Eternal: Chapter 3 Vendettas

A mansion just outside Las Vegas, Nevada

Loki sits at the head of a table in his house and looks on Calder and Zan who he allowed to stay for a bit, they had a great feast, the god of mischief found himself chuckling as the young gods marveled at the flavors of human food. Zan finished off a rather large bacon cheeseburger and declared, "Better than ambrosia."

Loki managed to stifle his laughter as he slid over a bowl, wait till you taste the chocolate."


Eternal Realm, The Great Plain

Coyote sat on a hill with his friend Sun Wukong, the legendary Monkey King. They were in deep conversation concerning a prince of Olympus. Coyote was doubtful of Sun Wukong's words, "If he knows I don't see why he wouldn't inform Zeus."

The Monkey King shook his head, "You were never a mortal creature so I doubt you'd fully understand. Perhaps I could prove it."

Sun Wukong then pulled several hairs from his arm and they turned to flies in his hand, "Look through their eyes when I tell you."

He then ordered the flies toward Olympia.


Hercules sat in front of a small alter in his house, it was shrine to the creators, beings who even the god kings must bow to. A large blade sat on the alter as Hercules silently prayed for guidance when Hermes entered from behind, "Brother we must speak, its a matter of great importance."

Hercules opened his eyes, "Was father to busy to hear his son?"

"He will make time for you, that's why I came."

Hercules stood and turned to face him, "Very well, what's the reason for your visit?"

Hermes seemed a bit put off by the news he came with but knew it was important, "Its the tricksters, they're plotting something big, it could be a danger to us all."

He was confused by the non pulsed look on Hercules' face, "I assume its a power grab."

Hercules then chuckled as Hermes looked on shocked," Did you not hear me?"

Hercules nodded, "I know what the tricksters are up to, they mean to use me as a pawn. They believe I'm plotting to usurp father's throne."

"Are you?"

Hercules shook his head, "I have no plans to sit on the throne of Olympus."

"Then what do you intend to do about this plot?"

Hercules turned and looked down on the alter, "I intend to ensure their plans come to fruition, I truly wish you hadn't come tonight brother. You would have been a good role model for the young ones."

Hermes noticed as Hercules turned that he held the blade from the alter, "You know I can't be killed brother."

"Not by normal weapons, a Seraphim blade on the other hand will kill all but a creator."

Hermes moved to run but Hercules threw the blade which drove into Hermes' shoulder and nailed him to the wall, "There is a better class of gods behind us and I will clear a path for them."

Hermes struggled to pull out the blade as Hercules approached, "You are a son of Zeus."

Hercules paused, "I can understand how that means something else to you, your mother had a choice in the matter. I see him for what he is, a weak old man who couldn't even stop his wife from killing his grand children, or worse didn't care."

Hermes looked confused, "That was nearly 4 thousand years ago."

Hercules then yanked the blade free as he grabbed Hermes' throat, "I father never forgets the death of his child."

He then plunged the blade into Hermes' heart, "And he never forgives."

A small fly sat on the wall and watched as Hercules removed the body of his brother.


The Great Plain

Coyote fell back in shock after seeing through the eyes of Sun Wukong's fly, "Why would he kill a brother?"

The Monkey King leaned back, "Have you not heard the tale?"

Coyote shrugged, "There are many involving him, hard to place them all."

"Long ago when Hercules still lived among the mortals one of Hera's servants poisoned him with a potion that made him believe his own wife and children as monsters come to slay him, he of course being the great warrior immediately slew the supposed beasts, when he came to his senses and realized what he did he was understandably quite distraught and went to an oracle to tell him what to do to pay for his crime. Its the reason for his twelve great labors. Only one born as a god would be foolish enough to think a mortal man would ever forgive being forced to slay his own children."

Coyote nodded, "And if this vendetta turns against us?"

Sun Wukong smiled, "Have no worries, continue your plan and I will deal with the prince of Olympus if it becomes necessary. "

Coyote gave a cautious look, "I fear it will be, but I'm worried if even this realm could handle that battle."


Las Vegas, Nevada

Calder readied himself to leave as the sun rose, Loki sat on a couch and told him, "You can stay as long as you wish, I believe Zan intends to try his luck at a casino tonight. Perhaps you'd like to join him?"

Calder shrugged, "Gambling here can't be much different from doing it in the Eternal Realm. I've stayed too long as it is, tell Zan goodbye for me and tell him I hope our paths will cross again if he plans to remain on Earth a while. I'll be sure to stop by if I happen by Vegas again."

Loki nodded and gave him a wave as he walked out. He then turned to a fly on the wall, "I suppose you betting on him aren't you?"

The voice of Sun Wukong came through the fly, "The son of Hercules will waste his time on feasting and gaming while he has a whole new world to explore, we have enough of that kind already."

Outside Sheridan, Wyoming

Sarah stands in front of a small gathering of people in a tent, "I know most of you won't believe me, some may think I'm crazy but I swear its the truth. A god named Calder saved my life asking for nothing in return, he didn't demand praise or sacrifice. His only interest was in finding his place in this world. Believe me or not it doesn't matter but these churches and collection plates are of no interest to gods so I ask you to ignore what this fraud in a white suit tells you."

The evangelist minister standing off to the side of the stage gave her a hateful look but let her speak because of the large men standing on either side of her and the half dozen others who had followed her in. As most of the crowd booed her and a few actually considered her words, she stepped down from the stage and walked out with her following now gaining four new members.

As they walked they heard the minister roaring about heathens trying to draw worship from the Lord but they ignored it and walked on.

(To be continued)

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As they walked they heard the minister roaring about heathens trying to draw worship from the Lord but they ignored it and walked on.

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