Marvel Iron Age: Fantastic 4 part 2

Continued from here part 1

Mary and Barry were busily setting up camp with the equipment they'd scavenged from the Al-Mar while Casey and Steve had gone to try to find some food. As Mary finished her tent she looked over, "I still don't see why we left the store. If we'd stayed put eventually some help may have come by."

Barry chuckled, "I thought you were supposed to be a genius."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

He sat down by the fire, "First, it didn't look like anything but bugs and squirrels had been near that place in a few decades. Second, if anyone showed up it would have most likely been Iron soldiers or goblins. The soldiers think we're mutants so they'd have shot on sight and if half the stories I've heard about the Goblins out in the wilds are true, I don't even want to think what they'd have done."

He noticed her annoyed expression, "Oh, that's right. Casey told me you were being groomed to work for the tin goon squad. I suppose had this been a year later you'd be designing weapons to off innocent kids who were born different instead of running from them."

"What, are you a Spider?"

He shook his head, "No, I just know tyranny when I see it."

"They're just doing their job."

He chuckled again, "Yea, they were doing their job when one of those tin men shot my brother for the hell of it and then called him a terrorist. A twelve year old terrorist."

Mary fell silent.


About a half mile away from the camp Steve and Casey were wandering down a broken bit of road as they looked for food. Casey was thinking out loud, "Mary must be pretty messed up over being shot at by soldiers. She was always the good kid who follows all the rules, total cliche' straight A student."

Steve chuckled, "Probably shouldn't have left her with Barry then, they'll probably be at each other's throats when we get back. He thinks the Iron army is the scourge of the Earth."

Casey looked over realizing she spoke out loud, "Wasn't his brother like a criminal or something?"

"They claimed he was a terrorist, if you ask me it was just some soldier on a power trip."

She shrugged as he continued, "So what's your opinion on them? Never heard you say much of anything on the subject."

"I never really thought about it until one shot me, so I'm kind of biased here."

Steve started to say something but a man in ragged clothes bearing a Goblin insignia stepped out. He gave a hateful grin showing yellowing teeth, "Hey boys, I found a nice piece of fresh meat."

A few of his cohorts followed over. One nudged his friend, "Hey, Bobby, there's a piece for you too."

Bobby then slugged his friend.

Steve stepped in front of Casey, "We don't want any trouble here guys, we're just looking for something to eat."

One of them made a rude gesture while eyeing Casey, "I got something she can eat."

Casey gritted her teeth and shoved Steve out of the way. The man who'd made the gesture chuckled as she marched toward him. Without a word she punched him in the face, shattering his jaw and sending several rotten teeth flying. Steve looked past the trees and realized they had just stumbled into a small Goblin camp. A dozen or so more came running as Casey knocked another to the ground.

Steve was trying not to panic as he almost instinctively burst into blue flame. Flames then radiated off him setting many trees ablaze. The Goblins assumed they were out matched, not realizing Steve had done this by accident. They ran away from the two leaving their unconscious comrades.

Casey then kissed Steve, "Thanks, babe. Look they left their food behind."

Steve stood, still a bit shaken, "Awesome, can we go now."

She chuckled.


Steve and Casey arrived back at the campsite but were stopped by a large wall of ice. Casey shouted, "Hey, you guys in there."

Mary shouted back, "Sorry, had made the entrance yet. The ice in front of you is thin."

Casey put a fist through it and Steve followed her in. Mary had a bit of a smile, "Been trying to figure out my powers, thought the wall would give us a little bit of security."

Steve sat down his pack, "We hit the jackpot."

He looked to Mary, "Where's Barry?"

"Look up, man."

The voice rang out all around him as Steve noticed the thick cloud of smoke that was Barry, "I got bored, wanted to see what I can do. This is actually pretty cool, I can see, here and talk through my whole body all at once in this form. Never knew how limiting heads were before."

Casey yelled up, "I can't do anything fancy like that but I did knock the stark out of a couple of Goblins."

Mary drew Casey's attention, "Look at this."

She placed her hands on the ice wall and seemed to sink into it. She then popped out on the other side of her sister," It feels weird, don't really know how to describe it."

Casey then looked to Steve, "Why don't you see if there's anything else you can do?"

Steve shook his head, "Maybe later."


The next day Mary found Casey out side the slightly melted ice wall. Casey looked excited, "I was doing my exercises..."

"You were doing your gymnastics now?"

"Just listen, I was doing them and then I went for a jump and over shot my target by about a few hundred feet."

Mary's eyes widened as Casey jumped up to show her new gift. She shot up a few hundred feet in the air, "I can jump like a Hulk."

Mary seemed lost in thought for a second, "Its too bad we don't have a track, given your size and relative strength I'd say you should be able to run much faster than you used to. I mean you won't be making sonic booms..."

Casey cut her off, "Maybe we can find a stretch of road and check it out."

She then looked through the ice entrance and saw Steve looking uncomfortable, "We need to do something about him."

Mary nodded, "He seems a bit scared of his power."

"I can fix that."


Mary and Casey had discussed the issue with Barry so he told them about a broken down old overpass he saw a quarter mile from there camp and Casey had brought Steve there. Barry waited beneath as Casey took Steve to the edge of the broken pavement, "Steve, have you ever heard of the old fashioned method of teaching kids to swim?"

His eyes went wide as Casey's hand was on his back, "Wai..."

She gave him a shove and Barry moved to be ready to catch him if this didn't work. About ten feet from the ground Steve burst into flame and shot up into the air. He was a bit freaked out but then he noticed how far up he was. He flew down hovering above Casey, "Never do that again."

She looked up with a grin, "Baby, you're flying."

He looked down,"Yea."

"How does it feel?"

"Starking Awesome."

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Fantastic 4 part 1

Read this first Nemesis part 5


Mary Milton, a young genius who at 17 was the youngest person to ever graduate from her University, she was being groomed by Ferrum's scientific research division and was considered one of the most intelligent people of her generation but at the moment she was feeling awkward and out of place.

She had returned home after graduating to ponder what path her career should follow. Her twin sister Casey was just starting her senior year in high school. Tonight after much goading Casey had convinced her sister to come out with her and her boy friend Steve Carlin, a Senior, a jock who Mary considered almost child like but he was a nice enough guy who treated her sister well.

Steve brought along his best friend Barry Orwell per Casey's request so Mary wouldn't feel like a third wheel. Barry was a bit of a slacker and only really agreed because he had nothing better to do. That night Steve took them to a place he loved to hang out, it was an old warehouse his father owned that was currently being used for a gaming tournament. They waited until the contestants had all left but Steve knew the equipment would remain till morning so he'd decided to hang here for the night.

They played games until late in the night and ended up falling asleep in the employee lounge while watching late night TV. They slept right through the evacuation notice given by the Supreme Commander of the Iron Army himself at 3 in the morning.

Mary was the first to wake. She looked at her watch and shook Casey, "You're going to be late for school."

Casey shot up, "Crap, Steve I need a ride."

The four of them wandered out. Barry was the first to point out how eerily quiet the city was this morning, "Anyone else getting a zombie apocalypse vibe here?"

Steve gave a chuckle, "Its just early man, this part of town is always dead around now."

He then looked around, "But shouldn't the guys coming to load up the game stuff be here by now?"

They drove out a little and saw the streets were empty, no buses or morning commuters were around and the school parking lot was empty. Finally Steve turned on the radio and all they heard was the evac order on repeat. Mary leaned over the front, "We should probably do what it says."

Everyone in the car was in agreement but suddenly the car shook and died along with all their phones and Mary's watch. Mary looked out the rear window while thinking out loud,"We seem to have been hit with an EMP."

Casey ordered them all out, "Let's see if we can find a left over patrol to get us out."

As they walked something that looked like a comet shot up through the street in front of them an stopped in the air. There was a roar like scream from the sky and Mary turned to the other three,"Run."

An energy burst appeared and rapidly followed, unknown to them at the time, they absorbed a large amount of residual cosmic radiation before the actual blast hit. Casey screamed as Steve began to burn from the heat and suddenly a force field wrapped around them.

As the energy faded Casey held Steve hoping he wasn't dead as the Inhuman Silver Bolt landed looking mortified with himself, "I apologize, I assumed the city was empty."

They looked on him with horror but he waved a hand healing any damage the attack had done to them but he was unaware of the residual radiation they'd absorbed. He shot off in the air leaving the four of them alone in the crater formerly known as Chicago.


They walked for a few hours before seeing anyone, finally they came across a small patrol of Iron soldiers. Mary walked up, "Could you help us?"

A soldier turned and aimed a repulser at them, "I-Dent, now."

None of them had remembered to bring one so without hesitation one fired a shot that hit Casey right in the chest. She looked down in shock at her torn shirt but felt no pain as the soldier yelled, "We got a mutant."

They knew that meant the were about to die so they ran. The soldiers started to give chase but were called away.


A few hours later they wandered into an abandoned town Mary was annoying Casey by rubbing a finger down her arm, "You're skin is like marble, maybe you absorbed some radiation in the blast that mutated you."

Casey swatted her hand, "Can you keep the curiosity to yourself for a minute."

Mary rubbed her hand, "Sorry, its just...."

"Can it, lets just find a place for the night."

Barry pointed out an abandoned Al-Mar, "My dad was right, they are everywhere."

Steve and Barry tried to move a heavy slab of fallen rock from the entrance. Casey and Mary went to help them but when Casey pushed it flew off a few yards, "Oh, what the stark."


They explored a bit when Barry yelled, "Hey they have some Stormwear, maybe Casey could make a super suit out of it."

She gave him a wary look, "Ha, ha."

She then noticed Steve looking uncomfortable, "What's wrong babe?"

"Is it hot in here?"

She shook her head, "Not really."

Mary noticed him sweating a bit and went to feel his head but pulled back her hand, "Ow."

A bit of a haze seemed to form around him, then he suddenly lit up in blue flame around his body that burned away his clothing. The other three looked on in shock but as Steve began to freak out Casey and Mary tried to calm him down. As he relaxed the flames went away leaving him standing naked in front of them. Mary shouted to Barry, "Bring over some of that Stormwear."

Casey gave her an annoyed look as Mary shrugged, "Its unstable molecules, they're fireproof."


As the sun went down they sat around a small barrel fire Steve had started while trying to see how to turn his new power off and on. Barry was grumbling about being hungry when he suddenly appeared to be smoking. He looked over to Steve, "Are you burning me?"

"Its not me man."

He jumped up to see where the smoke was coming from but suddenly found himself floating in a semi-solid smoke form, "Well, I guess I need a super suit too."

As she looked on the three of them Mary suddenly became very worried about what might happen to her.

After a while they all managed to fall asleep.


In the morning Casey woke Steve and Barry up in a panic, "I don't know what happened!"

They looked to see Mary in a block of ice. As they looked on in shock Mary seemed to wake up and the ice broke down and she pulled herself free, she was fascinated.

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Nemesis part 5

Continued from here part 4

Beneath the streets of Chicago

David walks with 7, "So this symbiote bonded internally?"

7 shrugged, "Who knows what Sinister did to Carnage while he held him. It's likely its spawn was somehow mutated. Perhaps it just needs more time to grow than usual."

Walker turned back to them, "You boys want to speed it up a bit, we're behind enemy lines here."

7 nodded, "I'm aware of where we are, the Eternal Makkari was once held around here. They used to have a whole squadron of Creeds down here to protect it."

Nathan looked back, "We're looking for the replacement battery."

King Adder walked at the head of the group using his senses that were superior to even 7's to try to detect any threats. He held up a hand and whispered back, "There is something moving this way, I believe its a machine of some kind."

Doom pulled out a small device that flew ahead to see what it could be, "Ahh, hell."

Vadim looked to him, "Problem?"

The machine then rounded the corner as Doom explained, "How well do you know your history?"

Walker stepped closer to him, "Why?"

"They call that, Ultimo."

There was an energy blast from the machine that King Adder barely dodged. It hit Vadim in the chest and sent him into a wall. Doom raised a telekinetic shield as he came closer activating automated guns that unloaded on the crew.

They all fell back behind the shield as 7 looked Ultimo over, "Seems more advanced than the usual Iron tech."

"Its not from Earth."

7 grinned a bit, "I'd like a closer look."

"This thing has fought Thor."

7 shrugged and looked at Vadim, "Are you injured?"

The stone skinned man stood, "Only my pride."

"Great, you're coming with me."

Vadim walked ahead of 7 letting the bullets bounce harmlessly off him and dodging the few shots from Ultimo has the machine moved into striking distance. He looked down and gave a nod as 7 slipped away.

Ultimo smashed a fist into Vadim's face sending him back a step but he returned the strike denting the machine's face plate as it fell back 7 jumped on its back and sliced into the head with his adamantium blade to open it up. Ultimo slung 7 off and moved to attack but Vadim continued pounding as 7 moved back and attached a device inside the machine's head. It suddenly stopped its fight with Vadim and blasted the gun turrets down.

Vadim looked to 7 who had a hard light display coming from his gauntlet as he yelled back to the group, "We've acquired a tour guide."

Walker looked to David, "When did he get a sense of humor?"

"He's trying new things."


As the group followed along behind Ultimo who 7 was using to disable defenses David marched alongside Doom, "So who's the battery now? I assume its a who anyway."

"While I was updating files to the armor I stumbled across a bit of intel. Apparently there's a story of a guy who showed up after I went under, the youngest son of Black Bolt and last remaining Inhuman on Earth. He had the ability to control the power cosmic granted by the terrigen mists. Rumor was he was immortal as well. His name was Norrin Boltagon, his father named him after the Surfer."

The team stopped and looked at Doom as if he were insane as David burst out laughing, "You're having us chase after Silver Bolt?"

Doom gave a nod as he continued, "Okay then, next up Santa Claus."

Ultimo then swung a vault door open and the team looked on in awe as Doom patted David on the shoulder, "Ho, ho, ho."

Walker stammered, "He's supposed to be a myth, like Paul Bunyun or something."

Doom then telekinetically shattered the couplings attaching the man to the machine, "Body slide by 7"

Silver Bolt dropped to the ground and looked up with pure rage in his eyes as Ultimo stared on blankly.


Above ground Strye read the message on the block formerly known as Ferrum HQ visibly shaking with rage when he noticed how empty the streets were, "Where are all the people?"

His assistant fearfully spoke, "They obeyed the general evac order."

"Who ordered that?"

"Um... you did sir."

He gave her a look of confusion before noticing the power going down around him, "Oh, sh...."

He had teleported away before his word ended leaving a few confused looking employees who's last sight was a blinding white light.

Silver Bolt tore through the ground with a furious roar. A powerful wave of cosmic energy shot out from his body in every direction. The city of Chicago was completely obliterated. His rage quieted for a moment as he heard some screams. He reached out and put a force field around four fleeing teenagers but it wasn't in time to prevent them from soaking up a bit of residual cosmic radiation.

He landed in front of them as the energy faded, "I apologize, for this. I had assumed the city was cleared."

They looked on in terror of the god like being before them but he leaned down and healed their injuries before launching into the air. The four stood looking stunned at the crater that had once been their home city.

Doom and his team watched a monitor as Silver Bolt destroyed the city. All but Nathan looked on in shock as Walker spoke up,"Now what are we going to do about him?"

Doom shrugged, "Nothing, he's free to do as he pleases now. The important part is the scar we just gave the Iron army. Their capital is down, he can't sweep that under the rug."

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Nemesis part 4

Continued from here part 3

Nation of the plains, Arizona

The transport carrying Doom's crew landed just outside the main living area and were met by several men with guns aimed at them.

Nathan removed his helmet and walked out with his hands up, "We mean no harm, I just need to access something. Despite how I look I am not your enemy."

A man named Edgar stepped up, "You have any medical equipment on that ship?"

Nathan nodded, "Yea, what's the problem?"


Moments later they stood over a comatose Bethany Warhorse, "We don't know what happened, she's been like this for months. Every once in a while she wakes up to scream for a while but she always goes right back."

Nathan leaned over and looked into her mind. He turned to Edgar, "Someone has opened her mind to Hell. He sat down beside the bed and attempted to fix the problem."


An hour later Bethany sat up and looked to him, "Thank you, it was like a nightmare that wouldn't end."

Nathan rose, "I can't promise you won't be scarred but you can thank me by letting me and my team to access the tunnels under here."


Later the group followed into a hidden location. Nathan turned, "This used to be an X-force hide out, The Nation being here is probably the only reason the Iron army didn't find it."

He opened up the armory as he looked to Bethany, "These weapons were made in a timeline that may or may not exist anymore."

He lifted one of the guns and handed it to Bethany, "An Iron soldiers armor can't stop this, it'd be like trying to stop a shot gun blast with toilet paper. Your people can have all of it in exchange for letting my team use this place as an HQ. I can activate my teleport station here so no one will be able to follow us back."

Bethany handed it to Edgar, "How do they work?"

"Same as a regular gun, but you gotta let it cool down after ten shots, it starts to get hot you throw it at the bad guys and run like hell."

Bethany looks on at the guns and grenades and various other weapons that filled the large room, "If we'd known this was down here, the world would be a lot different for us."

Nathan then walked to a drawer and pulled out six arm bands. He handed one to 7, "I assume you're coming along for the ride?"

7 nodded as did David. He then looked to Agent Walker, "Shield has put you under my command for the time being."

She sighed, "Not a problem, it would've been nice if they told me but her majesty doesn't seem to care much what us little people think anymore."

Nathan nodded, "She did look to be getting pretty comfortable in that throne, but she knows what she's doing."

He then looked to the group, "You activate the teleport by saying body slide, it'll bring you here or to the transport."

7 looked at it, "I can fix that."

The rest stared at him, "Its easy, you just have to move a few...."

David interrupted, "No one here is gonna understand a word of that explanation."

Vadim looked down on David, "You know we may be marching to our death?"

David looked up, "And that makes it different than any other day how? What others call a horrifying near death experience, I call Wednesday. I'm not scarred, well that's not true."

He pointed to Vadim and King Adder, "You two are making me nervous and skull face over there is scarring the hell out of me. What's your name?"

He looked over, "Agony."

"Yeah that doesn't help at all. Can I call you like Sparkles or something less threatening?"

7 shook his head, "David, its time to stop talking now."

"It was time to stop two sentences ago."

Nathan stood and put the helmet back on and turned to Bethany, "If anyone asks who gave you these weapons tell them it was Doom. As far as the world is concerned that's my name."

He then turned back to the team, "From here on out, you are soldiers of Doom. As such you will help me end the reign of the Supreme Commander, this is our only mission. You're free to leave whenever you want but I will not stop until I'm dead or he is. Understood."

The group nodded.


2 am Chicago

Doom stands on a building across from Ferrum HQ. He hits his comm, "Any staff inside?"

David answered back, "Nothing but cleaning units and security drones, you're all clear."

He nodded and held out his hand.

The few people on the street stared in shock as the Jewel of Ferrum corp seemed to collapse in on itself and was condensed into a block as if it had come out of a car crusher. Agent Walker then charged her blades and carved a message into the block as written for her in the language of the Clan Akkaba, known only to Cable and Stryfe currently.

David looked to 7,"Yup, that'll piss him off."

(To be continued)


Bruce part 5

Continued from here part 4

Deinville, France 1995

Ducard had ordered Bruce and Morgan to give him a distraction to allow him to get inside the building so the crept down along a line of trees with several explosives. When they drew near the two crawled along the ground planting the bombs on the cars in the drive way.

Henri waited near the back of the house. Hassan discussed some business with Ras Al Ghul in the house while this was going on. Ras excused himself as a voice came over a hidden ear piece. As he walked from the room one of his men spoke through the comm, "We have two intruders."

"Observe them, Hassan is not a popular man. No sense in us getting involved if they've come for him."

The man on the other end lowered the rifle aimed at Hassan's head and turned the scope to watch as Bruce and Morgan finished there work. As they went back to the trees Morgan activated the detonator. Bruce barely made it away in time before he saw Morgan chuckle, "Need to be quicker on your feet rich boy."

As guards ran out Bruce and Morgan slunk past them unnoticed. As they entered the house Morgan was spotted but Bruce caught the man and choked him out before he could raise any alarms. Morgan gave a gruff sigh and the two split up to clear the house.

Henri had slipped in as the rear guards ran to see what the commotion was up front. One remained and almost caught him but Henri grabbed him from behind and slit his throat.

Ras' assassins watched this all in silence as Bruce went through silently knocking guards out as Morgan and Henri were killing the ones they came across. Ras sat calmly on the couch as Hassan became nervous and frustrated by the men disappearing around the house. Over the comm his man informed, "They seem skilled, one of them even has potential as a member of the league in my opinion."

As the last of Hassan's men were dispatched Ras got up, "Seems you have other matters to attend to."

He then walked to exit as Henri came in the back way with a gun trained on Hassan. Morgan came through the door as Ras moved to leave, he gave the boy a polite nod, "Your task seems nearly complete."

Morgan looked on confused as Ras and his two men walked past him. Bruce came in from the side just in time to see Henri put a bullet in Hassan's head as he knelt on the floor begging to be spared. Bruce was shocked by this, Henri had for the last six months repeatedly told Bruce he intended to bring this man to justice. This felt like a betrayal. He noted Morgan standing with blood on his hands and he realized the only person interested in justice here was him.

Henri walked past Bruce and patted him on the shoulder, "Thanks, kid couldn't have done it without you."

Outside a helicopter picked up Ras and his men, he turned to his sniper,"I need a word with the one you claimed had potential, he managed to evade my notice. Its been a very long time since that's happened."


Back at Ducard's house.

Bruce had his bags half packed when Henri walked in, "Morgan tells me you're thinking about leaving."

Bruce glared at him, "You said this was for justice."

"Hassan got what he deserved."

Bruce gritted his teeth, "I didn't sign on to be judge, jury and executioner."

Henri started to speak but dropped it knowing it would get him nowhere.

As he left he stopped by Morgan, "I need you to make sure he keeps this to himself."


The next day Bruce was walking toward the train station when he felt a gun in his back. Bruce didn't look bad, "So your father wants me dead?"

"No especially, he just wanted me to talk you out of going to the authorities. I just prefer a guarantee."

Bruce gritted his teeth, "I had no intention of sending Henri to prison, I owe him that much."

Morgan shrugged, "Best to be on the safe side."

Bruce quickly turned and punched Morgan in the throat before throwing him to the ground and taking his gun. He then pulled out the clip and took the bullet out of the chamber and tossed the gun back to Morgan, "We're done here."


Bruce was within sight of the train station when a dart hit him in the neck, the last thing he saw was a black bag going over his head.


He woke up groggily on a mat on a floor across from a man leaning against a wall. He pulled himself up, "Where am I?"

The old man looked over, "This is a prison, controlled by the League of Assassins. I believe they intend to recruit you."

Bruce was still dizzy from the tranquilizer but managed to get to his feet, "And you are?"

"Kirigi, Ra's al Ghul wanted me to train his men. He doesn't take no very well."

Bruce rubbed his neck where the dart struck, "Should have seen them coming."

"Few would. There are none better at the art of slinking in the shadows."

Bruce looked on the guards, "That could be a useful skill."

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Nemesis part 3

Continued from here part 2 and here Hardy and Creed Vol.2 part 5

Lima, Ohio

Creed 7, along with David Hardy and Shield agent Beth Walker sat watching over the camp of Exodus' Brotherhood. They intended to disable a super weapon one of the members had built. Before they began their approach the camp seemed to erupt in chaos.

Two large men, one reptilian and the other with rock like skin plowed through the angry mutants. 7 grabbed his binoculars and saw a man dressed as Dr. Doom having a stand off with Exodus over the mutant Killswitch's armor.


Chechyen DMZ 24 hours earlier.

Nathan Summers, the mutant formerly known as Cable and current bearer of the mantle of Doom walks into a building that had just finished construction. He stepped in a room that seemed to be a throne room where Ares sat, "Living in a temple now?"

Ares looked down, "Make it fast Askani, I'm busy."

"Been quite some time since I've heard that name, I'd almost forgotten the annoyance of the four middle names."

Ares rolled his eyes, "I don't know you well enough to reminisce, and I don't have time to make a new friend. Spit it out."

"I need a few volunteers, frankly the more frightening the better."

"For what?"

"To help me kill my clone."

Ares hit a button that activated a comm, "Assemble the men, I need to ask them a favor."


Twenty minutes later the new Doom stood next to the war god looking over some of the most vicious looking mutants and soldiers he'd ever seen. Ares asked for three men willing to follow Summers to America to strike at the heart of the Iron army. The men all volunteered without hesitation. Doom shrugged, "I guess I'll need to pick."

He stepped up to the reptilian beast known as King Adder, "You'll do fine."

The stone skinned Vadim stepped up, "You will choose me."

He looked the man over, "You sure?"

"It was not a question, little man, I am strongest man here."

He nodded then noticed a man in a hooded cloak that even the monsters around him seemed nervous of despite his scrawny appearance, "What is your name?"

"In your language it translates to Agony."

He grinned under the mask, "I have my volunteers."


Lima, Ohio, now

As Vadim and Adder fought on a few dozen of Exodus' men surrounded Agony as he dropped his cloak revealing a pitch black skull like face and his skinny, yet muscular frame. At the ends of his fingers were talon like claws. He gave a hellish grin as the men ran forward. He slashed one across the chest and then began tearing through the ranks leaving nicks and cuts on all of them as he easily deflected and avoided all their attacks.

Finally he stepped away from them as they fell over screaming in pain.

From a broken down building overlooking the fight David adjusted his goggles, "Three of them are wearing the symbol of Ares."

Walker looked over impatiently, "So their on our side?"

7 nodded, "Awesome, lets fight."

She charged out ahead as 7 and David shrugged and followed.

The mutant named Rust stood in front of Vadim, "You chose the wrong man to come at, stone man."

Rust slapped his hands against Vadim's chest, "I can erode stone."

Vadim shook his head, "I'm not made of stone, It just looks it."

He then swatted him away like a gnat, "Idiot."

7 and Walker attacked ferociously as David attempted to defend himself from the assault. A large mutant shoved him to the ground, "You should have stayed hidden, flatscan."

David stood up, "I'll die on my feet."

He then punched him not expecting to have any impact but the mutant dropped like a stone.

He then hit another who came at him sending the man flying, "Not sure what the hell is happening here but I ain't complaining."

He then felt a tingling in the back of his mind and instinctively dodged an attack from behind.

Across the field Exodus faced off with Doom, "I'm more powerful than you Dayspring."

He sent out a burst of telekenetic force that pushed his enemy back but Doom sent out a burst of his own of equal power along with a telepathic attack that put Exodus off balance as Agony jumped on his back digging his claws in.

Exodus tossed him away but suddenly felt as if every nerve in him was on fire. He fell down in a screaming heap as Doom telekentically ripped kill switch from the armor and placed a small teleportaion device on it. He then activated a comm in his helmet, "Tell Danvers, her weapon in en route. And no more side jobs, I have a mission to accomplish."

He then looked to his team and the three who had joined the fray, "Body slide by seven."

David, 7 and Walker were shocked to find themselves in a New Latverian transport ship along with Doom and his men. He came over to David, "You seem to be carrying a stow away."

David looked on curiously as 7 spoke up, "Perhaps a bit of Carnage stayed with you from Asgard."

Summers removed his helmet causing 7 and company to get nervous but Vadim patted 7 on the shoulder, "He is not the enemy, he just shares his face."

"A clone?"

Nathan glared, "He's the clone, I'm the original and soon to be only. As for the spider here, its not the Carnage symbiote, its young, infantile."

7 stepped over next to him in front of David, "An offspring?"

Before the conversation could continued Walker cleared her throat, "This is all fascinating and all, but could someone explain what the hell is going on?"

(To be continued)


Bruce part 4

Continued from here part 3

Paris, France 1995

A man named Henri Ducard was sitting on a roof top watching a boy walk into an alley. The kid had impressed him by being able to track him down so he wanted to see how good he was. His son Morgan waited for him in the alley.

Bruce had been looking for people to teach him certain skills, in his travels he'd learned of a world renowned manhunter, said to be the best detective in the world. Bruce had learned all he could about the man and after some digging he managed to learn he currently lived here.

He stepped into the alley hoping to cut his day's walk by a few minutes on his way to the home of Henri Ducard. He noticed a shadow coming from beside a dumpster. Henri watched as Bruce silently hopped on top the dumpster Morgan hid behind, "The boy never checks his shadows."

Morgan noticed Bruce as he was standing above him and pulled a gun. Bruce stomped on his shoulder making him drop the gun but Morgan grabbed his foot and pulled him over. Bruce hit the ground hard as Morgan went back for the gun. He almost had it but Bruce kicked it under the dumpster and got to his feet. Morgan then punched Bruce hard in the face but he recovered quickly and punched him in the ribs and grabbed him in a choke hold.

Morgan struggled for a moment then lost consciousness. As he let him drop he felt a gun barrel touch the base of his skull, "You're sloppy and loud."

Bruce shrugged, "Ducard, I assume."

"Give me a good reason not to pull the trigger."

"I want you to train me."

Ducard chuckled, "Why would I do that?"

"Because I can help you find Hassan. Up till now all you've found are henchmen and stooges, I managed to acquire a list of safe houses he uses regularly."

"How'd a kid come by this?"

" A hell of a trust fund, now you want to move the gun, or just shoot me cause I'm getting a cramp."

Ducard moved the gun as he chuckled again, "Got a name kid?"

"Bruce Wayne", he put out his hand and Ducard took it, "Henri Ducard, and the boy you knocked out is my son, Morgan."

Morgan pulled himself up, "Are we done?"

Henri and Bruce nodded and helped him to his feet.


A small cottage outside Dienville, France six months later.

Ducard sat outside in a chair with a glass of wine and a stop watch as he waited. As he took a sip Bruce put a hand on his shoulder, "Bout time, I dropped you boys off in Lyon three days ago."

Bruce walked around, "You've been running a stop watch for three days?"

"Its for show, I wanted to come off like one of those hardened mentors in the American films."

"You fit the part."

Bruce sat down in the chair next to him, tired from his run to the cottage. Ducard offered wine but Bruce shook his head as he opened a bottle of water.


A few hours later as Bruce and Ducard sat down to dinner Morgan wandered in and reached for a wine bottle. Henri snatched it away, "Wine is for winners."

He then put a can of soda down in front of a scowling Morgan, "You can have a man's drink when you become one."

Bruce stared intently at his plate as father and son glared at each other. Morgan looked to Bruce, "He couldn't have beat me by much."

Bruce shrugged, "Only eight hours, give or take."

Henri dropped into his chair, "Your tracking skills are still wanting but your good in a fight, I'll be needing you tomorrow."

Morgan turned, "For?"

"Hassan will be at his safe house here, I'll need you to help me get in."


Bruce, Morgan and Henri watched as cars pulled up to Hassan's house. Hassan's men looked nervous as a man stepped out of the lead car. Henri's eyes went wide, "We're going to have to wait."

Morgan was shocked, "Why, he's right there?"

Henri handed him the binoculars and pointed, "Do you know who that is?"

"That's Ra's Al Ghul, if he's here something you can't handle is about to go down."

Bruce gritted his teeth, "We can handle ourselves. You won't get this close again for quite some time."

Henri sighed, "Fine, but you follow my lead. I'm not dying because you can't keep up."

(To be continued.)


Marvel Iron Age: Nemesis part 2

Continued from here part 1

Doomstadt, New Latveria. Castle Doom labs

The man who'd arrived in the box stood before a mirror as some upset looking servants. He looked down to one, "I never had many encounters with your master but there was a time when I considered him an enemy. I will say he was cunning and cruel but seemed far more honorable than most and he went out as a hero, I promise I will not sully his memory and will do my best to honor his name."

The servants seemed to ease up a bit as one handed over the helmet, "You are a bit larger than the master so a few adjustments had to be made."

He took the helmet, "It fits well enough."

He looked over the armor in the mirror, "Its time to make my introductions."


New York City, Time Square

The Supreme Commander had ordered a public execution of four men who'd been caught with illegal armor impersonating Dr. Doom. He had decided to attend personally as a display of power. He looked on as a line of Iron soldiers took aim at the men, one named Sergei stepped forward, "Lets get it over with you cowards."

Stryfe shrugged, "You heard the man."

They charged their repulsers and readied to fire when they were suddenly ripped from the ground into the air where they were crushed by some invisible force. A man dressed in Doom's armor lands in front of the men and raises a hand to them. They were stunned as their shackles tore free of them.

He then began walking toward the Supreme Commander as more soldiers arrived, they were hurled away causing the Commander to send out a powerful wave of telekenetic force. The man sent out a wave of his own. As the forces clashed the city shook, windows for a mile around shattered and people fled as vehicles were thrown from the scene.

The man lowered his hood as he began to speak, "For two hundred years I've had nothing to do but focus and think. For men like us that is dangerous. I no longer have a virus to hold me back."

Stryfe's hand moved for his helmet but the other man removed his first. The Supreme Commander was stunned as the man glared. The few people remaining looked on in shock as Stryfe stammered out, "Nathan."

Several Generals watched on monitors in Iron Halls around the world. General Falcon Hellfitta looked at the two men, almost identical aside from one bearing a glowing eye, "What the hell is going on?"

Vision turned to the Time Square monitor at the Avengers base as Corporal America walked up beside him, "I didn't know the Supreme Commander had a brother."

Vison turned, "Not a brother, the Commander is a clone of this man."


Time Square

Stryfe was unprepared for this, he hit his teleporter and found himself in the New York Iron Hall. He shouted to the commander of the hall, "You have a new number one most wanted."

He activated the monitor, "I want that man dead, no interrogation or any delay. Its kill on sight."

He then shouted as he walked off, "The man who brings me his head becomes a general on the spot."



Thrud looks into a pool where she sees Stryfe's reaction. A demon knelled beside her, "Are you pleased my Queen?"

She gave the creature a pat on the head, "This will do quite nicely, thank you."

(To be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Nemesis part 1

Continued from here Masters Vol.2 part 11


Thrud toured her new kingdom when she came across an area where no demonic punishment was going on. She turned to her guide, "What is this place."

The guide looked on, "This is where we kept Sinister's sacrifices, most don't belong here. They suffer from the environment but most of us prefer to torture those who deserve to be here."

She nodded, "Release them, let them go where they belong."

They watched as all the souls flew into the sky. Only one remained, he lied chained to a rock despite having no arms or legs,"What of that one?"

"He's a special case, not dead. He just doesn't age here. It was part of a deal the ruler of the Iron army had with Hellstorm."

"What could a man have done to that beast to deserve this?"

The demon shrugged, "Don't know, didn't ask."

As she approached and saw him it dawned on her why Stryfe would hate him so. She leaned down as he glared up at her, "Would you like to help me take vengeance on the one who did this to you?"

He nodded, "More than you could imagine."


Doomstadt, New Latveria

Queen Carol walked into the throne room and saw a massive pile of gifts. She looked over to a servant, "What the hell is this?"

A Sheild agent stepped up, "You've never been here for Doom's Day?"

She stared blankly as the Agent continued, "Its Dr. Doom's birthday, he turned it into a national holiday. We missed it last year because the place was being blown up so they went all out this year."

"Dead men don't need birthday presents."

The agent chuckled a bit, "Ah come on, it was the one day a year where Doom actually acted like a human being. He had a big opening ceremony and threw a party for everyone who shows. Maybe if you go with it would help them see you as the real heir of Doom and stop hassling you."

She sighed, "I don't have time."

The servant stepped forward, "All preparations have been made my Queen. You will have to do no more than open the first few gifts from the pile and express you appreciation."

She shrugged, "Doom did this?"

The agent nodded, "It freaked me out, he usually seemed downright jolly at the few ceremonies I went to."

A messenger then entered with a red envelop, "A message for you, my Queen."

She opened it and rolled her eyes at the Doom's Day greeting card she then flipped it open,'From one Queen to another, I give a weapon most effective. It arrives tonight.'

She looked to the messenger, "Who sent this?"

He shrugged, "Some monstrous looking creature, I assume he was from the DMZ."

"Does the DMZ have a Queen?"

The agent shrugged, "Maybe. I don't know."


Chicago Iron Hall

The Supreme Commander paced across the room as one of his mystic advisers spoke, "I'm sorry sir, all demons are forbidden to aid you in any way, this does reduce your mystical protection but we can..."

The man then hit the floor as Stryfe turned to see Mephisto leaning over the desk with the adviser's broken neck in his hand, "Sorry, I had to kill someone and he was closer."

Stryfe glared, "I was under the impression you would help me."

"Intended to but Hell got a new Queen and the b**ch isn't messing around."

He then grinned, "How about a peace offering, you need help with magic, I excel in the area. I offer my services, oh and this."

He snapped his fingers and the Destroyer appeared before them, "I assume you could find some use for it."


Doomstadt, New Latveria

Queen Carol sat on a platform in front of her people and was to her surprise actually enjoying herself. She found it nice to be cheered for once as she opened a stack of gifts that were increasingly ridiculous. It occurred to her that either this was proof Doom had a sense of humor or his loyal people were pranking her.

Suddenly the crowd went silent as a massive black metal box appeared in the middle of them. She walked down to look it over and noticed a small demonic figure giving a bow, "A gift from my Queen Thrud to aid you against the Iron menace that plagues you so."

The creature disappeared in a puff of brimstone and the front of the box fell open to reveal the angry man inside. Carol's eyes went wide at the sight."

(To be continued)


Bruce part 3

Continued from here part 2

Wayne Manor, 1993

Alfred stands before an annoyed Bruce in a tuxedo, "I'm not doing this."

Alfred crossed his arms, "Its tradition, this is Wayne Manor and you are a Wayne."

"I have no interest in Christmas parties."

Alfred raised an eye brow, "The Wayne Foundation Christmas gala has happened every year since your Grand Father established it, and you've missed four. Now you are going, you will be polite and smile, and if at all possible you will have a good time. Understood?"



As guests begin to arrive Alfred stands beside a maid looking on Bruce, "If I didn't know any better it would look as though he actually wanted to be here."

The maid nodded, "He does have that fake smile down."

Alfred then went to answer the door and called Bruce over, "Master Bruce, allow me to introduce Robert and Moira Queen and their son Oliver. Bruce shook their hands and greeted them as Robert and Moira went off to mingle. The two boys stood in awkward silence for a second before Oliver shrugged, "So you got this house all to yourself? Looks like an awesome party pad."

Bruce's eyes narrowed a bit, "Not big on parties."

Oliver then gave an uncomfortable fake laugh, "This must be hell for you then."

The awkward silence returned for a second before Oliver broke it, "I'm... gonna go over there."

Bruce nodded and the two walked away in different directions, Oliver muttered under his breath, "Weirdo."

Bruce gave a shrug, "Douche."

Bruce then noticed a boy named Tommy Elliot who gave a passing glare. Bruce sighed remembering they used to be friends before Tommy's dad died, since then Tommy stopped having anything to do with him. Bruce had attempted to reconnect with him after his own parent's death but that just seemed to make it worse.

He shrugged and walked over to greet more guests.


As the last of the guests left Bruce dropped his smile and gave a sigh as Alfred came up, "You have a remarkable poker face my boy, perhaps I should take you to Las Vegas when you're old enough."

Bruce gave an annoyed look, "Ha, Ha."

He then dropped down on the couch and flipped on the TV as a channel was doing a special on UFOs. The narrator spoke, "In 1980 some believe a mysterious object crashed down on this farm in the town of Smallville Kansas, the Kents refused to allow our cameras on their land. Do they have something to hide?"

Bruce rolled his eyes as he flipped the channel, "People will believe anything now days."


GCPD station house, 1994

Sargent Harvey Bullock looked down on Bruce Wayne, "Its the third time this month, kids your age are supposed to be out partying and getting us called on them not hoping on ride a longs every other Thursday."

His superior officer glared as Bullock shrugged, "You're lucky you're a rich kid."

"I just want to see how you catch crooks."

Bullock laughed, "You ain't gonna see that on a guided tour kid. Hell you probably ain't gonna come within five miles of an actual crime scene while you're living up in that mansion."

Bruce nodded, "You know what, you're right. Sorry for wasting your time Sargent."

Bullock looked to his annoyed superior, "What?"


Wayne Manor a month later

Alfred marched into Bruce's room, "So what did you need to tell me?"

Bruce handed him a slip of paper, "I have enough credits to graduate early, I need a legal guardian's signature to go ahead with it."

Alfred smiled, "I'd throw you a party but I know..."

He looked over to Bruce's bed and saw a half packed suit case, "Are you planning a trip?"

Bruce nodded, "I'm heading to Europe for a while, then Asia."

"We're you planning on telling me before hand?"

Bruce sighed, "I have a lot to learn and I can't do it here."

"I don't doubt the experience will be good for you, but you're 15."

Bruce put a hand on his shoulder, "I'll be sure to write when I can but I need to do this."

Alfred saw his serious expression, "I'll arrange some reservations."

Bruce shook his head, "Its all taken care of. I know exactly what I'm doing."

(To be continued)