Corrupted: Hex part 1

There was a man born in the town of Enid Oklahoma some 25 years ago, Named Henry Jonathan Wade. When he was young a teacher once gave him an assignment to pick some relative of his that he looked up to but he couldn't stand a one of them. While he wondered who to write about he discovered some very old journals in his father's attic and began to read.

It told tales of his great Grandfather's Grandfather, a bounty hunter who went by the name of Jonah Hex. As he read he became enthralled by his adventures and started researching everything he could find. It took him a great deal of effort to find the uncensored stuff but he ate it up.

When the day came to present his report the teacher sent him to the principal, his parents were called and his father was levied a fine for not teaching his son to properly avoid the kind of rebellious evil men like Jonah Hex represented and encouraged the boy to look for more socially acceptable people to look up to. At that moment he was hooked.

His relationship with his family only went downhill from there, on his eighteenth birthday he was out the door and never looked back. He even had has name changed. Now he goes by Johnny Hex.


Tulsa, Oklahoma county lock up

Johnny rolled out of the drunk tank after a particularly rambunctious night. He passed a hawkman in the hall as he headed out and the hawk sniffed the air, "Aren't you supposed to hose these bums off?"

Now Johnny could have ignored this, he could have swallowed his pride and gone about his day. But then he wouldn't Johnny. He snatched a pack of crackers from next to a desk clerk's bowl of soup and crushed them up as he walked back toward the Hawk. He then tapped him on the shoulder.

When the hawkman turned Johnny smiled and asked, "Polly want a cracker?"

He then threw the ground up crackers in the hawkman's eyes temporarily blinding him. He then grabbed a chair and smashed it over his head. The hawkman staggered for a second then grabbed his mace. He smashed it into Johnny's face hard enough to tear a sizable chunk of flesh. Johnny woke up the next day and told to get dressed for court. He caught sight of his bandaged up face in a mirror, "Well I guess he didn't find that funny."


Johnny spent five years in the Oklahoma state pen for his stunt but today he was free. He walked out past the bus stop and straight into town where he found the nearest bar. He was meant to go check in with a parole officer and move into a halfway house. He never made the appointment. As he sat at the bar he found himself pondering as many former inmates do, what he was going to do with his life when he overheard someone talking about a man that needed to be found.

Johnny dropped down in a chair across from the bald man who was talking to a man claiming to be a private detective, "I'm willing to bet I can track down your man quicker than this fake could find his ass in the dark."

The bald man named Lex turned, "You do know what they say about curiosity?"

Johnny nodded, "Yup, I also know that all real P.I.s have to report their cases to the government now days and if you're in a place like this looking for help then that's not something you're wanting."

The P.I. then spoke up, "Or I could just call the hawks about some drunk making trouble."

Johnny chuckled a bit at Lex's reaction to that. As the detective stood to escort Johnny away Lex leaned in and dropped something in his drink. The man then returned to his seat as Lex spoke, "Before we were interrupted I meant to ask, exactly when you were planning on returning my money? I've waited years for you to find Mr. Freeman without so much as a sighting."

The detective sighed, "Well these things take time sir."

As the detective downed his drink Lex nodded, "Yes, unfortunately you don't have enough time left for it."

Lex then stepped out as he spotted Johnny lighting a cigarette outside. Johnny turned and waved, "Took you a minute or two longer than I thought, I ain't killing no one if I can avoid it."

Lex laughed, "Nothing of the sort, I just need an address."

Johnny nodded, "How much you offering?"

(To be continued)

I know its a bit rough but I'm always a bit clunky on origins

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Ah ha! I see what you're doing here! Ah Jonah Hex. Always a personal favorite of mine. Great story even though the name Johnny Hex sounded a bit off to me.

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@joshmightbe: Polly want a cracker? Ha ha ha

Very good! (image comes from here: )

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@joshmightbe said:

When the hawkman turned Johnny smiled and asked, "Polly want a cracker?"

The second you mentioned the crackers, I knew he was going to do that. Good chapter, even though I'm not much of a Jonah Hex fan.

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@joshmightbe: This origin was pretty good. I have one question though, is the war with superman going to last into 2065?

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"I'm willing to bet I can track down your man quicker than this fake could find his ass in the dark." very nice @joshmightbe

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@dngn4774: I was working under the assumption that Superman had already won before we got started and this world is the aftermath of that

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@joshmightbe: So is this more of a possible futures title? Kind of like batman beyond but with a much smaller timeskip.

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@dngn4774: Well my story is taking place in the same timeline with the rest of the Corrupted line if that's what you're asking.