Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed Vol. 2 part 3

Continued from here part 2

Greenwich Village 5 minutes ago.

Abomination lands with a thunderous crash. Callous leaps and slashes across his chest with his claws. The Abomination roared in pain before punching back sending Callous crashing into the sewer below. An Iron Soldier sees this and yells into his comm, "We got a serious problem down here. Two monsters are slugging it out in the streets. Request buster unit."

Abomination trade blows beneath the street causing the city to rumble. Finally Abomination got a solid shot sending Callous up through the street into the middle of a battle in progress. 7 shouts to Abomination, "Get the gem."


Callous pulls himself off the ground as Abomination squares off with the new Juggernaut. Hawkeye hits his comm, I think this is a job for the Olympian."

Jason comms back, "I'm not going by that anymore."

"Not really the time, get your godly ass over to the village now."

The Juggernaut slammed his fist into the Abominations face sending him flying out of the alley as Callous leaped on his back. Juggernaut grabbed him by the hair and slammed him into the pavement before kicking him hard in the gut. Abomination roared as he charged back into the fight striking the Juggernaut hard enough to bring him to a knee. Before Abomination could deliver another strike Callous tackled him to the ground.

The Iron soldiers flooded into the street and began firing on the fighting trio of monsters as 7, David and the Avengers with them backed out of sight. Lash limped out of the alley and killed to soldiers that had noticed him. Cutthroat had escaped down the hole made by Abomination and Callous followed by Jimmy.

Jimmy chased Cutthroat, "I'll be damned if I'm loosing two bounties in one day."

Cutthroat shouted back, "I'm not worried about some E.A.D. washout."

He then launched two spikes into Jimmy's chest and fired off a heavy charge dropping the hit man long enough for him to sneak away.

Back on top Jason arrived to see the Juggernaut, Abomination and Callous fighting through the street ignoring the hundreds of repulser blasts fired by the soldiers. He overheard a soldier yelling into a comm, "Where the stark are the Busters?!"

The Juggernaut slammed Abomination down and Callous looked to be moving in for the kill when Jason jumped in delivering a hard right to the feral mutant. He helped Abomination up as Callous glared at him remembering their previous encounter. He seemed to lose track of the mission as he went for the Avenger.

He slashed him across the face then kicked him in the gut as the Juggernaut went back at the Abomination. Juggernaut and Abomination rattled the street as they traded punches. Callous ferociously attacked Jason as the young god tried to regain his bearings. Finally he caught him and smashed him into the pavement before stomping on his back in an attempt to make him stay down.

7 and the rest tried to get to them to help but found themselves under fire from the Iron soldiers. The buster unit finally arrived and opened fire on Juggernaut, Abomination Callous and Jason. The four broke up their fight for a moment to deal with the common enemy. The remaining soldiers stared in horror as the Buster unit was attacked. The men inside were unused to a fair fight and the four targets were more than a match for them.

As they sat behind a wall avoiding repulser fire Hawkeye looked to David, "You might be in a bit over your head."

"Story of my life. You wouldn't happen to have a weapon from this millennium on you?"

He raised an EMP arrow, "There's this."

He fired it into the chest plate of the nearest soldier and the blast took him along with the three surrounding him down. "You gonna help out?"

David's eyes narrowed as he reached in his pack and found some of items 7 made for him. He tossed a small disc at a soldier as it connected it turned his armor into a powerful magnet causing five other soldiers to smash into him at high velocity and remain stuck together. "I got twice what you did."

Hawkeye then chuckled a bit, "Day's not over yet."

Hudson Bay

Cutthroat climbed into the transport and was met by an annoyed Zemo, "Could you at least make your failures a little less spectacular? Where are Callous and Lash?"

Cutthroat cleared his throat, "The monster lost his s**t and got into it with the green guy and the Juggernaut, last time I saw Lash he was surrounded by soldiers."

Back in the city the fight raged on as 7 and Mongoose got separated from the rest. He noted her personal teleportation device, "How attached are you to that."

She looked down, "You can have my whole damn hip if it gets us out of this."

"We need to get close to the Juggernaut."

She looked on the monsters fighting in the field, "Life was way easier when I was the bad guy."

7 nodded, "I agree, we need to move."

They ran out on the field noting that David and Hawkeye were providing an excellent distraction with their contest which gave them a straight run into the area where Juggernaut and Abomination were still fighting the Busters. Before they made it 7 let out a roar of pain. Mongoose looked back to see one of Lash's tendrils wrapped around him. 7 glared at her, "Keep moving."

Lash then yanked him back and punched him hard, "Been waiting to long to kill you, mongrel."

7 kicked him in the chin and pulled himself free, "You'll be waiting a bit longer."

He stabbed a hard light blade into Lash's arm and fired a full charge blast from his repulser guantlet into his gut. As he fell back 7 attached a disc to his chest, "See you soon."

The disc then lit up and launched Lash into the air and dropped him into the ocean. He pulled himself out of the water cursing 7's name as he swam toward the bay.

Callous was fighting a Buster when his comm went off in his ear. It was Zemo, "Its a lost cause get back to the transport now."

He looked back on his opponents and growled as he finished off the Buster. He then took off toward the bay. Jason was swamped as he noticed Mongoose running toward Juggernaut. As she got near he smashed the soldier in front of him and noticed her, "You got a good size bounty on you."

She sighed, "Yup, come collect it."

As he moved toward her Abomination slammed a fist into his face sending him to the ground. Abomination looked down on her, "You Okay?"

She nodded but got fearful as Abomination roared. She saw blood hit the ground and Juggernaut standing behind him. He turned and Mongoose saw a large metal pole that had been driven into his back. As he turned the Juggernaut slashed a large piece of jagged metal across his chest ripping open a large wound. The Abomination then savagely pounded on the Juggernaut as Mongoose adjusted her teleporter. The Juggernaut then punched Abomination in the chest breaking a rib and puncturing a lung. He then jammed a chunk of metal in his neck as Mongoose slipped behind to attach the device. He turned to grab her but she gave him a wave as he vanished.

David and 7 made it over to Abomination as he fell. David pulled the metal from his neck and he looked up and asked, "Girl, safe?"

David nodded, "Yeah, you saved the day big man."

7 tried to cover his wound to keep the blood from coming out but the wound was too large. He attempted to seal the wound with heat from his repulsers but Abomination's fire proof skin prevented it. David went quiet as his eyes closed and 7 seemed desperate to stop the bleeding. Hawkeye planted a hand on 7's shoulder, "We gotta go."

7 let out a growl as he backhanded Hawkeye to the ground and continued trying to hold his friend together. Jason broke free of his fight and charged over. He looked down on 7 and Abomination, "Sorry, we ain't got the time to mourn."

He grabbed 7 who tried to fight him off. He sighed and struck 7 hard enough to knock him out then threw him over his shoulder. He then looked down to David, "He went out a hero. I doubt he'd want it to kill you."

David then stood and joined with the Avengers as they made their escape.

(To be continued)

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Awwww Abomination is dead :(

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@batkevin74: It kind of had to happen. I needed 7 to hate the new Juggernaut from the get go and we had kind of run out of things to do with Abomination anyway. But at least he got to go down fighting.

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@batkevin74: It kind of had to happen. I needed 7 to hate the new Juggernaut from the get go and we had kind of run out of things to do with Abomination anyway. But at least he got to go down fighting.

Yeah, still bit sad though

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@batkevin74: Its going to have a huge effect on 7 for the next couple chapters.

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@joshmightbe: If you've got any Corporal America plans, just hold off for the moment, you'll see why soon but he'll be back with the Avengers shortly

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@batkevin74: I didn't. Tho I will be showing some of the consequences of Thrud using the power of a Darkhold page and kind of sync it up with 7's vengful frame of mind for a few chapters.