Horror Inc.: Hungry part 6

Chris comes back in the house to see Betsy sitting on the couch flipping through channels bored. She looks over to Chris, "Hey puppy dog, how's the morning after?"

Chris plopped down next to her, "Confusing, terrifying and about an hour ago I spat up a chunk of cow hoof. All things considered I've had better days."

He eased back, "Anything like your first time?"

She shakes her head, "Nah, I'm pure born. Its easier on us."

Chris gave her a confused look," Pure born?"

"I was born a werewolf, so yea the change still hurt but I was raised to be prepared for it." She then stopped flipping channels, "Hektor is my dad."

Chris nodded, "And let me guess you're what 4? 500 years old?"

She laughed, "I'm the same age as you."

"Is Bryna your mom?" Chris asked as he took up the remote. She went silent and shook her head. The two then sat silently for a moment before Edgar and Hektor came in. Edgar carried a large bag over his shoulder. Chris was shocked when it started moving. Edgar smashed his hand into the bag yelling, "Calm down parasite or I'll toss your ass out in the sun."

The bag went still. Hektor looked over to Chris, "Hey pup, were taking a ride. Edgar toss that in the trunk, don't want it stinking up the house."

Hektor and Chris drove a few miles out of town as the sun went down. Chris was quiet at first but felt he had to ask, "Okay, what's in the bag in the trunk?"

Hektor grinned a bit, "Competition, he forget to ask permission to hunt here. Don't worry about it."

Chris felt intense pain telling him the change was coming as Hektor stopped. He helped Chris out of the car and sat him in the field as he went to the trunk. He tossed the bag out and the creature inside tore out looking angry. It looked like a man but Chris noticed he didn't smell human.

Hektor spoke to him, "I'd say you got about a two minute head start, that's a pup in mid change. I hear your kind is faster than us. How willing are you to test that?"

The creature took off as fast as he could as Chris' transformation took hold. Hektor sat on the hood of the car, "See kid, you're helping the pack already. Just a warning if you catch the sucker he won't go down as easy as that cow."

Chris ran hard and fast that night taking down a few deer before falling asleep still in the form of the beast. He awoke the next morning once again on Hektor's couch. Betsy stood above him, "Your mom called, she is pissed. Oh well, we got school today."

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Posted by batkevin74

@joshmightbe said:

"Confusing, terrifying and about an hour ago I spat up a chunk of cow hoof. All things considered I've had better days."

Ha ha ha that's gross!

Posted by joshmightbe

@batkevin74: A little gross but a very realistic possibility after eating a whole cow I assume

Posted by wildvine

I liked it. The hoof thing was gross. Um, would have liked to to see the werewolf on vampire action i assumed happened. great read.

Posted by joshmightbe

@wildvine: I wasn't sure how far I could push it there

Posted by cbishop

I liked the bit about Betsy being the same age as Chris. And I'm not sure if it was on purpose, but I liked that the head shake didn't make it clear whether Bryna was her mom or not. Also wasn't clear on whether he actually caught the vampire or not- I assumed the vampire actually was faster, and he gave up the chase for the slower deer.

Edited by joshmightbe

@cbishop: That bit about the vampire will be cleared up in the first chapter of volume 2

Edited by cbishop

@joshmightbe: Well, I'm plugging right along, so I may make it there tonight. :)

Posted by Rabbitearsblog

Awesome chapter! I didn't even know that was a vampire Chris was chasing! Love to see more from this series!