Wolves- Prologue

My name is Josef most people call me Joe, I am a werewolf. Before I start my story I feel I should clear up a few misconceptions. The full moon has nothing to do with our change nor is being a werewolf some horrible curse, we can turn humans into our kind but a lot of us, myself included were born this way. Secondly, this whole thing were it's thought that we're just normal people when not in wolf form, not true. We have all the attributes associated with our kind at all times the change just amplifies them. Next, silver bullets, they hurt like hell but won't kill us. We can only die by having our heads removed or being burned to ash. Recent movies and books have been pretty spot on about our feelings toward vampires, some scientist who researches our kind proved that there is actually a chemical response in our brains that makes it biologically impossible for us to feel anything but animosity toward them.

We aren't some wild beasts living on the out skirts of society, we live among you, we do have our own culture with laws and customs. It's my job to make sure my kind obeys those laws. I am an enforcer, basically the werewolf version of a cop which tends to be a little more intense than the human kind. Currently I'm on the hunt for one of my kind whose been killing humans which has been a serious no no for our kind for hundreds of years due to humanity's tendency to blame all of us for the actions of a few and get all lynch mobby.


Marvel's Superman part 2

Hope, Kansas 13 years later

Jonathan and Martha Kent entered their house and found burn marks on the walls, they followed the marks up to Clark's room where they found the boy crying in the corner. Clark looks up to his father and says, "Dad, I think I'm a mutant." Jonathan looks over to Martha and tells her,"It's time."

They took Clark to the barn and swept aside the dirt and hay covering a door in the barn door. Jonathan opened it to reveal the dusty ship his son had arrived in, he opened it and took out a small device. He told Clark it had activated the night they found him, it was a recording from his birth father asking who ever found the child to take care of him and that this device would tell him all there was to know about where he came from. Jonathan and Martha left the boy alone in the barn. A few hours later they went in to check on him and found him floating about 10 feet off the ground. Clark looked back happily at his parents shouting, "I can fly!"

New York City, 5 years later. Daily Bugle building

Clark had just finished up at Columbia University where he'd majored in journalism and today he had his first job interview with J. Jonah Jameson.He was alone on the elevator with a young free lance photographer named Peter Parker who'd become fairly well known for his pictures of Spiderman. Clark told Peter this was his first real job interview since he worked at the Hope, Kansas Dairy Queen and that he was nervous. Peter told him that JJJ was a blow hard, but his bark was worse that his bite.

JJJ's office

He stares at Clark's portfolio with disinterest as Robbie Robertson entered. He informed Jonah that Clark came with a laundry list of great references including their own reporter Ben Urich who had told Robbie "This boy is going to get a Pulitzer someday." After a few minutes of posturing JJJ offered Clark an entry level job that he gladly took. Clark passed Peter on his way out and gave him a nod as he went into Jonah's office saying he got some good shots of a new Super hero in town along with some of his Spiderman photos.


Marvel's Superman part 1

Krypton was one of the few worlds capable of defending itself from all conquerors. The planet was home to the most advanced civilization in all the universe but these people kept themselves isolated. They had long since banned all off world travel. For years they kept to themselves to the point of refusing to even acknowledge life away from Krypton, when a respected scientist called Jor-El began desperately trying to warn the planet of the coming of the world devourer Galactus he was scoffed at and threatened to keep his mouth shut. He began work on a space craft to take his family away and had just finished his test shuttle when the Herald arrived. The Kryptonian army attempted to fight but it was for not as it's master arrived.

Jor-El knowing he had no more time loaded his son Kal-El into the craft along with a small device containing the sum total of Kryptonian knowledge and launched just as Galactus began his meal. The shuttle traveled far beyond the speed of light allowing it to transverse galaxies in seconds before coming in contact with a world that would be habitable by a Kryptonian. The craft landed in a field outside the small town of Hope, Kansas. Jonathan and Martha Kent were sitting on the back of their truck star gazing, Jonathan was trying to comfort Martha who'd been told earlier that week that she was incapable of bearing children by a fertility specialist. She was the first to notice the landing craft and talked Jonathan into investigating it with her.

Hours later the were back at home, Jonathan had hid the craft in their barn and a representative from child services was called. They told her the baby had been abandoned in the field. She was an old friend of Martha's and was more than happy to recommend them as foster parents for the child and after a few months of what the Kents knew would be a futile search for the birth parents they adopted the child they now called Clark.


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed part 16

David Hardy's voice journal

Me, Molly and Raven were running for our lives through the woods from a relentless assassin when we saw 7 running toward us next to one of those Shield guys and for a second I thought our odds had improved. Then I saw what was behind them and honestly at this point I can't say I'm surprised. Being stuck in the middle of a bad situation is just my life now. Luckily 7 seemed to be in a fighting mood as he lept over me and began firing rapid repulser blasts into Lash's face and telling me to start shooting. Lash was totally caught off guard by this which allowed 7 to get some devastating hits in before he could muster a defense. Unfortunately none of us could help out considering an angry Creed Omega was attacking from the other side.

Raven did what was expected and disappeared on us while Molly, Agent Fry and I fought Omega. I shot him twice but it didn't even slow him down. Molly went at him like a panther slashing with he claws and I didn't notice at the time but Omega was getting disoriented as her attacks went on. Apparently one of her many abilities was to affect the more animal part of the brain leaving people like Omega particularly vulnerable. Her tampering allowed for an opening for Fry to sling him to the ground and then attempt to stomp him. We got distracted but a roar of pain from 7 as Lash shocked him with his tendrils and hurled him into a tree. Omega jumped up and went straight for him as Lash turned his attention to us.

He wrapped up Fry's arm in a tendril and tried to shock him, Fry looked at him and an evil smile crept onto the agent's face as Lash realized the electricity was having no effect on Fry's super durable skin. He grabbed Lash's tendril and yanked the killer toward him and smashed his fist into his face using Lash's own carbonadium tendril like a pair of brass knuckles. Lash did manage to knock Fry down but I had time to load my carbonadium bullets so I shot the assassin in the knee cap causing him to shriek in pain. The next shot went through his elbow and caused him to retreat allowing us to focus all our attention on Omega.

Creed 7, field journal entry 14 continued

I saw David running toward us along with Molly Creed and that thief being chased by Lash, I decided the only way to get out of this situation was to strike hard and fast. Lash was not expecting me to attack him head on after our last encounter so he was off guard when I jumped straight at him. I caught him with several repulser blasts and then proceeded to deliver several punishing blows that would have killed a lesser opponent. The thief of course disappeared at her first opportunity while David, Fry and Molly attacked Omega. I thought for a moment I'd actually be able to take Lash down on my own but he wrapped his tendril around my throat and shocked me till I couldn't stand before hurling me away. After I landed Omega was right on me slashing away, Molly slammed into him giving me time to get up. Omega was having trouble concentrating which allowed me to get the upper hand.

I was pommeling him as David and Fry ran up, finally Omega knocked me away and stared off with an almost frightened look to him and suddenly ran off into the woods. Apparently Molly's ability had triggered some primal emotions in him that he was unable to understand or control so he chose to retreat. Fry informed me that David had put 2 bullets in Lash causing him to flee as well though I suspect Molly's power had more to do with that than David's shooting did. I had felt what she was doing on some level I'm willing to bet Fry did as well but David was oblivious as far as I knew because unlike us he isn't a killer by nature.


Marvel Iron Age: Morbius prologue

Chicago, Iron Army holding cell 66

Morbius lays sleeping on the floor when a voice comes into his head." Wake up vampire, we don't have much time here." Morbius shot up recognizing the voice as M," What is it demon?"

M began," Follow my directions exactly and I will get us out of here."

Morbius scratched an Olympian symbol in the wall as he was told and then cut his finger smearing blood across the symbol. This was an ancient spell Mephisto was working. The image of Zeus appeared and Morbius explained what was going on to the God King.

Zeus' rage was visible as M spoke," I cannot bring any of you to Earth fully but perhaps this vampire could carry some of your power and help you avenge your sons."

The building shook as Zeus' arm came out of the image into Morbius' cell and Zeus ordered," Drink your fill Vampire." Morbius dug his teeth into the Sky Father's arm and drank as much as he could. He fell back as the arm pulled away. His eyes went wide as he felt raw power pumping through his veins. He then ripped the door off his cell. Guards tried to stop him but he smashed through them and began his search for his imprisoned team mates.


DC: 5th World Order-Superman chapter 6

Cleveland , Ohio-3 weeks ago

A ring of fire pops up in an empty parking lot, within it a portal opens and from it emerged 7 fearsome creatures and one small manlike Imp. The 7 demons take off in different directions as the imp takes a look around saying, "Earth looks like crap."

Fortress of Solitude- Now

Superman and Superboy had just finished up a training session when the fortress started to shake. They stood looking around wondering what was causing this when suddenly a puff of smoke came off the ground, an imposing shadow formed in it walking slowly toward them. The figure stopped before him and leaned over as it started coughing and waving the smoke away.

When the smoke cleared they saw the small man, no more than 3 feet tall. He looked up and introduced himself, "I'm Kix, and you are?" Superboy and Superman introduced themselves as Kal came online asking, "Kix?"

The imp looked back, "Yes, Kix. Short for Kixilamacxal." Superboy put in, "Kix is fine, noway I'm trying to pronounce that."

Superman added," Okay, now what exactly are you doing here Kix?"

The imp looked up, " Well, I grew up with uncle Mxy telling me stories of Earth, he used to go there all the time messing with the Superman of that era." Kal looked annoyed, "I remember."

Kix continued, " I have always wanted to visit but some weird energy has been preventing my kind from entering the Earth dimensions directly, so I had to take a detour through Hell. I was warned against it because despite Hell being one of the easiest places in all the multiverse to get into is a real pain getting out so, long story short I made a deal with some demons who showed me how to get out but I ended up on the wrong Earth and Lucifer banned me from ever entering Hell again so I was hoping you people might have someway to help me get home." The Kryptonians and the hologram looked confused.

Kal spoke up, "Have you tried saying your name backwards?" The imp gave him a cold look,"No, I'm severly brain damaged and forgot the most basic thing fifth dimensional 4 year olds understand." Kal leered at him.

Superboy walked over to the Imp, "Sarcasm probably is the way to get help here." Kix looked at him,"Okay, how about this." Kix snapped his fingers and Superboy was turned into a horse on roller skates skidding across the floor.

Superman was shocked, "Look, we will do what we can to help but we can't have you making super horses out of us." Kix sighed, "Fine, I'll turn him back but no tricks. That's my thing."

To be continued.


Marvel Iron Age: Hardy and Creed part 15

David Hardy's voice journal

I woke up to a gun in my face, the woman was blue so it took me a second to recognize her as Summer or Susan or whatever her real name was. She demanded to know where the gem was. She had waited till 7 went out hunting to ambush me in my sleep. I looked around and say our packs ransacked. I told her what 7 did with it, which she laughed off thinking it a lie. She demanded I tell her the truth so I told her my best guess was Mars by now. Then she raised the gun pressing it into my forehead still threatening me as a figure popped behind her and hurled her away from me. I looked up at Molly Creed, I don't know where she came from but was grateful. Molly stared at my attacker calling her Raven, Apparently this was her real name and her and Molly had some history. Raven tossed the gun and explained about the train and I told them what 7 did again and explained what the gem actually was and that 7 didn't think anybody should have that kind of power.

Raven was still pissed but there was nothing she could do about it, and from what I've heard Molly is just as strong as 7 so I doubt she'd want to tangle with her. Molly told me a big man with carbonadium whips that came out of his arms was leaving a trail of blood heading this way looking for 7 and she'd come to warn him. As if on cue I heard heavy foot steps marching our way so I looked back and saw him, Lash looking angry and demanding to know where 7 and Sam were. We're looking pretty screwed now.

Creed 7 field journal entry 14

I went out hunting after David fell asleep, I went chasing after a large deer but neglected to pay attention to my surroundings and slipped down a hill and had to play catch up. I ended up a few miles from the camp when I noticed a familiar sent, I turned and saw that runt from the train, he said his name was Fry. He also said he'd love a rematch but now was a bad time as he was being chased by one of my kind. I sniffed the air and told Fry we both needed to get moving now. The Creed chasing him was Creed Omega. I don't like running from a fight but I would prefer not getting my head torn off. It turned out that Fry's running speed was impressive, unlike David he had no trouble keeping pace with me. Unfortunately Omega was faster than both of us. He slammed into me and slashed my chest open and kicked Fry in the face.

He turned back to me but Fry was quick to his feet and threw several punches into Omega's gut as I charged my repulsers and opened fire. I hit him several times but without a kill shot. He retreated but he would be back soon and next time we wouldn't see him coming. Fry decided to follow me back to my camp, saying something about safety in numbers.

To Be Continued


DC: 5th World Order- Etrigan chapter 2

Jared stands in front of the blond man, still a bit confused as a ring of fire springs up next to him.

A demonic figure appears in the center and looks furiously at the blond man,"Morningstar, what is the meaning of this?"

The blond man looks back,"Watch your tone Etrigan, I can drop you right back where I found you." The demon backs down in frustration as Morningstar continues,"Okay, Jared, you need the power to destroy your enemies, he needs a host to get out from under my heel and I need 7 demons' heads on a plate. I think we can all help each other out here."

Etrigan's anger returns,"Host!"

Morningstar nods, "You didn't think I was going to let you run around up here without a leash did you?"

Jared finally speaks up, "So you're the devil?"

Morningstar looks incredulously at him,"Took you long enough monkey."

Jared lets the insult slide and asks,"How can I trust you?"

Etrigan chuckles to himself as Morningstar speaks,"You can't. You'd be stupid to, but you can trust me to do what's best for me and at this time that's bonding you with him."

Etrigan and Jared stared hard at each other as Morningstar continued, "Here's the deal. You do a job for me, you get the power to kill Justifiers to your hearts content and when every last Justifier is dead, Etrigan will be free to do what ever it is he wants to do. Do we have a deal?"

Jared and the demon nod in approval, suddenly Jared is at the center of the ring of fire and Etrigan is gone though Jared can hear his voice in side him.

Morningstar looks satisfied for the moment as he begins to tell Jared what he needs to know,"When you need Etrigan's power simply say, Gone O form of man Arise the demon Etrigan, and he will be there. As for what you're going to do for me, there are 7 demons called the Sins. Each represents one of the 7 deadly sins. They have been very disrespectful to me of late and I need them returned to hell so I can punish them. However due to certain rules I can't touch them while they're on Earth, so you kill them and they'll return to where the belong. Simple as that." Jared nods as Morningstar fades away and the ring of fire disapates.


Marvel Iron Age: Ares chapter 12

Ferrum Headquarters, Chicago

Sean sped around the building setting charges, they weren't enough to bring the building down but would make for a hell of a distraction, mean while Marcus opens a grate in the sub basement letting the rest of the group in. The dogs were on edge as they slowly crept down the corridor toward their prize. They felt the building shake as Sean set off his charges leading to an evacuation of the building. They hid in a broom closet as people rushed for the exit. When the hall went quiet the continued on until they found a large dark room with a massive machine that was the only light in the center and within it was Hellstorm's trident.

Ares cautiously stepped toward it and reached out to grab it but the dogs suddenly went berserk. Ares stopped and turned as the lights flashed on revealing 50 Creeds dropping from the ceiling. 20 of them pounced on the dogs as the rest charged the group. Thomas attempted to turn their fears against them but they simply didn't have any to exploit so he began flinging them away telekenitically as Morbius and Marcus fought them hand to hand. Ares swung his ax taking as many down as he could while grabbing the trident. As he lifted it several doors opened and Iron soldiers flooded in. They fought with everything they had but the trap was too much. The dogs tore through the Creeds to get to their master's side but a pair of armored hands grabbed them by their necks and hurled them away. The hand belonged to the Supreme Commander himself.

The Creeds and soldiers cleared a path as he walked toward the god. Thomas jumped in his way thinking M would be able to stop him. Stryfe stopped and stared at him, "Mephisto? You intend to attack me with Mephisto? In his time he may have been a threat, now nothing more than a dog on a chain and you believe this is enough to bring me down?" Stryfe began to laugh as Thomas tried to invade his mind," Silly child, I will crush you and your passenger." Thomas tried to unleash M but Stryfe was effortlessly holding him at bay as he walked up to Thomas and placed a control collar around his neck. Marcus charged but the Supreme Commander forced him to shrink down to small to be detected. Ares then lept with the trident and aimed for Stryfe's skull shouting, " You can't get in my head you bastard." Stryfe smirked, "I don't need to." Then hurled him to the wall. He then walked over to the trident and called out Hellstorm's name. The lord of hell appeared as Stryfe handed him his trident. He took it and spoke,"There, now you have a nice immortal power battery for your biforst cannon, now I'll be taking Mordo." Ares was stunned, he wanted to fight but Stryfe held him firm. Morbius whispered into a comm link and told Sean to run as far from here as he could as the soldiers brought him to the ground. They threw the dogs into mystically protected cages and placed the War god in adamantium chains and dragged him away screaming, "I will get loose and I will kill you all!"

Hours later Marcus was falling through something he'd never seen before, he'd slipped into the Microverse due to Stryfe forcing him to shrink further than he ever had before.


DC: 5th World Order- Superman chapter 5

Metroplolis, Governor's tower 3 days ago

Mark Smith was once a great soldier, a traitor Overlord had crippled him several years ago but his unflinching loyalty to Governor Stark had earned him a new body. It was based on an ancient machine but had been updated with state of the art Overlord technology, it was once powered by kryptonite but that was hard to come by now so it was replaced with an artificial version that he was told would weaken a Kryptonian but wouldn't kill one, though it was equiped with weapons that could finish them off. After his mind had been implanted in the machine he was ordered to hunt down and kill Superman and any other Kryptonian he may come across.

New Gotham, now

Superboy was looking over some bins at an open air market when a machine attacked out of nowhere, after it had thrown him to the ground it spoke, "You cannot be the one they call Superman." Before he could respond the machine moved to stomp on him but he rolled out of the leaping up to smash his fist into Metallo causing him to falter but he quickly righted himself and struck back sending the boy flying. High above the city a hand grabbed his arm as he went. He looked seeing the S shield on the man's chest. He started his descent with the boy but they were caught by Metallo as he flew up after the boy.

The machine smashed into Superman who started to panic thinking the boy would fall to his death but noticed that he could fly as well. The boy attacked Metallo from behind as it went for Superman, it turned to swat the boy away but Superman kicked him to the ground. As the 2 Kryptonians landed to finish him off they were blasted by an artificial kryptonite beam the knocked them to their knees as Metallo converted his arm into a cannon and took aim at the boy. Before he fired Superman yanked up a man hole cover and hurled it into the machine's cheat blocking the K-beam and slammed into him going on pure adrenilin and tore Metallo's arms off and hurled him away. He then grabbed the boy and flew off.

He pressed a button on his guantlet and ordered, "Kal, I need a scanner block. I'm heading back to the fortress and I'd like to avoid a tag along." They flew as fast as the could and in seconds the arrived at the Fortress. The boy looked with awe at the legendary place as Kal materialized in front of them saying, "Welcome back I see you have a guest. May I ask your name?" He looked up, "Superboy." Kal nodded, "All Kryptonians are welcome here, make yourself at home."