Clark part 13

Well I can't say I didn't see it coming.

Smallville, Kansas 1999

Lana sat impatiently waiting for Clark. Graduation was nearing and the prom was a week away. As she waited she looked over to a news rack where she noticed a tabloid featuring a headline about the red winged angel, it had long since ceased to be considered even fluff news and had been relegated to the same interest as Bigfoot sightings and crop circles.

She looked at the tabloid and sighed, she knew she was being selfish and she felt bad for getting angry at Clark while he was off saving lives without even a thank you for his trouble but at the same time, she was an 18 year old girl who just wanted to know she was going to the prom with her boyfriend.

Clark pulled up in his truck and Lana hopped in, "About time."

He looked over guiltily, "Sorry, there was a factory fire in India."

Suddenly her annoyance faded back into guilt and she politely asked, "Have you got your tux yet?"

Clark nodded, "Got it this morning. You got your dress?"

She nodded back silently.


On prom night Clark was a bit late picking her up but she tried to let it slide. For most of the night it was great, they had fun and for a few hours she felt that this is what its like to have a regular guy, then just before the announcement of prom queen and king she noticed Clark seemed distracted. He kept cocking his head as if listening for something whenever he thought Lana wasn't looking. Suddenly she remembered all her frustration that had been building for nearly two years and turned to Clark, "Just, go."

He looked to her with apprehension, "No, this is your night."

She gritted her teeth, "Its supposed to be our night."

He didn't know how to react as she glared, "Just go."

He quickly flew off to stop a dam from breaking several states away and just barely avoided witnesses as he quickly fixed the problem. He then made it back to the prom as fast as he could and found Lana sitting on the tailgate of his truck. She had tears in her eyes, "I can't do this any more."

He sat down next to her, "I'm sorry."

She wiped her eyes, "Don't do that, I keep making you apologize for saving people. Do you know how that feels? I sit and wait and get mad and then you show up from putting out a fire in an orphanage or saving a preschool from a flood. Then I feel like s**t for being mad at you. I know its not fair and that you try your best to be a good boyfriend but I still keep getting frustrated. I won't ask you to choose between me and saving people, but I can't sit and wait anymore."

Clark said nothing as he drove her home. When they arrived she gave him a quick kiss then said goodbye.


As Graduation came and went Clark got ready for a trip before he went off for college, he planned to see more of the world instead of just blurring by. He gave Martha a hug as he stepped out the door with a duffle bag over his shoulder.


Hong Kong 1 month later

Clark sat in a restaurant writing a letter to his mother, 'I've seen many new things in the last month, the world looks a lot different on the ground at normal speed. There are things out here that we never even heard of back in Smallville. I went to Greece last week and while I was flying over I saw a boat that looked like the ones used in ancient times that was loaded with what looked like women in togas and it just vanished into thin air. I would've thought I imagined it if not for the wake that followed into basically nothing.

I heard rumors that ships have disappeared around the area, like their own local Bermuda triangle. Before that I was in Africa and saw an advanced city that was populated by really hairy guys that if I didn't know better I would swear were gorillas but when I asked some of the locals about it they had no idea what I was talking about. I took a walk out to find it but couldn't find a trace of it.

I do miss you and Krypto but this trip has been good for me, I visited all the places Dad used to talk about seeing, and I've gotten a feel for how many different types of people are living and I above all people am really in no place to judge the weirder things I've found. Right now I'm sitting in Hong Kong eating some really amazing food. I've sent you some keepsakes along with this letter, I'll be home soon.

Love, Clark."

He then looked to a table across from him and saw a somewhat familiar face and leaned over, "Excuse me for asking, but are you Bruce Wayne?"

(To be continued)

I promise that's all the teen drama I'm putting in there, High schools all over from here on out.

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

But I LIKE well written teen drama!

You nailed Lana perfectly. Well, you didn`t nail her.

This is how it continues: "No, I`m not Bruce Wayne." Then he runs away.

I`m right, am I not? = P

Posted by joshmightbe

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I have a plan, trust me.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

I guess I have to...

Posted by joshmightbe

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: I'll do my best to not disappoint

Posted by batkevin74

@joshmightbe said:

He then looked to a table across from him and saw a somewhat familiar face and leaned over, "Excuse me for asking, but are you Bruce Wayne?"

The young man looked back at the man invading his space and replied with a thick Parisian accent "No!"


Posted by joshmightbe

@batkevin74: I have a plan, and I'll try to make it good

Posted by cbishop

Well, I feel left out, so...

The young man looked up, saying nothing. Taking a measure of Clark, he suddenly upended the table and threw something on the ground that obscured the immediate area with smoke. Clark easily dissipated the smoke with a puff of his breath, but that time, the man was at the far end of the street and turning the corner.

"Oh no," Clark said, "you don't get away that easily."

<shrugs> I know: I'm late to the party, and you have a plan. Added to my FF Long Box. :)