Marvel Iron Age 2.0: New Beginnings part 1

Queens, New York 2033

Peter Parker sits watching the news in his recliner. The anchor states, "In Business news today, Stark enterprises which had been in a bit of a tailspin after the unexpected death of Tony Stark was acquired yesterday by Ferrum Industries. Ferrum has quickly become a financial power house acquiring Roxxon oil and Trask Industries in the previous year..."

As the news trails off Peter stands to see his daughter May coming down the stairs in her cap and gown. She looks to Peter, "Don't worry dad, I promise I have cloths on under here."

He chuckled, "You look very valedictorian."

"Don't remind me, I hate making speeches."

He smiled, "Your mother would have been proud."

Before she could say anything there was a knock at the door. When she opened she saw an old man she knew quite well, "Uncle Matt, you coming to my graduation?"

Matt Murdock stood in the door, "Sorry May I can't, I just need to talk to your dad. Its important."

"He's too old for tights Matt."

He sighed, "Don't worry, I don't think my old suit would fit me much better now days any way."


Peter sat on his back porch beside Matt, "If Tony willed the tech to the guy he had to have a good reason."

Matt leaned back in his chair, "No one had ever heard of this guy two years ago now he's buying up the world and Tony just gave him Iron Man, it just doesn't make sense."

Peter gave him a wary look, "I know how you feel but so far I haven't seen any evidence that anything is going on. Maybe the way we lived our lives just makes us suspicious."

Matt nodded, "Its possible but this whole Ferrum thing just doesn't sit right with me."


Queens New York 2034

An anchorman announces on the T.V., "Today Ferrum begins their test run of the new Iron Patrolmen in San Fran Sisco. Local police have embraced the project. The Chief of the S.F.P.D. stated, 'Criminals will think twice before going up against an Iron cop'. If the program goes well we could be seeing these patrolmen in cities nationwide."

Peter isn't listening as the report plays, he's more concerned with the news of Matt Murdock's death. He had been last seen going to meet someone he'd told Peter had some information concerning the C.E.O. of Ferrum that had him concerned.

He was found earlier this morning in an alley, it looked like he went out in a hell of a fight. His wife Elektra had delivered the news to Peter and now stood before him, "You have to help me find out why this happened."

Peter sighed, "What can I do, I'm not exactly as agile as I used to be."

She dropped down on his couch, "He deserved better than this."

The voice of May Parker cut in from the doorway, "You're right, he did. But my father is not Spider-man any more. If you want someone to look into it I will. I have all his powers."

Elektra got a bit of a smile but Peter seemed upset, "No, I won't allow it."

The two women glared at him but he was unmoved, "We will figure something out but that damned suit stays in the attic."

Elektra started to speak but Peter cut her off, "That suit has done enough damage to the Parker family, I won't let it take my daughter away."

The former assassin softened a bit, "Its just cloth Peter, what Octavius did was horrible but he did it not the suit. I doubt Mary Jane would be happy to be the reason for you sitting idly by while your friends die."

"You can say whatever you like, but it wouldn't have happened if not for that cloth. Go find Steve or Logan if you want someone to suit up and seek revenge. The Parkers are out of the game."

Elektra stomped out followed shortly by May, "You know he's just trying to keep me safe."

Elektra turned, "Do you agree with him?"

"I already took the suit, had to make a few alterations but now it fits well."

Elektra gave her a nod, "Meet me tonight."


Manhattan New York 3 days later

Felecia Hardy and Frank Castle stood on a roof with May and Elektra. Frank glared down, "I was hoping to be rid of this life."

Felecia leaned down, "Just one last time we owe it to Matt to find out what happened."

Frank nodded to his wife, the former Black Cat and then when back to his surveillance as Elektra stared on, "No offence but I never saw Frank as the retirement type, or you for that matter."

The conversation was ended when a man in an Iron suit suddenly appeared above them speaking into a comm, "Looks like we have some nosy neighbors."

He aimed a repulser at May but Elektra pushed her away just in time to save her but she wasn't quite fast enough to save herself. Frank fired a few shots but the armor was barely dented. May covered his face in webbing then snatched up Frank and Felecia before leaping onto another roof where they made their escape.


Queens New York the next day

Peter walked down stairs to get breakfast but stopped in the entrance of the kitchen when he saw Frank sitting at his table with a bowl of cereal. He looked over, "Aren't you a bit old for Cocoa Puffs?"

Peter dropped down in the chair, "Said the 80 year old eating them. What are you doing in my kitchen?"

May stepped up behind him in her spider suit minus the mask, "I brought him and Felecia."

He glared at her in the suit, "Where's Elektra?"

"She died, some goon in an Iron Man suit killed her last night while we were trying to find Matt's killer."

Peter looked over to see Felecia staring at the T.V., "What's the problem?"

She pointed as the anchor spoke, "The deal will allow these Iron soldiers to aid the military defense of any nation who chooses so long as they allow Ferrum to maintain command of said soldiers. The U.N. has decided to completely disband their entire defense force to allow this Iron Army to replace it, experts believe this privatized military could result in an economic boon due to less cost concern in military budgets world wide. Thus far with the exception of a few hold outs most of the world's nations agreed to allow the aid."

Peter stared at the screen, "I think we just got conquered."


Queens New York 2035

Peter stood in his living room with a new suit on, May entered the house, "What are you doing?"

He held his mask in his hands, "People are dying and the whole world seems to be happy about it. The villains were one thing but now they're hunting down innocent kids just for being born mutants and the damned crowds are cheering them for it. Someone needs to show the world what these people really are before its too late."

May looked him over, "What are you planning?"

"You'll see."


Brooklyn New York 3 hours later

Iron soldiers hover around a neighborhood searching for a group of several young mutants that escaped from a massacre at the Jean Grey School for gifted youngsters. The X-men who survived were scattered and most captured in an effort to get these children to safety. Spider-man stood on a roof top looking down on the body of Hank McCoy in an alley left lying as the soldiers looked on.

As the soldiers closed in they were blocked by a wall of webbing as Peter and May pulled the kids out. Peter then sent May off with orders to get them out of New York.


Manhattan 1 hour later

Iron soldiers were proudly marching some young mutants through time square loading them in a large truck. In the back of his head Peter wished he had Thor on his side seeing all the soldiers, the Bifrost cannon and Olympus Gates kept any of that kind of help at bay now, the Avengers and Fantastic 4 were no where to be found leaving Spider-man alone to face them.

He took a deep breath and swung out over the square. He caught one of the soldiers with some web and slammed him into a wall then dropped down on another driving him to the ground. The mutants fled as the soldiers turned their attention to Spider-man. He smiled under his mask at seeing them escape but it was cut short when an armored fist slammed into his face.

Unbeknownst to the soldiers a camera activated sending video to every television and computer connected to the internet in the country. Peter dodged another strike but was hit in the back by a repulser blast from another. He pulled himself off the ground as quick as he could and hit the nearest soldier. They were no enraged and charged him. He held his ground and after several hard shots he could feel blood coming up from his throat and he fell to the ground and started to crawl as the soldiers stomped on him.

After he managed to make his way clear he slowly pulled himself to his feet. He then pulled off his mask revealing the aging man he was and spat blood into the face of the nearest soldier, he then pulled a small remote from his pocket and hit a button showing the video on the screens around time square, "Just wanted everyone to see what they're cheering for."

A voice came through the soldiers' comms, "End this now."

Spider-man was hit from all sides by repulser fire. He then fell down and started laughing through the pain, a soldier stood above him, "What's so funny?"

"Now they know what you are."

The soldier then finished him off and looked back toward the crowd who had been cheering them on just minutes ago, now looking on them like a pack of rabid dogs.

The days that followed were pure chaos, the old heroes came out of retirement and began attacking the soldiers as the public began to turn against the army.


A week later

The C.E.O. of Ferrum stands before a monitor looking at a group of protesters, "Well looks like its just about time."

The man beside him shakes his head, "This is possibly the worst idea you've ever had."

The C.E.O. shruggs, "Activate."

A nervous looking Lab tech flips a switch and the eyes of the long dead Ultron light up again.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: NICE!! So, are the events in "Ultimate" Iron Age happening earlier this time, what I mean is does this new Iron Age take place in a different timeline.

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@project_worm: The main timeline is 200 years in the future so roughly 2213

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@project_worm: I wanted it to seem like they had been in charge for a long time without going too far so I figured 200 years was fair compromise. Remember they're being run by master manipulators that have become better at it over the years. They aren't acting as crazy super villains here so its more difficult to get them out of power once they obtain it.

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@joshmightbe: NICE!! So, are the events in "Ultimate" Iron Age happening earlier this time, what I mean is does this new Iron Age take place in a different timeline.

It reads exactly like an Ultimate Iron Age, very nice

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks, tho I will try to avoid going over board on the sociopathic behavior from the good guys like Ultimate Marvel does.

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