Corrupted: Captain Marvel

JSA headquarters

Captain Marvel was on the ground, blood coming from mouth and nose. He knew the fight was done, his team lay crushed before the once noble Man of steel. He crawled away as Superman called out to him, "If you won't use your power to help I will."

The Captain was out of options so he decided he would meet his end as himself. He shouted, "Shazam" bring down the thunderbolt one last time. Superman then stepped into the broken down alcove to see Billy Batson standing before him with a defiant look.

Billy glared at the man who had once inspired him and asked, "At what point did you decide to become Lex?"

Superman gritted his teeth as he placed a medallion around his neck bearing the symbol of Shazam, "Say the word, or I'll make you say it."

Billy shook his head, "You know I won't."

Superman then snatched him up by the neck holding him a few feet off the ground. Billy then gave a hateful smile and poked his tongue out at Superman who sighed, "You're a little old..........."

Superman stopped mid sentence at the sound of clashing teeth and a squirt of blood. A look of horror came over him as he realized Billy had severed his own tongue. Billy then spat a mouthful of blood in the face of the last son of Krypton and slurred out, "Shslam."

Superman became enraged and slammed a back hand into Billy's skull caving it in. He then tossed the young man aside, "What a waste."


Many years later

A man named Martin Freeman walks into a police station to pick up his 14 year old son Chris, who had been arrested for disturbing the peace. Martin gave a disapproving head shake as he led his son out to the car. Chris was glad to see his Grandpa Freddy sitting in the front seat. Martin stomped over to the driver's side as Chris hopped in the back. He then looked over, "This is as much your fault as it is his dad, filling his head with all that rebellious nonsense."

Freddy looked to his son, "Nothing wrong with a free spirit, I don't care what the damned aliens say."

Chris gave a little chuckle that was cut off by a glare from his father, "You're just lucky your Grand Father has an appointment today."

Freddy had Alzheimer's and his mind was beginning to slip. It was easy enough to fix in this day and age and in point of fact wouldn't have come so far if not for Freddy's stead fast refusal to be treated by what he referred to as an Amazonian light bulb. Because of this he had been deemed unfit to care for himself and placed in his son's custody. Chris was happy his Grandpa had come to stay, he loved the stories he told of when the heroes were real heroes and not gods on high. He even claimed to have once been one himself.

Chris never really believed him but he enjoyed the tales none the less.


As Martin and Freddy were in with the Doctor, Chris sat in the car blaring the radio while he waited until a police officer informed him that his volume was exceeded the legal level. Chris rolled his eyes as he turned it down and gave the cop a sarcastic nod and sat back in the seat. After a few minutes he was shocked to see a tiger walk past his window.

He shot up to get a better look and stared curiously as it casually strolled through a crowd of people completely unnoticed. Chris was shaken from his concentration as His father and grand father got in the car. He then poked his head over the front seat and asked, "Did you guys see the tiger?"

Martin gave his son an odd look,"What?"

Freddy on the other hand got a very serious look on his face and turned to him, "A tiger you say?"


Later that night at dinner the family ate in silence as Freddy sat lost in thought with a pained expression on his face as he seemed to be trying to remember something important. Suddenly he shouted out "Mr. Tawny"

Martin rolled his eyes, "Here we go again."

Chris smiled, "He's the talking tiger, right?"

Chris's mother Linda looked over, "Don't encourage him."

He gave her a wary look and Freddy got up and walked into his room. After dinner Chris walked into his Grandpa's room. Freddy looked up with a grin, "Billy!"

He then stopped and the smile faded, "Sorry, you looked like an old friend of mine for a second."

Chris patted him on the shoulder, "Its Okay Grandpa, you get some rest and you can tell me all about the tiger tomorrow."


Later that night as Chris did his homework he heard scratching at the window. He looked out and saw the tiger again. His curiosity got the best of him and he snuck out after it. The tiger led him to an old subway access. The Fawcett city subway had sat unused for decades now so Chris was forced to wade through vast cob webs as he strolled down.

Once he was down he stepped into an old subway car. Suddenly it lit up and began to move. Chris was frightened but there was no way off the train. It sped along entering an odd looking cave decorated with statues. As the train stopped Chris hoped out and saw a robed man sitting on a throne.

The old man looked to him, "Christopher Freeman, greetings. I am the Wizard Shazam."

The old man then told Chris a story he'd once been told by his Grand Father. Chris knew everything he needed to. He cut the old man off as he spoke, "You want me to be Captain Marvel?"

The old man grinned, "Exactly my boy. And do you know how?"

Chris nodded, "I say your name out loud."

Shazam nodded and led him through a door, "This is the Rock of Eternity, come here whenever you feel the need. For now back to bed."

Chris suddenly awoke in his bed. He sat up to and chuckled at the dream and shook his head as he muttered, "Shazam."

There was a sudden flash of light and Chris was transformed.


Superman sat in his fortress of solitude, taking a short break from his duties as a ruler. As he sat a monitor began to flash with a message from the watch tower. He sighed, "On screen."

The Martian Manhunter appeared on screen as Superman stood, "This had better be important."

The Manhunter nodded, "There has been a sighting of a large lightning bolt strike in Fawcett city."

Superman gave a blank stare, "And the important part."

Jonn leaned in, "It was during a clear night and struck at the house where Freddy Freeman resides."

Superman gritted his teeth, "Send the Hawks."

(To be continued)

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Posted by dngn4774

@joshmightbe: Awesome in its entirety, especially that opening.

Edited by 4donkeyjohnson

Superman stopped mid sentence at the sound of clashing teeth and a squirt of blood. A look of horror came over him as he realized Billy had severed his own tongue. Billy then spat a mouthful of blood in the face of the last son of Krypton and slurred out, "Shslam."

That's gross! Powerful and gross! Biting his OWN tongue off, I feel a little queasy.

Good writing especially the ominous last line "Send the Hawks"

Posted by BlackReaper

@joshmightbe said:

Superman gritted his teeth, "Send the Hawks."

Posted by joshmightbe

@dngn4774: Thanks

@4donkeyjohnson: I wanted something to show how bad things were by having probably the most clean cut super hero in history do something truly brutal

@blackreaper: Nice I might have to toss in a reference next chapter

Posted by Project_Worm

@joshmightbe: Fantastic job Josh!!

Billy was such a boss, to bad he died like a chump...

Posted by joshmightbe

@project_worm: He went out on his own terms, and despite the fact he died it was a minor victory since he did manage to keep Superman from getting what he wanted from him.

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@joshmightbe: Definitely, but he was b**** slapped to death sooo.

Edited by joshmightbe

@project_worm: But it was a bitch slap from Superman which is probably the equivalent of a comet hitting him in the face

Posted by Project_Worm
Posted by FalconPuuunch

Great job! That opening was brutal, but in a good way. Can't wait to see your next installment.

Posted by joshmightbe
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Fantastic work sir. Billy biting his own tongue off was brutal! Loved it. Oh and I love that Talky Tawny got a shout out. : D

Posted by joshmightbe
Posted by TommytheHitman

Poor Billy. Ah well at least Freddy's alive and kind of well. The legend begins again.

Posted by 18hunt

Rip billy my fav hero, I love it already!

Posted by joshmightbe
Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

Casual bump

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Posted by Time_Phantom

Not cutting any corners. Loving that opening!