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i had an idea once for a what if where instead of adamantium the weapon x  program had used uru metal to make wolverine, would the mystical properties have any effect? and if so what would they be? i was gonna write a fan fic about it but wanted to hear others thoughts on it first

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Posted by Firebranch

I think the metal would just be stronger.

Posted by batkevin74

@joshmightbe: Ha ha ha I found where you got your own idea for Bishop Cain getting Uru embedded into himself :)

Posted by Skathatch

if the experiment would be a success (nothing less than the heat from a star, or the very forges of Asgard will provide sufficient heat to shape and mold the metal) uru metal should work and Wolverine would be, among other things the proud owner of the "magic sponge" which means that any oponent using magic can't do much.

The question on my mind is : would Magneto still be able to control Wolverine ? (normally he shouldn't, since uru metal is more..... special, not earthly at all)

Posted by TheCannon

It would be cool to see Wolverine with an uru skeleton. I like the idea.

Posted by batkevin74

@Skathatch: That's an awesome analysis

Posted by CapFanboy

@joshmightbe: Doesn't it have to be blessed by Odin or something for it to be magical?

Posted by joshmightbe

@CapFanboy: I think that only applies to Thor's hammer and it's copies

Posted by Lvenger

That's a great idea although how would the Weapon X programme have gotten hold of some Uru metal? And what if Cap's shield was made entirely of uru instead of just having uru enhancements like it currently does? I think that would be awesome too.

Posted by CapFanboy

@joshmightbe said:

@CapFanboy: I think that only applies to Thor's hammer and it's copies

Ahh ok

Posted by kamrenamir

@Skathatch: I thought you were Well. My mistake

Posted by Onemoreposter

Wouldn't it affect his healing factor since he wouldn't be constantly fighting the adamantium poisoning?

Posted by batkevin74

@Onemoreposter: Yeah he'd probably heal like almost instanteously, good point

Posted by cbishop

I should probably be flogged for not looking it up in the wiki before responding, but is uru a magical sponge, just sucking magic up and making it disappear, or is it that uru is more magically conductive? Meaning: it's more likely for a spell to stick to it. Seems like Wolvie would be more vulnerable to curses and other spells.