Horror Inc: Hungry volume 2 part 2

Continued from here V2 part 1

Home Office

Jack Wade's new crew had gathered. Sam and Steve looked on as the strange looking group took seats. Sam nudged Steve, "We could replace this whole crew if we found another one of those blood hunters."

Steve gave a weary look, "Nah, my guy was special. I spent five years giving him daily doses of demon blood to amp him up. I suppose if we found one who worked his way up on his own like that it'd work but vamps are generally pretty quick to put them down before they get that strong."

One of the new crew overheard the conversation and was giving Steve an annoyed look. Steve glared back, "You want a picture?"

The short man stood and adjusted his glasses, "Am I to understand you fed demon blood to a vampire? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?"

Steve stood looking down on him, "Why don't you explain it to me, Mr.?"

"Phinieas Wilson, demon hunter. And given the dull expression on your face I'll just assume you're a vampire hunter."

Steve looked pissed and was ready to punch the small man but a large hand rested on his shoulder and the large man it was connected to spoke in a Russian accent, "Calm yourself friend, being a smug bastard is a requirement for demon hunters."

As they turned he introduced himself, "Igor Yezhov, hunter of trolls. The two sullen looking ones are Sven and Anya Jorgenson. They hunt witches."


A bar 5 miles outside Billings, Montana.

Hektor sat down at a table where John Mills sipped a beer, "Lovely spot for lunch."

John chuckled a bit, "Getting fueled up for hateful glares from the kid."

Hektor nodded, "If what he's said of you was true he has a right."

"Oh, I'm sure he makes me out to be a monster."

Hektor shrugged, "He told Betsy you smacked his mother around."

"I'm sure that's what it looked like to a six year old."

John noticed the confused look on Hektor's face, "When Chris was about six his mom got possessed, the exorcism got a little out of hand. Chris walked in while I was trying to coral her and the demon wasn't exactly cooperating."

"So you just let your kid think you're a wife beating dead beat instead of just telling him the truth?"

"Making bad decisions is a Mills family tradition, hell its the reason I'm still alive."


Chris was in the barn thinking he was alone as punched a sand bag to the point of making his knuckles bloody. Edgar and Robert were standing in the loft watching him. Edgar looked over, "Betsy wants me to make him stop this kind of crap."

Robert nodded, "He'd just find some other way to hurt himself. He tried to off himself about a month back but you know how the wolf feels about that."

Edgar sighed, "I tried once a couple hundred years back, I was shaking so bad I couldn't operate a pointy stick let alone start a fire."

Robert narrowed his eyes, "You tried to set yourself on fire?"

"Cutting your own head off is a bit complicated."

Robert shook his head, "I always regret having conversations with you."

"Its a gift."

They returned their attention to Chris as the sand bag exploded. He ripped it down and hung another kicking the remains of the six others he'd ruined already. Edgar gave a concerned look, "He's just a bit too strong for his age, don't you think?"

Robert shrugged, "What do you mean?"

"He's almost as strong as you, he shouldn't even be on par with Betsy yet."

Robert watched in silence for a moment before adding, "He spooks the horses too."


New Orleans

Henry Corvin stares out his window as he speaks to a few underlings, "The vampires seem to think we're here to serve them. We need a little display to remind them that we're equals."

One of the underlings, "Are we giving up on Mills?"

Corvin shot back a hateful glare, "No, I'll let them track him down but I want his son dead too regardless of what the parasites want with him."

"But we don't fight wolves sir."

Corvin suddenly popped up with his hand around the underlings throat, "You fight whoever the hell I tell you to."

Across the street a vampire calls Marley, "Yeah, he's giving the whole super villain grand standing thing at the moment but you were right he's gonna force a pissing contest."

Marley sits in a cafe on his phone, "He's too damned predictable. I'll call the boss."


The Ranch

Bryna and Bea were having an argument as Romy looked on annoyed as she spoke to Betsy, "This argument will outlive us all."

Betsy chuckled, "What's it over?"

"Neither one remembers anymore but it started during the dark ages. I think it had something to do with a horse."

She then changed the subject, "So how are things going with the kid?"

"Its weird, he acts like everything is great when people are around but the second he thinks he's alone he goes into a weird mood where I can't tell if he's pissed or depressed but he's definitely not happy."

Romy nodded, "I'm not surprised, I've been told that when a human gets turned they feel emotions a bit more intensely for the first couple years. If that's true then its a miracle he hasn't gone insane considering the thing with his mother."

The house went silent at the sound of a howl. In the barn Edgar and Robert looked shocked as they saw Chris turn to a wolf in broad daylight. Edgar turned, "That's new."

Robert nodded, "He's looking this way and he don't seem happy."

(To be continued)

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Dude how are you getting these things out so fast? Lol. Awesome though.

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Nice...getting right into how the warlock heritage amps up his wolfy stuff. Great chapter.

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@cbishop: I'm still working out the details but its going to be one of the main focuses for the next few chapters.

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Wow, as someone else has already said, it is pretty impressive how quickly you are producing these stories, very glad you decided to do a second volume. Absolutely dig it so far :)

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Slowly getting caught up. Interesting power triangle between the different groups.