Marvel Iron Age: Death Squad part 8, A new Grind chapter 2

Upstate New York, The Grind

Slaughter stands alone in the arena as the announcer speaks over the P.A.,"Ladies and gents for starters tonight with the new Grind's very first Spider, this big hunk of meat has the misfortune of facing Badger Bill!" Slaughter looks to a large opening gate as a furry man a full foot shorter than him bursts out charging at him with talon like claws aimed for Slaughter's throat. He caught Bill by the neck snapping it and tossing him aside like a bag of garbage.

A chorus of boos rang through the crowd as the announcer came back on, "Okay, Big Boy has some fight in him, let's see how he handles, Wolf Master." A dozen large vicious wolves enter followed by a man in a fur vest and a loin cloth. He shouts for the wolves to attack but they stop short and cower away from Slaughter as he marches toward their master. He frantically tries to mentally force the animals to attack but they are gripped by primal fear. Slaughter grabs Wolf Master by his head and crushes his skull.

The crowd fell silent as the wolves fled back into their cages. The announcer came back annoyed," Well he seems to be on a roll." Slaughter interrupts him,"Are you planning on giving me a challenge at some point?" The crowed chuckles as he shouts over the P.A.,"Fine, release the Bog boys." The crowed cheers at the name as a massive cage is brought to the gate. It swings open and 2 massive humanoid reptiles step out and give a roar. Slaughter smiles as he transforms into his omnium form to the shock of the crowd.

Outside the Arena

Several men are heading to see the show but are stopped by a large branch in the middle of the road. 2 of the men got out to move it. 2 metallic tendrils shot out from the forest and dragged them away screaming. Cybertooth landed on the back of the truck and tears the roof off and kills the remaining 3 men. He then tosses their bodies on a growing pile of corpses in a ditch beside the road. Lash comes out looking at his wrist comm,"What is taking them so damn long? I'm getting bored." Cybertooth nods in agreement.

The Grind, Courtyard

Morty looks at Cutthroat,"Bishop? Is that what you're calling yourself now?" Cutthroat looks back,"Better than drunk bastard jr. ain't it?" John takes a step closer,"Yes, piss off the guy with the plasma cannon pointed at your face further, how could I have possibly doubted your intellect?" Bishop looks at him,"You gonna do something about this?" John shoots back,"In a minute, kind of interested in figuring out whats going on though. Hey, Morty. Its John, been buying off you for years." Morty nodded,"I remember you, what are you doing with him?" John steps closer,"I'm on a job, what did he do to piss you off?" Morty looks back," He killed his brother, it destroyed his mother and ruined our family." Bishop laughed, "Please, mom was ruined the minute she hooked up with you, and Jimmy would've killed me first if he had half a chance."

Morty shook his head," I should've strangled you in your crib, you monster. Jimmy was going places, unlike you he was actually a decent person. You ain't never been nothing but a low life bully. Even your mother hated you." Bishop dropped his hands and stepped toward his father,"You got a lot of nerve talking to me about being a bully." John looked at Bishop," Damn, Gerald won the bet." He then snatched the cannon from Morty and Bishop went to hit him but John caught his hand, "We got business, Morty I can't let you kill him but I owe you for that one time so I'm gonna let you drive out of here. Don't look back and keep your foot on the gas." Morty hopped in his truck as John talked to his comm,"Lash let the Deals on Wheels guy go, once he's through come in from the north side, there's a wall with a little bit of razor wire over the top and there are 4 guards but they look drunk shouldn't be a problem."

He looks at Cutthroat,"Is there anyone who doesn't want you dead?" He shrugs,"I think Slaughter likes me." John shakes his head,"Come on, we got sh!t to do."

To Be Continued


Marvel Iron Age: Death Squad part 7, A new Grind chapter 1

The squad headed toward upstate New York on a very old military transport plane. They'd been ordered to eliminate a large group of the roving gang known as the Goblins. They set up shop at an abandoned prison and the New York branch of Ferrum tech were getting nervous about their proximity to an underground lab in the area. The Goblins are a constant thorn in the side of everyone who exists outside of city limits, a lawless society of sociopath anarchists. They had dubbed their settlement the new Grind where they resumed gladiatorial games for mutants and mutates they hunted down, the more monstrous the better.

Cutthroat looks at the dossier for the mission as he briefs the squad, "Looks like your standard slaughter house, should be a cake walk." John chuckles, "Please, Mortimer. We wouldn't have been sent if it were anything other than a suicide mission after Lash's little outburst." Cutthroat shot John an angry look,"Never call me that. You can call me Cutthroat, Bishop or Mr. Cain, never that."

Lash looked up," Mortimer?" John nodded," Mortimer Toynbee the 5th. Its the name his mother gave him. he changed it on his 18th birthday." Lash laughed as Cutthroat continued annoyed, " The Goblins are running some kind of arena down there." Lash pointed out, " Ah I remember, The grind, 7's pet human caused the destruction of the original, if i can't kill the little bastard the least I can do is one up him."

The pilot yelled back, "We're over the drop zone." He didn't even warn them as he opened the bay door. John and Cutthroat had their parachutes on, and Cybertooth and Slaughter had no use for them. Lash noticed he hadn't been provided with one and the 2 Iron soldiers urging them out didn't seem willing to loan him one. He laughed and jumped out with a grin and went for a free fall. As he approached the ground he shot out a tendril catching a tree and swung him self around to slow his descent and landed on his feet without trouble. The Iron soldiers watched amazed with their armor's telescopic vision mode.

The squad came together on the ground and headed toward the former prison, John stopped them before the exited the forest and they looked out on the hundred of armed lunatics out side and the cheers of what had to be a few hundred more inside. Cutthroat looked on, "Okay, we need a plan."

Lash had experience dealing with Goblins so he laid out a plan, "You, John and Slaughter can pass for human so you'll be going in." He reached in his pack and pulled out a necklace with a spider pendant on it and handed it to Slaughter, "You 2 are going to pass Slaughter off as a Spider, they love seeing Spiders get mauled in the arena so he'll be dropped into the arena." He gave Slaughter a grin," You'll be in the prime position to take out what ever monsters they have in there. Are you up for it." He gave Lash a condescending glare so he went on." Okay, John and Cutthroat you'll need to pinpoint the weaknesses in their defenses, they're nuts but they know how to cover their a$$es. Cybertooth and I will take out anyone coming in or leaving until you give us the all clear for the real attack."

An hour later John and Bishop walked with Slaughter, whose hands were bound with rope. A man stopped them as they approached the main entrance, "Where you think you're going boys?" John looked up,"Rumor has it you guys pay top dollar for Spiders to feed to your monsters." He pulled up the spider medallion around Slaughter's neck. The guard grinned, "Welcome to the Grind boys, enjoy the show."

John took Slaughter down to the fight manager who handed him a wad of cash and pushed Slaughter into a cage. John nodded to him and went back to meet up with Cutthroat. He stepped out to a courtyard and saw him standing in front of the "Deals on Wheels" truck with his hands up, Morty who owned the truck had a massive gun pointed at him. John stepped looking at Cutthroat,"Why is the deals on wheels guy pointing a plasma cannon at your face Bishop?" Cutthroat looked over to him,"Meet Mortimer Toynbee the 4th, my dad." John looks at Morty, "Really?"

To be continued


Marvel Iron Age: Death squad part 6

(Read Marvel Iron Age: Morbius chapter 3 before this)

Ferrum HQ, Chicago, The office of the Chairman

The Supreme Commander stands in front of Cutthroat's crew in full armor for intimidation as he speaks,"Do you morons have any idea what you've done? It will take months to fix the Rig and god knows how long to find an adequate power source.I should kill you all where you stand." The squad stands in silence and all lower their heads as he paces past them except for Lash who looks him in the eyes without blinking.

Without warning he grabs Lash by the throat,"Perhaps I should make an example of you." Lash, without so much as a word wraps a tendril around Stryfe's waist and hurls him across the room saying calmly," I am not one of your lap dogs, threaten me again and I'll kill you...sir." The room falls dead silent as Stryfe looks at the assassin astonished. The silence is broken by laughter from the doorway, Sinister looks at Stryfe, "I'm sorry, that was hysterical." the Chairman rose and glared at Sinister, "I want that thing destroyed." Sinister grins," Why would I do that? He's far more valuable to me than your pride." Stryfe shouted,"You will do as you're told."

The grin left Sinister's face as he looked back at Stryfe, the chairman instantly changed to a calmer tone,"If it touches me again,I'll kill it. As for the rest of you, you're lucky I still have use for you. I'll send for you when it's time for your briefing, now get out of my sight." The rest of the squad hurried out but Lash walked a leisurely pace. John leans over to Cutthroat while looking to Lash,"I love that guy."

Stryfe looked to Sinister,"Is there a reason you're here?" He nods,"You had 3 of my prize creations in here, I wasn't about to allow one of your little temper tantrums rob me of them."

The Chairman sat down, "I thought you're creations couldn't touch me." Sinister's grin returned,"Most of them can't but Lash was specifically designed to kill you so it'd have been illogical to add that limitation." The Chairman shot up,"Kill me?" Sinister nodded,"I changed my mind but at the time it seemed like a good idea."


Marvel Iron Age: Morbius chapter 3, caught

(Read Marvel Iron Age Death Squad part 5 before this)

The Rig, North Atlantic Ocean

Morbius stares at Cutthroat as his team along with dozens of Iron soldiers fill the hall in front of him. Cutthroat gives a grin,"End of the line boys, and don't think about doing that mind trick crap again Essex fixed that problem for me." Morbius nods to Thomas, "you heard the man." At that moment the sound of repulsers powering up could be heard, John looked back at the soldiers,"Oh crap." The death squad jumped out of the way as the soldiers fired and Cutthroat yelled for the second wave of soldiers to help fight off the first, and ordered Slaughter and Lash to hold them off.

Thomas formed a telekentic shield around himself and stood back focusing as much power as he could to keep the Iron soldiers fighting on their side, Sean started toward the door but John shot a snare at his feet bringing him down as the assassin came for him, Achos and Metus ran to protect him but stopped at John's scent as if afraid to go near him,Luckily Morbius made it in time and hurled John at the second wave of Iron soldiers. Cybertooth came forward and the dogs leapt on him, he tossed Metus but Achos tore a huge gash in his arm and refused to budge causing him to start bludgeoning the massive dog with his other fist. Becoming frustrated he converted it to a saw as Metus came back to stop him losing a horn in the process. They then tore the cyborgs arms off.

Cutthroat jumped on Morbius stabbing several of his spikes into him then electrifying them. The vampire hit his knees as Sean slammed into Cutthroat with enough force to send him crashing through the concrete wall.

For a moment the team thought they had won until they realized the repulser blasts had stopped. Slaughter and Lash had shredded the Iron soldiers and now turned their attention to the team. Sean delivered a super sonic punch to Slaughter and screamed as all the bones in his hand shattered. Slaughter swatted him down as the dogs leapt for him. Lash caught them by the throats with his tendrils and tossed them away.

Slaughter popped his claws as he ran toward Morbius but he was stopped mid charge and lifted off the ground, Lash attempted to help but was blasted down the hall. Thomas held Slaughter in a telekenetic grip and used his body to break down the doors that led to the center of the rig that held Dormammu and then used him to smash his massive shackles setting the former lord of the Dark Dimension free.

The team ran for their boat as Thomas recited the incantation that would send him back to the Hellscape as he went about destroying the Rig. They sped off as the place sank Morbius looked at Thomas,"What's the next target?"

In the freezing water where the Rig had stood moments ago John, Slaughter and Cutthroat emerged from the water looking at the wreckage, as Lash pulled up Cybertooth ,John shook his head, "Well boys, looks like we're f**ked."


Marvel Iron Age: Death squad part 5

Newfoundland, Canada

Cutthroat looks at the tracking device,"They're still heading North East, we have a boat ready to go." John picks up the device and studies it for a momment,"You know where they're heading right?" The squad looks at him curiously," Christ, don't they tell you anything? They're heading straight toward the Rig." He gets nothing but blank stares, "Its the power station for the deflector that keeps crap like Skrulls and Badoon from attacking Earth and keeps folks like Shield from getting help from the Nova corps."

John sighs as he looks at the squad who obviously have no idea what he's talking about, "Look, if they take down the station I'm willing to bet we'll be lucky if the Supreme Commander doesn't have us murdered, so get a fast boat."

An hour they arrived at a top secret Iron Army port and showed their orders. Instead of a boat they were given a high speed helicopter guaranteed to get them there faster than any boat could hope to. They arrived at the Rig with plenty of time to lay a trap. All the security was ordered to make sure Morbius and his group made it in with ease. They blocked the only access to their most likely target with as many Iron soldiers as the station could muster and attempted to get men inside the core but they all refused going so far as to tell the squad,"You can kill us if you want to but we are not going in there with that thing." Cutthroat was curious but didn't ask what they were so afraid of deciding it was probably best not to know.

The trap was set, all that was left to do was wait.


TMNT Marvel chapter 4: Raphael

NYC Sewer 2 years ago

Raph was working out with the punching bag while Leo was off on an errand for Splinter, Donny was showing Forge and Beast where his lab needed improvements and Mikey was getting on Raph's last nerve so he decided to go out for a run. After around 20 minutes Raph heard commotion from the street below. 2 men that Raph recognized from Mikey's wall of newspaper clippings as Luke Cage and Iron Fist. They were fighting a few street thugs so Raph decided to pop in and give them a hand.

He leapt down from a fire escape driving a knee into the shoulder of one thug then jumped up to kick another in the head and then went for a third but his fist was caught by Iron Fist," Thank you for the assist but we need this one conscious." Raph looked over,"Okay." Cage grabbed the thug by the shoulder and turned him around angrily, "You gonna tell us what you're up to." The thug stammered, "Look, the ninja guy gave us 500 bucks a piece to cause a ruckus. Said it'd bring these turtle guys he's been looking for out of hiding and he just wanted to see what they could do." Iron Fist and Cage looked back at Raph who shrugged his shoulders, "Why would someone be looking for us?"

Raph looked off to an abandoned building at a sound of foot steps, they pushed the thug away and went toward the building. They burst through a window and say a camera set up on a tri-pod with a missing memory card and a bomb attached. They got out just in time and Iron Fist spotted the man who'd set it run into an alley.

They chased him for 3 blocks before catching him, he laughed as dozens of other dressed in the same uniform dropped down surrounding the heroes but cleared a path for a large man who wore the same insignia as the ninja but a different uniform. He was called Hun,"We were expecting 4 turtles but I suppose taking out 2 super punks will do." Cage starts to chuckle before seeing the larger man behind Hun,"Crap, it's Rhino. Hey Turtle what did you do to piss these guys off?" Raph looked around, "They look like the guys me and my brothers helped Daredevil out with a few weeks back, guess they held a grudge." Hun ordered,'Attack." Raph went to kick Rhino but was hurled away crashing into a dumpster. Several Foot soldiers pounced on him, Hun ran for Iron Fist who side stepped him and kicked him in the ribs as Luke Cage attempted to stop Rhino.

Hun grabbed Iron Fist by the leg and attempted to pull him down but it back fired as he used Hun as balance as he spun around and kicked him in the face and then went to help Raph with the Foot soldiers. Iron Fist noted that the Turtle was vicious as he fought. He could hear bones snapping as Raph stormed through the ninjas. Iron Fist had no trouble with them and within minutes all but Rhino had retreated. A tiring Cage looked to them,"Little help here." They ran over as Rhino knocked Cage to the ground, Raph leapt at him but was caught by his foot as Rhino proceeded to beat him like a pinata. A green light appeared around Iron Fist's hand as he drew back and punched Rhino sending him crashing through a wall. After the police had picked up Rhino Cage and Iron Fist went to talk to Raph.

Raph told them he'd keep them posted on what he found out about the Foot and they told him they'd keep an eye out for them and Raph headed toward home. When he arrived he ran into Leo who looked just as beat up as Raph was, before he could ask Mikey came down the tunnel asking,"What happened to you guys?"


TMNT Marvel chapter 3: Michelangelo

NYC Sewer 2 years ago

Mikey was bored, Raph and Leo were out and Donny was working with his new friends Forge and Beast who volunteered to help him get his lab together. Splinter was deep in meditation so he decided to go for a run on the roof tops. He'd been out for just over an hour when he came across a robbery in progress. He recognized the one who seemed to be in charge from news paper clippings as the villain Hammerhead. Someone else had also noticed, As Mikey dropped down to attempt to stop the robbery Spiderman landed next to him, "New in town." Mikey's eyes went wide,"Spiderman...Sweet, my first ever team up." Spiderman looked at him,"Okay..umm,Turtle Man?" Mikey hopped up," How about, Turtle Titan?" Spiderman shook his head,"Please no." Mikey looked disappointed,"Fine, Michelangelo it is."

Hammerhead overheard them talking and told his men open fire on them. They deftly avoided the bullets as the increasingly frustrated thieves attempted to get a clear shot at them. Mikey disappeared into the building and came up behind Hammerhead and smacked him on the head with his nun chucks causing him to laugh at the turtle. Mikey grinned,"Okay then." and promptly kicked him hard in the groin causing the villain to fall down in pain. Spiderman came in after webbing up the henchmen and saw Hammerhead on the ground holding his crotch, Mikey shrugged, "It always works."

Across the street a woman dressed in a Foot uniform watches and turns on her comm, "I have one of the turtles in sight but he's engaged in some kind of battle along with Spiderman. Should I proceed." Another voice comes up,"No, the last thing we need is more trouble with men in tights, the master will assuredly make them pay for their interference in due time." The woman checked her recording of the encounter to make sure she got what she needed and was off.

Mikey arrived home about an hour later and saw Leo and Raph arriving home looking beat up and asked, "What have you 2 been up to?" In unison they said,"Long story."


Marvel Iron Age: Morbius chapter 2, The Rig

Upstate New York, 2015

A vampire named George steps into a room with Dracula and says," He's powerful master, more powerful than any fledgling has a right to be." Dracula looks to his minion,"Of course he is, that's why I chose him. Within a year he'll have surpassed all of you." George took offence but wasn't stupid enough to talk back. He paused for a moment then spoke,"What assurances do we have that he'll do as he's told, he did run with that hero crowd for a while." Dracula smiled, "We have none, but give me time and I'll have him slaughtering Avengers like sheep if I so desire. I mutant clone shouldn't be a problem for him." George spoke up,"Wouldn't it be easier to try to cut a deal with Stryfe, he seems to be working something well beyond simple greed." Dracula sneered,"That creature threatened me. Am I to just forgive and forget?"

The North Atlantic, present

The ship stopped 2 miles from the former oil rig that housed the dread Dormammu. It was now a state of the art heavily guarded facility, they would need a plan to get in. They anchored the ship and set off in a smaller boat toward the place. Morbius decided to go in as a bat, he'd never done it before but Dracula had explained to him how it was done. He began to change but the sky father blood in him caused a alteration in this ability instead of one bat he turned to an entire colony and flew in like a dark cloud much to the shock of both his team mates and those guarding the station. Thomas, Sean and the dogs entered unnoticed as the security force was temporarily distracted. Morbius reformed and joined them as they made their way below following M's directions to where he felt Dormammu's presence.

They took an elevator down several levels and it opened to a large empty hall way. Sean commented,"This is too easy, it's obviously a trap." M spoke in their minds, "Of course it is." Almost as if on cue a door opened revealing Cutthroat and 4 others, The assassin grinned at them,"About time you boy's showed up, we were worried we'd been stood up."


TMNT Marvel chapter 2: Massacre

2 years ago NYC sewers

The turtles were on their way back home and decided to stop by the Alley and tell some of their friends about meeting Daredevil but before they got there they found Annalee of the Morlocks crawling toward them bleeding badly and heard screams echoing down the tunnels. They stopped and went to help her. She pointed Donatello tried to stop the bleeding but it was too late she died as a man holding a large gun came up. He chuckled, "You gonna run uglies?"

Raph looked at him with hate in his eyes and charged. The man called Scalphunter laughed at first and tried to shoot, Raph dodged and lept in the air. Scalphunter stopped laughing when the sai plunged into his chest, Raph yanked it out and kicked him to the side as he ran head on into the battle going on inside. Leo ordered Don to go get Splinter as he and Mikey followed Raph in.

The X-men had just arrived along with a few other teams and were fighting desperately to stop the slaughter when the turtles arrived. Cyclops looked at Raph running by and started to tell him to run but stopped when he saw him slam into Sabertooth hurling the villain to the ground. Sabertooth through him off but before he could pay him back the X-man Wolverine interrupted by slashing him across the chest. The Marauder Blockbuster snatch Raph up intending to crush his skull but the enraged turtle stabbed his sai into his eye socket killing him instantly.

Mikey and Leo went in more cautiously than their brother, Mikey went to help the injured escape while Leo yelled to the fleeing Morlocks, "Who among you is fit to fight?" A few dozen raised their hands," Come with me." The Marauders were shocked when many of the Morlocks fought back at the behest of the Turtle barking orders at them. Scalphunter started to get back up but Don and Splinter arrived, Don smashed his bo staff into his skull and picked up his gun.

They ran in and joined the battle saving many Morlocks in the process the battle had turned and the Marauders were beginning to fall back as Thor arrived causing them to flee like rats. Leo took charge of getting the injured to the makeshift hospital at the X-mansion while his brothers helped find the injured and other survivors that may have gotten lost in the mayhem. Callisto thanked Donatello saying if it weren't for the alarm system he set up they wouldn't have seen them coming and it could've been much worse.

The next day only a few of the Morlocks were unaccounted for. A few Morlocks had died but the battled ended worse for the Marauders who had lost most of their team. Many had been critically injured but were being tended to. The X-Men offered the turtles membership but they declined saying their place was with Splinter.

In the weeks that followed Donatello worked with Beast and the mutant Forge securing the Alley to prevent anything like this from happening again, the rest of the turtles along with several of the X-men and members of X-Factor trained some of the Morlocks into a makeshift police force.


Marvel Iron Age: Death Squad part 4

Newberry, Michigan

John drives the transport as Cutthroat and the crew relax in the back following the tracking beckon that had been implanted into Morbius. John looked out the window to a camp set up in the remains of an abandoned town. At first he took no notice until he saw a flag bearing the symbol of the cult of Thor. Without warning he whipped the transport around throwing Cutthroat out of his seat as he sped toward the camp. He stopped just out side it and grabbed up a pair of machine guns. Cutthroat looked confused but Lash looked out at the camp, "I'm sure we have time to exterminate these rats." John grinned.

Slaughter and Cybertooth waited for instructions but Lash and John were out the door. Cutthroat hopped in the driver's seat,"Go if you'd like but if you're not back in 5 minutes I'm leaving without you." They lept at the chance for some action.

At the camp John was standing in front of a bonfire firing into the crowd as Lash chased down people, smashing their skulls with his tendrils. Slaughter stopped as Cybertooth joined in. He looked on at the massacre and saw no point in it. John screamed at the people as they ran in terror,"Where is your thunder god now monkeys?" Cutthroat watched on from the truck,"What is it with the old man and these Thorites? Can't even look at one with doing this crap." Slaughter stepped back in as Cutthroat looked back,"Why aren't you playing?" Slaughter glared at him,"It's not essential to the mission."

As the the killing wound down John told Lash and Cybertooth to bring the survivors over to him. They forced them on their knees in front of John as he looked down on them. He went to one man as Lash wrapped a tendril around his throat. John gave the man a hateful look saying,"Tell me you're god is powerless." The man stammered out,"Wh..what?" John leened down,"Tell me that Thor is nothing and we'll let you live." The man lowered his head and snapped his neck. The rest of them began shouting what John had told the man to say but he shook his head,"Too Late." With that he walked back to the transport as Lash and Cybertooth finished them off.

Cutthroat turned on the engine as they entered," Now boys did you make sure to potty? We can't make any more pit stops." John looked up, "shut up and drive."

A few hours later Lash took the wheel as Cutthroat took a seat beside John, " I've always wondered something, Why is it that when ever you see those Thorites or hear anything about Thor or Asgard you go all rabid? Normally your this calm, collected, cold blooded predator but you see them and all of the sudden you're practically foaming at the mouth." John lit a cigarette and took a long drag before answering,"This ain't any of your damn business."