Horror Inc: Hungry part 16

Continued from here Part 15

The Blood hunter stood above Robert ready to strike when two members of Johan's pack arrived. The first jumped at it but was caught by the throat. The vampire dug his teeth into his jugular and drained as much blood as he could before the second bit down on his arm. The blood hunter ripped the head off the first as he flung him away to fight the second. He grabbed him by the neck with his free hand and tried to force him up for a bite when Robert pounced on his back and Edgar drove a shoulder into its midsection.

Edgar was kicked away as the pack arrived with Johan and his daughters. Johan was enraged at the sight of a dead pack mate and charged the vampire. He slammed into its chest sending Robert and his other pack mate flying as the hunter hit the ground. it grabbed Johan by the scruff of the neck and hurled him away as the rest came in to join the fight.

Edgar pulled himself up and felt the rib the creature had cracked as he spat out some blood. He smiled a bit then ran back to him. He jumped over Hektor and drove a fist into its face sending him back a bit. The creature jumped back from the fight as the wolves gathered. Edgar was the first to move, he charged but the hunter slammed a fist into his chest. Edgar dropped as three ribs exploded from the impact.

The wolves then all attacked at once. Another member of Johan's pack was instantly killed as the hunter ripped his head off. This drove the wolves into a frenzy but the speed and power of the feral vampire was just too much for them. He threw them off but caught Hektor and slammed him to the ground hard enough to injure his back and then went for the kill. Before he struck he was caught by Edgar who wrapped his arms around its waste and hurled him off. The creature looked genuinely shocked that Edgar was still standing. As it rose it punched Edgar in the mouth sending several teeth flying.

Edgar returned the shot causing the creature to roar in pain as his jaw cracked. It then slammed another fist into his broken ribs causing Edgar to cough up more blood and tearing a lung. Edgar was having trouble breathing and blood still poured from his mouth but he refused to fall. The rest of the wolves were having trouble moving but Johan made it to his feet and charged again. He caught Johan's leg as he jumped and slammed him into a tree and again moved in for the kill but was stopped again by a punch from Edgar that broke one of its fangs. As Edgar went for another strike his fist was caught and the hunter crushed his hand and broke his wrist.

Edgar then slammed his good hand into its ribs and managed to break one. It then grabbed him by the arm and broke it at the elbow and swatted him down. He then turned to finish him off but Edgar kicked him in the knee and tried to pull himself back up. The creature then kicked him in the face causing him to fall back. Edgar again tried to pull himself up but the hunter pushed him back to the ground with his foot.

Edgar was sure he was about to die when he felt the creature's foot yanked off of him. He looked up to see Chris and Betsy trying to pull the hunter away. It grabbed them by their necks and lifted them up. He looked as if he was about to crush them. Suddenly a voice rang out as if the sky was roaring, "Take your damn hands off him."

The hunter and the wolves stared in curiosity at an angry looking man stepped into view and repeated, "I said take your damn hands off him now."

( To be continued)

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Wow, Edgar is SO badass! :D They nearly had him there but dang, he put up a real fight!

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@bumpyboo: Well he is a viking so dying in a fight is more of a life goal to him than something to worry about.

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I know who the angry man is! Yeah Edgar and Johan are badasses

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Wow. That was one huge fight. Hunters are badass

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Okay! Edgar gave a much better showing here- much more what I expected. Johan...not so much. With his elder status, and the hunter mentioning he didn't think anything could take an elder, I'd have expected Johan to have been harder to deal with. I know you're going for a monster other monsters are afraid of, but it doesn't feel quite right...but what the heck do I know? I didn't create it. The bad: you have a real problem with homonyms. "Waist," not "waste." There was another one in the last two chapters that I forgot to mention.