Clark part 5

Well thank Krypton for the sixth period spaz out

Smallville, Kansas 1995

Clark was scribbling something in his notepad as the Algebra teacher discussed a complicated problem on the blackboard, "I put this up here to prove a point, now I know none of you may be able to answer this, but that's the point, You're all in the same boat here, and hopefully if I do my job right some of you might be able to solve...."

He noticed Clark's attention was on his notebook, "Or maybe Mr. Kent would like to solve it for us since I'm obviously wasting his time."

Clark looked up from his notebook as he noticed the classroom focused on him, "Its 5."

The teacher looked confused, "The answer, its 5."

The teacher looked back to the board and to his handbook, "Could you show me how you came to this?"

Clark tore a piece of paper from his notebook and handed it up as the bell rang, he shrugged as he stood up, "I'm good at math."

The teacher chuckled as he saw the problem worked out on the sheet.


Later as Clark sat in the lunchroom he began to feel uncomfortable, as if the volume in the room had been turned up. Pete looked over to see Clark getting antsy, "What's up?"

Pete may as well have screamed it through a megaphone. Clark grabbed his books and headed out hoping for a quieter place. Unfortunately as he passed by the bell it went off like a bomb in his ear. Clark fell to his knees and clapped his hands over his ears.


Jonathan arrived to bring Clark home and he watched him now in the passenger side of the truck clenching his fists around his ears still trying to block out the noise. When they arrived home Jonathan told Martha to shut off anything making noise in the house as he helped Clark up to his room. Clark, his parents and Krypto sat in his quiet room until Clark finally eased up, "I heard everything."

Jonathan whispered,"What did you hear?"

Clark looked over, "I think maybe literally everything, all at once and cranked up to eleven."

Later on they all sat in the living room as Martha sat with Clark's Boombox at a very low volume as Jonathan started talking quietly, "Okay what we're gonna do is turn the volume up slowly and you're gonna focus on my voice as it goes up, no matter how loud it gets you just concentrate on me."

Clark nodded as they started. They were up late into the night and as the sunrose Jonathan and Martha woke up on the couch to Clark blasting the stereo with a grin, "I worked it out."

Martha yelled over the music, "That's great now shut that off."

At school Lana asks Pete, "Any word on what happened to Clark yesterday?"

Pete shrugged, "He looked fine on the bus today. Why don't you just ask him?"

She gave him a wary look, "You broke up with another one didn't you?"

She glared at Pete, "Yes, and he's gonna give me the whole puppy eyed routine as usual."

He chuckles, "Well maybe you'll luck out and Lisa Davis will keep him occupied."

Her face went red, "Who the hell is Lisa Davis?"

Pete rolled his eyes, "No, we ain't doing this whole teen drama crap again, either you like him or you don't."

She started to say something but Pete cut her off, "Nope not listening."


Clark came home after school and passed Martha as she watched a talk show, "Today our show is all about young geniuses, first up is a seventeen year old M.I.T. graduate, please welcome Lex Luthor to the stage."

Clark shook his head, "You're really missing that job aren't you?"

She gave him a side glance, "You have no idea."

He nodded, "So what's the story with the bald kid?"

(To be continued)

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Posted by batkevin74

@joshmightbe said:

He nodded, "So what's the story with the bald kid?"

Hate to tell you this Clark, but give or take fifteen years and he's going to try to kill you on a weekly basis!

Posted by joshmightbe

@batkevin74: Just reminding people he's there

Posted by ImpurestCheese

@joshmightbe: Uh oh. Looks like the megalomaniac has landed.

Posted by cbishop

I liked...

Clark shook his head, "You're really missing that job aren't you?"

She gave him a side glance, "You have no idea."

Added to my FF Long Box. :)