Marvel: Earth Fall part 1

Martian colony 200 years after earth

An old man sits by a fire marveling at the new forest that had sprung up after the terraforming had finished up. There was alarge group of children surrounding him excited to be among the first humans to walk beyond the walls of the complex without a space suit.

The old man sat down on a folding chair he'd brought with him as the kids gathered round and looked to the sky toward the shattered remains of his former home world. The children demanded to hear him tell the story only told in whispers.

He nodded, "Okay, kids settle down and I will tell you of the day when our home world died."

" We had seen Galactus before, we had fended him off and hoped to do the same again but we weren't prepared for the other. At first we mistook it for Galactus' ship but our astrologers noticed it looked different, like a planet of steel and copper. Millions died when its pincers dug in to our world and it began pulling us into its jagged mouth. We thought that was the end but the mighty hands of Galactus gripped the pincers and ripped them from the Earth while he pushed the beast known as Unicron away claiming the meal for himself."

"The world stood still like an ant colony waiting to see which aardvark would devour us. It was then that Unicron revealed his true self. He transformed himself into a massive humanoid machine and squared off with his fellow devourer of worlds. As the two hostile god-like entities prepared for combat the Fantasic four, X-men and Avengers joined forces and helped to evacuate as many as they could onto massive arks that had been commissioned by Tony Stark as a back plan for the time when the heroes of Earth might fail and lose the world to forces beyond our control."

The whole of the planet rocked with the force from Unicron's first shot to Galactus. As Galactus returned a punch it sent out a shock wave that shattered the Himalayan mountains and hurled large portions of Asia into the pacific. The earth erupted into a thousand quakes coupled with the largest tsunamis the world had ever seen as the struggle continued. They fired off great blasts of energy at one another that burned the western hemisphere to ash and destroyed one of the arks taking thousands of people with it."

The old man stopped for a moment to wipe a tear from his eyes, "The mighty Thor used all the power he could muster to protect the remaining arks but paid for it with his own life. Even his hammer exploded into dust as he was caught by a blast. Many of our greatest heroes attempted to end the fight but were destroyed in the crossfire before ever making contact."

As the last ark left the Earth they could be seen grappling each other each trying to force submission from the other until at last Galactus' armor cracked and released a wave of energy that ripped the Earth apart and drove Unicron back. As Unicron attempted to return to the fight he found himself bound by Galactus' machines. He flailed in attempt to escape as Galactus reassembled his armor. As the machines did their work the voice of Galactus was picked up over the comms on the Arks as he told Unicron," "You were the more powerful, but I the more intelligent."

" We watched as the machines did their work and devoured the evil Unicron, feeding Galactus more than any thousand worlds could and for the first time since his creation Galactus' hunger was sated. To this day it is said that the mighty world devourer has ceased feeding, so while our world died countless others were saved. We built this world from those arks and we honor those we lost with this forest. And that children is how we came to our new home."

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Part 2 will deal with the perspective from Earth as the fight is going on then I'll do a few set up chapters of the After Earth part

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I'll check out part 2 since I already know what happens here.

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Thor died D:

This was awesome, good job!

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@joshmightbe: Galactus Vs's your entry into the comp isn't it? This should be interesting :) Has part 2 and onwards been done?

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@awesam: Excellent, I shall peruse them over the course of today :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: Well, right now there's not much. We're still in the beginning stages, but we'll have a lot soon.

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@4donkeyjohnson: I have Earth Fall part 2 and 4 chapters of Marvel A.E. which is the beginning of the main timeline the project takes place in.