Horror Inc: Hungry part 15

continued from here part 14

2000, the home of Chris Mills

Chris's father John Mills sits watching his son play in the back yard as a woman Chris knows as Aunt Silvia takes a seat next to him. She has a solemn look as she speaks, "You knew he'd find you eventually."

John nods, "It has been 20 years, I was hoping he'd forgotten."

She chuckled a bit, "Corvin forgets nothing."

"I can't just leave them."

She nodded,"They'll never be safe with you here. If he finds out you have a son he'll burn this town to the ground to take him from you."

"He's not even one of us. He's human like his mother."

Silvia then glared at him, "It doesn't matter, he won't rest until your blood line is wiped from the Earth."

John lowered his head, "He's going to hate me for this."

"A father can take a little hate to keep his son safe."


Present day, Chris' graduation.

John Mills sits in the back out of the way seemingly invisible to the crowd. He noted the empty seat where Chris' eyes lingered before noticing the elder wolf in the crowd. He smiled a bit to see his son get his diploma but made sure to be gone before the last name was called.


Hektor's house, 2 hours later

Edgar sat at the kitchen table sipping a beer as Jack Wade limped up from the cellar with the machete in hand. He stepped into the kitchen shaking with rage. Edgar nodded to him, "You know if you fight me now I'll kill you."

Jack gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on the blade, "I don't care."

Edgar took another sip from his beer, "No but your friends that just pulled up do. Let one of........."

Edgar stopped mid sentence and sniffed the air, "I thought hunters kept better company."

Suddenly the back door was ripped from its hinges as the blood hunter entered. Sam and Steve burst in the front to save Jack as the vampire went for Edgar.

Edgar hurled his beer bottle at its face to distract him then smashed the kitchen table over its head. He then threw the vampire back out the door before following him out. Edgar looked over the feral creature and realized what it was.

The hunters were now out of the house and Steve took a moment to give instructions to the vampire, "Try to leave his head intact."

Edgar smiled and laughed at the blood hunter, "I've never got to kill one of you before."

It leapt to its feet and charged and slammed a fist into Edgar's face sending him back a few steps. It then punched him in the gut and slammed him to the ground before attempting to feed. Edgar tried with all his might to push the creature off but it was too powerful.

The instant before it sunk its teeth in Robert in wolf form slammed into it send it crashing into the ground. Jack looked to Steve, "Should we be helping?"

"Nah, it'd take a whole pack of wolves to give a blood hunter any challenge."

Robert was hurled through the fence as the vampire went back for Edgar. Before he went back to the fight he let out a howl that let the rest of the pack know there was trouble.

The rest of the pack, along with Johan's were out on the hunt when they heard the howl. Chris and Betsy we're walking out of a restaurant when the heard it. Betsy gave Chris a panicked look, "We need to get back to the house."

John Mills watched as his son ran off and realized he was running toward the howl with the werewolf girl, "What the hell has that boy gotten into?"

(To be continued)

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Posted by Guardiandevil83

It is War Time! Let's see where it goes.

Posted by joshmightbe
Posted by Guardiandevil83

Don't mind that at all. Now question. How powerful are Blood Hunters to regular vamps? Or are all Vampire referred to as such? If they are different, are they basically master/elder type or just akin to Vampire special forces?

Posted by joshmightbe

@guardiandevil83: The blood hunters are feral vamps that hunt mostly their own kind. They are a lot stronger than regular vampires. Think like double or triple strength but pretty much rabid.

Posted by joshmightbe
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Sure, I'm a bit behind in this so I'll go back and have a go through these to catch up and refresh my mind on your werewolfian epic. Check out AARSS part 3 is up :)

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Very cool sir. That hunter is a bad monster jammer.

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I love how you write action scenes. It can be so easy to lose the reader when you have a lot going on, but I always find your writing really easy to follow. Nice one :)

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Okay, not buying this fight. "Nah, it'd take a whole pack of wolves to give a blood hunter any challenge," but Aegir gave a whole pack trouble on the battlefield. So shouldn't Edgar be less overwhelmed by the Blood Hunter? Seems like the fight should be more even. ...But then, I'm routing for Edgar. ;)