Corrupted: Captain Marvel part 5

continued from here part 4


Superman surprised the watchtower staff a rare appearance at the station. He was escorted to the detention level and stepped into the cell of Freddy Freeman alongside a medic, "Is he coherent?"

The medic shrugged, "Seems to depend on the day."

Superman shook his head, "He deserved better than this."

Freddy's head popped up, "So did Billy, So did Mary."

Superman stepped in front of him, "So that memory still has some legs."

Freddy glared, "Oh I remember what you did to her, that one stays clear. One thing I gotta know, did you do it to punish Billy or cause she made you bleed? I just need to know how you justified killing a pregnant woman."

Superman gritted his teeth a bit as Freddy went on, "It would have been our second child."

Superman seemed to want to say something but no words came. As he turned to leave Freddy called out, "The one hope I have left is that I get to live to see her Grand Son put you in the ground."


Chris brought lunch to the orphans but had come more to ask them to find a safer place to stay, Lex had warned him of the men coming for him and he worried about what would happen to them if the battle got out of hand.

After they'd eaten, the oldest boy, called Firebug sat down in an old beat up recliner across from Chris after he finished asking them to leave, "Where do you think we have to go?"

Chris thought for a moment, "I heard there was a resistance group in the city, maybe they'd take you in."

Firebug chuckled, "You know how to find them?"

A boy no more than 10 called Switch walked over, "Trust me Cap, they come here we can manage just fine."

Lex's Lab

Lex steps into a large vault. As he enters he looks up at an alien skull and has a slight grin as he remembers fooling Larfleeze into killing himself. He slid open a door to reveal the Orange power battery and the ring sitting on a table next to it. He slid on the ring and touched it to the battery as a large power suit rose from the floor. He opened the back of the suit and inserted the Orange battery and hooked in a power feed. He then stepped back and smiled, "Now that's a thing of beauty."

The sky above Metropolis

The Dax brothers floated above the city. Axel sniffed the air, "His scent is all over the place."

Angus nodded, "Where's it strongest?"

Axel pointed toward an abandoned factory, "But he's not alone, could be resistance."

Angus shrugged, "Call some hawks to clear them out, we're here for Marvel."

The brothers then split up to scout the city.


Chris flew out over the city and pondered where to start his search for the resistance when he heard something rushing up behind him. He turned just in time to see Ajax as he slammed into him. He jammed his claws in Chris' side and clamped his teeth on his shoulder causing him to roar in pain as he smashed his fists into the monstrous creature. He managed to pull him off but as he struck him away he was caught by a blast of heat vision from Axel that sent him crashing through a building.

As he pulled himself off the floor Angus arrived and snatched him up. He held Chris' arms to his side with one set of arms while pommeling him with the other. Chris then spun around to throw off his attacker. Angus flew through a wall and Chris attempted to run but Ajax slammed down through the roof and landed feet first on his shoulders driving them both down several floors.

When they landed Axel was there to catch the Captain with another blast of heat vision as Ajax clung to his back. Chris then took a tight grip on Ajax's arms and flung himself out a window and angled his back to the air before yelling, "Shazam."

The thunder struck Ajax who screeched in pain. Chris then yanked him off his back and hurled him to the ground. The impact rattled the block. Angus then flew down to attack but was met with a hard shot to the face from the now enraged Captain Marvel. The punch sent Angus crashing through a dozen buildings before crashing down in a park five miles away.

Axel then flew at him at super sonic speed, as he neared Chris turned and drove his elbow into Axel's face allowing his own speed to do most of the damage. He then grabbed his arm and spun around before releasing him. The momentum launched Axel into orbit momentarily.

The Factory

Several T-Spheres arrived and were spotted by Switch, "Hide."

The rest of the orphans scrambled to find a safe spot as Hawkmen descended into the building. A T-Sphere then sent out, "Twelve meta signatures detected, proceed with caution."

One of the hawks looked down and saw two of them. One looked up and tugged on the other's shoulder, "Firebug."

He turned to see his friend Shocks pointing up. He then turned to see the hawk coming down. He shot up a plume of flame that knocked the hawk away as two more flew in. One of the hawkmen smashed his mace down on Shocks' head but was stunned to see the boy not only standing but now glowing neon green. Shocks then shot up into the hawkman's gut with the same force as the mace that hit him and sent the hawk through the roof.

A few feet away a hawkman landed in front of a girl around twelve. As he walked he asked, "And what's your nickname little girl?"

He was halted by a purplish ball of energy as she smiled and answered, "Bubbles."

He raised his mace and struck the bubble wall which did nothing. He glared, "You little..."

She cut him off, "I'd save my breath if I were you Tweety."

Rumble found herself cornered by a few hawkmen and started to shake. The ground around her followed suit and then began to crack around her. The hawks took to the air to evade the suddenly erupting stone floor.

Across the factory Switch his in a vent shaft with his six year old brother Sparky and heard the hawks coming. He looked to Sparky, "You crawl out the back, I'll keep these guys busy."

Sparky nodded and crawled away as Switch hoped out. His body was enveloped in a pale grey energy and his form changed. As a hawkman rounded the corner he looked on in horror, "Omega Threat, Omega Threat! Grundy is in the building."

What followed was ten minutes of Carnage as the form of Solomon Grundy tore through two dozen hawkmen. As Switch felt his power begin to fade out he clapped his hands sending a shock wave out that knocked the hawks away leaving him unseen as he returned to his own form and slipped out through a large crack in the wall.

As Sparky crawled out of the building a hawkman snatched him up, "Got ya."

In response Sparky lit up sending a few hundred thousand volts through the hawk that made him drop like a rock. Sparky then let out a chuckle as he saw Switch and Bubbles round the corner and stepped over the hawkman.

The rest had managed to escape while the hawks were distracted by Switch. The three of them joined the rest in the sewers.

Back in the sky above the city Angus had returned to the fight with Captain Marvel and the two traded hard shots that sent shock waves through the city. Axel flew up to join the fray and Ajax went to follow. Suddenly Ajax crashed back to the ground with a large mechanical foot planted on his back. Lex looked down, "Oh, I seem to have stepped into something disgusting. Better scrape it off. A massive orange energy construct appeared in the form of a spiked roller. Lex then kicked Ajax out a bit and slammed the roller down. Ajax tried with all his might to escape but to no avail as the spikes began to spin tearing the creature apart. The other Dax brothers were distracted by their brother's roars of pain which allowed Captain Marvel to grab them both and slam their heads together with enough force to send them crashing to the ground.

Chris then landed in front of them as Lex marched up next to him. His face was covered so Chris looked baffled until the voice came out, "Its been far to long since I got to play like this."

Angus and Axel stood up with hate in their eyes. Angus roared, "You'll pay for killing our brother."

Lex chuckled, "Will you take a check?"

(To be continued)

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Posted by TommytheHitman

Ah. Poor Larlfleeze. Poor Mary. Poor Hawkmen. Damn this issue was awesome! You weren't joking when you said everything goes crazy in this issue!

Posted by BlackReaper

@joshmightbe said:

After they'd eaten the oldest boy, called Firebug sat down in an old beat up recliner across from Chris after he finished asking them to leave, "Where do you think we have to go?"

You really should've added a comma there, it's quite misleading. The orphans remind me of the mutants in Xavier's school.

Posted by joshmightbe

@tommythehitman: Next Chapter its Lex and Cap against the remaining Dax brothers and a bunch of pissed off hawkmen that'll be trying to compensate for getting their asses handed to them by children.

@blackreaper: Yeah, I need to fix that

Posted by batkevin74

"One thing I gotta know, did you do it to punish Billy or cause she made you bleed? I just need to know how you justified killing a pregnant woman."

"The one hope I have left is that I get to live to see her Grand Son put you in the ground."

WOW! Now there's a story waiting to be told

@joshmightbe said:

After they'd eaten the oldest boy, called Firebug sat down in an old beat up recliner across from Chris after he finished asking them to leave, "Where do you think we have to go?"


They are weird kids, maybe they are cannibals :)

Posted by joshmightbe

@batkevin74: Just so its clear, Chris is her Grandson

Also I added a comma.

Posted by 18hunt

Amazing how did you organize this hole corrupted thing

Posted by joshmightbe
Posted by 18hunt

Ok thnx

Posted by wildvine


This is probably my fave corrupted series so far. Love the deversity of powers. Made me think of splicers. Good action, good dialogue. And I laughed at Lex's like at the end.

Moderator Online
Posted by joshmightbe

@wildvine: It kind of just felt like something Lex would say.