Grimm: Chapter 5

Continued from here chapter 4

Port of Massalia

Grimmr and Cale had been walking for days taking their lead from Odin's ravens. On this day they found themselves at a port where many ships congregated. The birds rested on the mast of a battle scarred vessel. Cale gave it a wary look, "Your gods certainly have a unique taste."

Grimmr nodded, "It seems to float fine."

Cale found a nearby fisherman and pointed out the ship,"Do you know who that belongs to?"

The fisherman looked over and spat, "Aye, its a pirate vessel. Captained by a man from Athens, they probably banished the scum."

The fisherman went on a bit about the rumors flying around about the Captain but the two had stopped listening and walked away. Cale shook his head, "Aside from the obvious problems of booking passage on a pirate ship, how to you expect to pay for it? We both suffer from a distinct lack of coin."

Grimmr shrugged, "I'll think of something."


A man among the pirate crew stopped to stare at the ravens perched on the ship's mast before seeing the Northman and Celt approach the Captain. Grimmr gave the Captain a look to size him up, "Might I ask who the first mate of this ship is?"

A man standing to the left of the Captain stepped forward,"That'd be me."

Grimmr smiled, "I have a proposition for you. If I made you a Captain of a ship would you grant me passage?"

The man shook his head and chuckled at the odd question,"Aye, lad. Why not."

Grimmr nodded and yanked the dagger from the man's belt and slashed the Captain's throat in a single motion. As the Captain fell Grimmr tossed the man his dagger, "My friend and I will be waiting on the boat Captain."

The man who had been watching the birds smiled and chuckled at the sight as the new Captain shouted, "Finish loading the ship men we have places to be."


Mediterranean Sea

As Grimmr and Cale sat looking out on the sea a man who stood taller than the rest of the crew sat down beside them, "Your slash was impressive, tho I suspect had the Captain seen it coming things could have gone different."

Grimmr put his hand on the hilt of his sword, "Would you be thinking on vengeance?"

The man laughed, "Far from it, I would have gladly tossed him over board if I needed to."

Cale leaned over, "You have a name sailor?"

He nodded, "They call me Akhos."

Grimmr was about to say more but was distracted by something in the water. Akhos gave a curious look, "What is it?"

Grimmr pointed at a long scaled tale sinking beneath the waves mere yards from the ship. Akhos jumped to his feet to get a closer look, "What in Hades is that?"

Cale looked to see men on the other side of the ship having similar reactions. The sound of scale dragging across wood drew the attention of the crew down as the ship began to rock. Without warning the head of a massive sea serpent shot out from the water snatching up a crewman in its jaws, this was quickly followed by another at the front of the ship.

They were now under siege by six of the beasts, Grimmr drew his sword all who held weapons quickly followed suit as they backed toward the center of the ship.One slammed the side of the ship sending several men overboard as another attacked. It went straight for Cale who jumped away just in time to miss the bite and allowing Grimmr the chance to drive his sword into its neck.

It thrashed wildly causing the boat to dip dangerously low. It then yanked away from the boat taking Grimmr with it still gripping his sword. Grimmr slashed open its throat as they crashed into the water. Another swam to him and attempted to make a meal of him.

Back on the ship Cale side stepped another attack before stabbing his sword into the eye of the creature. As it flailed away Akhos slammed down his blade severing its head. Another shot across the deck and slammed its jaws shut on him. Cale gave an astonished look as the creature's teeth shattered against the sailor's skin.

Akhos gave him a sign to keep quiet and turned on the beast. Suddenly one of the serpents burst from the water with Grimmr in his wolf form clinging to its throat. It landed hard on the deck causing the ship to violently thrash about as Grimmr tore its throat out. Akhos was unfazed as he hacked off the jaw of the serpent that had tried to eat him. Only three now remained. The now one eyed serpent went for Cale who leapt toward the beast sword drawn and slashed open its head as it attempted to swallow him whole.

Another then went toward the Captain but Grimmr slammed into it sending it back to the water as several crewmen brought down the last. In the chaos Grimmr manged to change back without anyone's notice and rejoined the crew after taking some pants and a sword from a dead crewman. The surviving serpent decided against further attack and swam away leaving what was left of the crew exhausted but happy to yet live.

Grimmr, Cale and Akhos dropped down and leaned on the outer wall of the cabin as Cale glared over to Grimmr, "I believe your god is trying to kill us."

Grimmr chuckled, "Its possible."

(To be continued)

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Regardless Of Comments I'm gonna keep writing this

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Regardless Of Comments I'm gonna keep writing this

Thats the spirit! When I read this it gives off sort of an ancient Demon Knights feel. Looking forward to learn more about Akhos and how this will effect Grimmr.

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@dngn4774: Who Akhos is will be revealed soon and he'll kind of show Grimmr a bit of what being declared a champion of a god entails and it won't all be the good parts.

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@joshmightbe: Sounds interesting. I'd just advise trying not to make him to similar to someone like Kratos.

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@dngn4774: Akhos is actually a very well known mythological hero

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@dngn4774: The name he's currently using is made up to keep people from learning who he is. Basically he's trying to hide from his gods