Horror Inc: Hungry part 13

Continued from here Part 12

Jack Wade rose groggily near dawn and found himself sitting in a cellar across from his son Mathew. They were both chained and shackled but Mathew had been given slightly more room to move. Johan stood above both with a stern look as he spoke to Jack, "I assume, you've figured out my intention."

Jack nodded with a hateful glare, "Letting a pup do the work for you? Seems a bit low for an Elder."

Johan shook his head as he pulled out a machete, "Think of this more as a test of your convictions, at nightfall he's going to turn then you get to decide what to do."

He then dropped the machete and walked out as Mathew began to wake up.


Sam leaned on his truck as he waited for the back up from the home office, he wasn't fond of the choice but it was the only available option. As he checked his watch a beat up old truck pulled up with a trailer in tow. The man driving the truck was a vampire hunter in his early thirties named Steve Sims. Steve stepped out looking a bit tired from the road as he looked over Sam, "You look like crap."

Sam rolled his eyes, "Look who's talking. Come on we got work to do."

Steve shook his head, "We need to wait til sundown, brought a little surprise for the mutts. He's sleeping at the moment."

Sam looked to the trailer, "What is it?"

Steve grinned, "You ever hear of a blood hunter?"

Sam looked confused as Steve continued, "Every once in a while when a vamp gets turned there's a bit of a genetic glitch. Sometimes one gets made that doesn't go for human blood, they only go for immortal blood, mostly from their own kind but they'll take a wolf just the same. Only trouble is they tend to be a little nuts."

Sam looked in to see the feral vampire the trailer, noting its massive frame, "So you keep that thing as a pet?"

Steve chuckled, "Better than a pack of pit bulls."


Chris and Betsy were sitting in their caps and gowns waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin. Chris looked out in the crowd to the empty seat his mother had reserved and tried not to cry. Betsy looked down the aisle to him and hoped he'd be able to hold it together until they finished. She then looked out in the crowd to see her father and grandfather along with her aunts. She was happy to her family all together but still felt bad for Chris.


Back at the house Edgar and Robert stood watch at the cellar door. Robert was quietly reading a book but Edgar was upset, he shouted down to Jack, "Just so you know, if I'd had my way we'd have settled this on the battle field. A man like you deserves that much."

Jack just stared down at his feet as his son muttered nonsense, most likely driven insane by whatever Johan had put him through.

(To be continued)

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Posted by BumpyBoo

@joshmightbe: Excellent, thanks for the shout. I've updated the library and look forward to giving this a read later on tonight :)

Posted by Samimista

This is absolutely fantastic! Love your writing style!

Posted by BumpyBoo

Nice job, very glad you decided to carry on with this! (Also, loving the idea of a pet vampire, that is a really cool touch >:D)

Posted by wildvine

Love that you brought vampires back into the story. And a new breed at that. You should copyright Blood Hunter before someone makes it into a B-movie.

Posted by joshmightbe

@wildvine: I wanted to make a monster that even other monsters were afraid of.

Posted by batkevin74

@joshmightbe: "Sam looked in to see the feral vampire the trailer, noting its massive frame, "So you keep that thing as a pet?"

Nice! At last a semi plausible explanation on the vampire bites

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@batkevin74: The blood hunter is a different breed than the average vamp tho.

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@wildvine: I wanted to make a monster that even other monsters were afraid of.

Cool idea and all, but it seems a little too "convenient plot device" for my liking. It's only attracted to immortal blood, so the humans are safe? Meh. Don't care for it. I'm sure it will still be an interesting read though.