. I haven't got all day."

Liefeld gulped, "Well sir, it sort of..exploded, about 20 minutes ago. There were 3 units of Iron soldiers on Salazar and the other target and in the midst of a jurisdictional dispute Salazar was able to ignite it, we believe it was intended as a distraction."

There was a long minute of silence on the comm that filled Liefeld with dread then the Supreme Commander spoke in a gruff manner, " Ermy, Mchatfield, Warren on a plane to Chicago, Now."

Liefeld replied, "They're in the.........."

"Did I starking stutter, soldier?" Stryfe roared into the comm.

"Umm...No Sir." Liefeld then let out a sigh of relief as the Supreme Commander switched off the comm.

The New Jersey/Pennsylvania state line later

Anatoly and Anthony hadn't stopped running since the explosion. Finally out of pure exhaustion they stopped. They found an abandoned house where they could hide. Neither had said a word to each other since they'd escaped. Anthony broke the silence, "I'd say now we're in a whole other level of starked."

Anatoly nodded, "If I could just make it to Pittsburgh, I wouldn't need to worry about these tin men."

Anthony sat down beside him, "What's in Pittsburgh?"

Anatoly grinned, "A family heirloom that my brother had been..What's the word in english? Up gaining?"

Anthony corrected, "Are you trying to say upgrading?"

"Yes, upgrading. Doom himself had given my brother the resources and approval for it, then it was stolen so my brother gave me a device to track it." Anatoly then showed him the device with a GPS map on it with an arrow floating over a warehouse in Pittsburgh.

Anthony nodded, "What kind of heirloom would interest Dr. Doom?"

Anatoly just grinned.

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