Clark part 2

So it turned out I'm an alien and apparently the most endangered species around, A lot to take in but on the plus side I might be immune to acne.

Smallville Kansas 1994

Clark sits at the kitchen table doing his homework while Martha half watches the news as she cleans the oven. "In Society news, Bruce Wayne celebrates his 15th birth day today. A large gala had been planned by the Wayne industries board of trustees but sources indicate that it was canceled by the birth day boy himself, which comes as no surprise given his notably private nature."

Clark murmurs, "Lucky punk."

Martha gives him a mildly irritated look, "I doubt he'd see it that way considering what that boy went through."

Clark looked over, "I was an orphan too."

She nodded, "Yes, but you didn't have to see your folks die in front of you, and you had someone other than a butler to raise you."

Clark sighed in agreement with his mother.

Jonathan walked in with the mail, "Hey, no bills for a change."

He then grabs a beer from the fridge and sits down across from Clark with his issue of Field and Stream and looks over, "How was everyone's day?"

Martha pointed at the oven in response and Clark, "The QB was a jerk again and Lana's boy friend spent the day trying to make me look bad in front of her again so, y'know same as always. I should go to a team try out and just smash'em, that'd shut them up."

Jonathan put his beer down, "You shouldn't even consider things like that, embarrassing and hurting people is a waste of that power."

Clark rolled his eyes, "I still don't see the big deal about hiding what I can do, not like anyone could really do anything to hurt me over it."

Jonathan glared at him, "I remember this guy from the War, a colonel. He and his platoon had a pretty good string of luck and the Colonel got to thinking he was untouchable, started taking his men into more and more dangerous situations til one day they got themselves in too deep and had to call for help. By the time my platoon showed up most of his was dead, they were out numbered by 5 to one easy and our C.O., real hard ass Sargent named Sam Lane, Sarg took one look at this and ordered a retreat without a second thought. The Colonel didn't take kindly to this at all and threatened to have Sam court marstialed for it. So Sam handed him two extra clips and told him to keep fighting if wanted but he was taking these men off this field.

The Colonel took the ammo and ran right out into a hail of gun fire, he was trying to prove some point. Ended up getting shredded. Now Sam could have run us like that if he chose to, let the enemy pick us off just to make himself look brave but instead he took the power he had and used it to get as many of us home alive as possible. Now son, which guy would you rather be?"

Clark quietly went back to studying for a moment before asking, "Isn't Sam the guy at your reunion with the annoying daughter." Jonathan nodded as Martha smacked him in the back of the head, "Be nice. she was what six at the time?"

Jonathan shrugged, "Maybe she grew out of the chatterbox faze."


The next day at school Clark was grabbing some books out of his locker when his friend Pete walked up, " I heard Mark saying you and him were having a fight today."

Clark looked around the locker door, "Mark who?"

Pete gave him a side ways glare, "Stevens."

Clark thought to himself for a moment,"Yea I have no idea who that is."

Lana Lang came up behind him, "My boy friend."

Clark absently asked, "The one with the spiky hair? Why would he want to fight me?"

She sneered, "Maybe the fact that he's been dating one of your best friends for a month and you still call him the spiky hair guy."

Clark looked back with a grin, "No, that's why you want to fight me."

She then looked down the hall, "Well here he is, ask him."

She pulled Mark over saying she had to go. After she was out of ear shot Mark gave Clark a dirty look, "Why you talking to my girl?"

Clark sighed, "Tell you what, free shot to the face, if it'll get you off my back."

Clark then placed his hands behind his back. Mark then swung as hard as he could hoping to knock Clark out. As Mark's fist connected he heard a knuckle crack and it felt as though he'd just hit a brick wall. He pulled back his fist and bit his lip to stop a yelp of pain, "Still want to fight after school?"

Mark shook his head and ran down the hall. Pete looked to Clark, "What'd you do?"

Clark closed his locker, "Don't worry about it."

(To be continued)

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"In Society news, Bruce Wayne celebrates his 15th birth day today. A large gala had been planned by the Wayne Industries board of trustees, but sources indicate that it was cancelled by the birthday boy himself, which comes as no surprise given his notably private nature."

Clark murmurs, "Lucky punk."

Ha ha ha nice

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@batkevin74: Just using him to give Clark a bit of perspective

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bumped for ease of access part 3 is up now as well

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bumped for ease of access part 3 is up now as well

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If you liked the first chapter here's part 2

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@joshmightbe: I did like Part 1. Nice to see the more understanding Clark unlike the Jerk of Steel. Kind of reminds me of Smallville in a good way.

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