Marvel Iron Age: Starjammers chapter 1

The Sol System near Mars

Hal set the ship on auto pilot as the crew explored the ship. They found full barracks big enough to house a few dozen soldiers along with many private quarters for various officers. Each member chose a room and dropped off their things. They moved on to an observation deck, Abomination stared off at the stars like a child. 7 and Hal went down to the engineering section to familiarize themselves with it.

Dal and Fry went to get accustomed to the weapons. David, Sam and Molly found a kitchen but were worried when they couldn't find any food storage when the Professor chimed in over a P.A., "The ship is equipped with food replication technology. Ferrum found it would be much more efficient if the ship didn't need to stop to restock food and drink supplies." Sam looked at the machine, "Sounds a bit like Star Trek to me." The Professor chimed in again, "It is programmed with more than 5 million recipes."

As the crew gathered on the bridge they assessed the situation 7 began, "This ship is an amalgamation of the work of several of the greatest minds Earth has to offer, along with the Shi' Ar, Kree and even Skrull tech. It will take some time to figure it all out but the ship's computer has been very helpful." The computer chimed in,"I would prefer it if you called me Professor." 7 started to say something but David cut him off, "The Professor controls our air and food supply so I suggest we call him what ever he likes." The rest of the crew agreed.

Dal added, "We're equipped with some top of the line weapons, We have one of the most powerful cannons I've ever seen on a cruiser and the side arms are impressive. We are well protected even if something manages to penetrate our external shielding the ship itself should be impervious to standard fighters so as long as we don't encounter any war ships we should be fine."

Hal finished up the meeting, "This is home for the time being, we're a small crew which means more work for everyone. Get some rest while you can we have a long road ahead."


Marvel Iron Age: One Shot, T floor

Maryland Institute, Annapolis

Ed Gold and a young lab tech named Bill Smith wait outside an elevator. Bill is looking over a cart he'd brought with him to make sure everything Dr. Essex had requested was there, "What's on T floor? I've never seen it on any order forms or building schematics." Ed looks over to him,"No one but Essex knows for sure, he'll make us wear neural inhibitors in there and will more than likely do short term memory wipe on our way back. I know I've been down there 4 times but I couldn't tell you what I saw if I wanted to."

The door opened with Essex standing inside as Smith and Gold rolled the cart in. Essex entered a code into a wall pad and the elevator went down for what seemed like an hour in silence. When the doors opened Smith and Gold were surprised to see a massive mostly empty room. In the center there was a large humanoid creature shackled at the hands and feet. His mouth was muzzled and he was surrounded by 4 large plasma cannons aimed at him and set to fire if any of the shackles are opened. He glared at Essex with rage filled eyes as he pulled the cart over and lifted a large empty syringe tipped with an adamantium needle.

Sinister ordered Gold to activate a machine as he loaded the syringe into it and had Smith switch on the monitoring equipment. The machine inserted the needle into his arm having a little trouble breaking the skin. Sinister then turned on a pump that pulled a few quarts of blood out. He then ordered Smith to grab a stool and do a routine check to ensure the shackles and power inhibitor were working properly. When the young lab tech reached for the inhibitor the creature smashed his head into the young man's forehead killing him instantly to Ed's horror.

Sinister waved Ed on to finish the check as he spoke,"I know being held captive by a lowly Earthling like me must enrage you but lets be civil here." Sinister's hand hung above a button. Ed nervously finished his work as Sinister tossed the body of the young lab tech in a chute leading to an incinerator and beckoned Gold to follow him. The 2 entered the elevator as Ed looked back fearfully. As the doors closed Ed had a blank expression then looked to Sinister," Don't you usually bring 2 techs with you to T floor? " Sinister grinned ,"You do such a good job around here, I figured you could handle it on your own."


Marvel Iron Age: One Shot, Creed 7

Maryland Institute, Annapolis 39 years ago

A young man named Ed Gold stands in an elevator leading to a sub basement. The doors open to a middle aged man named Steve Williams, with an apathetic look on his face, "You Gold?" Ed nods as he exits the elevator. Steve waves him on, "Welcome to Stalker section." Ed looks nervous,"Stalker section?" Steve rolls his eyes," They're Dr. Essex's personal mutant hunters, Ferrum's Hunter class soldiers don't generally bring enough of them back to get a decent genetic sample. Our job is to make sure they develop properly."

Steve walks him over to a massive row of man sized tubes filled with liquid, each holding an infant sized creature,"This is where you'll be working, its division 8, we just call them Creeds. We got one just about ready to come out, Series 3 number 7. You'll pull him out, implant his control chip and take him to the nursery. Make sure to wear the protective gear, these bastards tend to bite. I've seen them take out eyes before."

Ed quickly pulls on the gear as the liquid drains from the tube in front of him as Steve steps back. The new born Creed leapt from the tube knocking Ed down as a few others in protective gear came up laughing as they shot a net gun at the creature. Steve helps him up chuckling,"Sorry, man just a little joke. You won't be expected to get them out alone."

Ed dusts himself off as the others throw the Creed on a table, Steve picks up a small gun like device and shows Ed how to use it to implant the chips. After its activated the creature becomes docile as Ed pushes the table toward the Creed nursery with Steve following.

They enter a large room with various cages with many Creeds at different stages of development as Steve speaks,"They take 4 years to reach adulthood, they'll never get very smart but we give them some education so they'll know how to disarm opposition and take down those who may be more powerful than they are."

Steve leads Ed back out after dropping off the infant,"The rules are simple, don't get to close to them, those chips malfunction and they'll kill you without a moment's hesitation. Don't talk about any thing you see here to anyone outside the institute ever, under any circumstances. And above all else don't piss off Dr. Essex, he'll do worse than kill you."

Ed nervously looks up, "How was you're first week here?" Steve looks him in the eye,"It was the most horrifying 5 days of my life, but you get used to it eventually."

4 years later

Steve and Ed are inspecting a group of newly matured Creeds," Series 5 # 1 step forward." As Steve calls them up Ed checks them,"Height 7'2", Weight 330 lbs." "Series 3 #7 step forward. " "Height 7 even, Weight 315 lbs." "Series 2 #6 step forward..........."


The group of Creeds stand awaiting orders, A large man with pale skin and an angry look on his face looked over them. His name is Lash.

He turns his back to them, "I'll be leading you animals on a mission. The doctor has decided to decommission Raven division, a group of them managed to escape termination. It's our job to track them down and finish them off, they're shape shifters so don't trust your eyes. You've been given a sample to get acquainted with their scent."

7 took it in but also took a long look at the hunk of flesh he was handed and noted a few details and even began extrapolating some physical traits before he was ordered to pass it on.

Several days later

7 was perched on a tree limb as were the rest of his group watching this particular path. A human looking man walked past barefoot, his scent was completely masked confusing the other Creeds but 7 noticed that his foot falls sounded different from the other humans that had walked by. He gave Lash the signal, he looked to the other Creeds to confirm but the rest had a baffled look. 7 sighed and pulled his knife hurling it into the man who instantly fell dead an changed to a blue skinned female.

Lash shook his head, "At least one of you is useful."

A week later

7 found himself alone with a Raven cornered in an abandoned building. Behind her was a Blue skinned child sobbing. The older Raven gave him a defiant look,"You got me, Okay. Just let her go." He stepped forward and the older one lost her nerve. He then stabbed her and looked down on the child. She curled up in the corner as he came closer. He found himself unable to kill her so he stepped back and told her,"Run away." The rest of the group arrived after the child had disappeared into the forest.

One of them pointed out they smelled another Raven aside from the one 7 had killed but he told them, "A krang dragged her off."

34 and a half years later

Dr. Essex personally selected a Creed with a remarkable success record for an important mission to track down the powerful psychic who was in charge of the spider resistance and attempt to acquire a genetic sample. He crouched down beside the doctor as the looked on a young member of the Spider resistance as he watched something on an antique lap top computer.

(this is continued in Hardy and Creed part 1)


Marvel Iron Age: One Shot, Molly Creed

Fort Dodge Iowa Many years ago

9 year old Molly Creed lays down to sleep as her father Victor sits beside her. He was once one of the world's most vicious killers but now just a devoted father. He watches her sleep for a moment then hears the door of their temporary home open. He walks down cautiously then sees a man named Arnold Carpenter. Arnold follows victor up the stairs to meet Victor.

Victor looks in on Molly,"I know your people say her powers are what tamed me, but looking at her I don't know if I'd be any different without them." Arnold looks at the man, "you sure you want me to take her?" Victor nods, "The tin men are on to me, they'll be comin in force soon and I can't protect her." He walks back to the bed and leans in to kiss her on the forehead, he then pulls out a small injection device and shoots something in her neck,"The tranquilizer should keep her out for long enough to get pretty far away." Arnold nods and picks her up and the 2 men walk to his truck.

As Arnold starts the car Victor leans on his door,"Do me a favor?" Arnold looks up, "What's that?" Victor looks back at Molly,"Don't let her turn into me." Arnold looks back at her and nods. Victor handed him a letter for her then watched them drive off. He then walked back in the house, sat down and pulled up a cooler.

As the sun rose he heard the Iron soldiers approach as one entered he finished his beer and stood up. The soldier looked him over, "You gonna try to be a hero." Victor burst out laughing then looked at the soldier,"You really have no idea who I am do ya, boy." The rest of the soldiers rushed the place at the screaming of their comrade.

Half a state away Molly woke up in a cold sweat in the seat of Arnold's truck, "Where am I? Where's Daddy?" Arnold looked at her,"Your daddy's gotta fight and he wasn't sure he could win. I'm taking you to a safe place." She looked at him with tears welling up in her eyes,"Will I see him soon?" Arnold just kept driving.

The next day Arnold brought her into an old house, when they entered they heard a little girl yell,"Unca Arnie!" A 5 year old girl ran up to him and hugged his leg,"Molly, this is my niece. Her name is Martha." Molly barely looked at her but the girl came up to her and looked into her eyes and then giggled,"Unca, she's got brain powers too." An old woman who Arnold referred to as Madame Web wheeled herself into the room,"Yes she does, it's impressive that you can already tell at your age."

Arnold looked at her, "How you doing mom?" She smiled, "I'm 85 and in a wheel chair, how do you think I'm doing?" He shook his head and they started to laugh.

12 years later

Molly and Martha stand at Madame Web's grave. Martha laid down some flowers,"People have already took to calling me Madame, don't know how I feel about it." Molly looked over to her,"You'll make her proud, remember she said you'll be the presiding Madame when the new age of heroes begins." Martha nodded, "I've seen it, I've also seen the other Creeds." Molly glared,"Sinister's pets, they make a mockery of my father's name." Martha looked over,"One of them won't."

The girls walk back to the camp as it packs up when suddenly they hear a scream. They run to see where it came from and find a small boy cornered by some Krangs. Molly walks up to them and puts up her hand causing them to stop, she then steps toward them and gives them a pat on the head as they turn and walk away. The boy asks," What did you do?" She smiled at the boy,"I temporarily removed their killer instinct, without that krangs may as well be puppies." The boy stood up, "Could you do that with the Iron soldiers?" She shakes her head,"No but I could make the krangs eat'em up." He laughed and ran back to his family.

Martha smirked,"Still can't do humans?" Molly chuckled,"I'm working on it."

20 years later

Molly walk's into an abandoned library in Lincoln Nebraska, Martha looks up from her book, "Now that just ain't fair, I'm going grey and getting wrinkles and you still look 25 goddamn years old." Molly shrugs, "Good genes." The women stare hard at each other making the man sitting across from Martha uncomfortable. Suddenly they burst out laughing. Molly looked at the man,"Who's this?" Martha looked up,"This is Sam Hardy, his son Frank just came of age and wants to join the resistance, I think he wants me to talk him out of it." He stands up and Madame web introduces them,"Mr. Hardy allow me to introduce Ms. Creed." And for reasons neither understood Martha chuckled to herself as the man walked out.

Molly takes a seat,"What's that about." Martha shakes her head, "You'll get it in about 40 years." Molly sighs,"Okay, so what do you need me for?" Martha sat up, "I'm gathering the most powerful psionics I can find, to use as an energy boost." Molly looks curious,"Why?" Martha smiles, "We're going to implant an idea in Sinister's head. He's very good at blocking telepathy so we'll only get one shot, if we succeed it will eventually lead to discord between Sinister and the Iron army. Which will weaken both greatly."

Later that night Molly sits in a circle with Martha and several other psionic mutants. They're all hooked up to a machine said to be pieced together from Charles Xavier's Cerebro. A young woman stands in the center wearing a helmet that draws power from the others along with the machine. For a brief moment they all see into the mind of Nathaniel Essex, it is not a pleasant experience.

After it is over Molly looks at Madame Web,"What good can a smart Creed do us?" She answers you'll see. I'll need you back in 1 year, 6 months and 5 days. Give or take an hour."

Sometime later at Madame Web's appointed time

Molly and Martha sits by the machine as Molly asks, "What are we doing?" Martha hushes her,"Timing is critical, we have to do it at the exact moment the Creed's mind begins to develop." Molly starts to speak but for an instant is unable to. When it's over she asks,"What did you do to me?" Martha smiles,"We made a telepathic link that not even Sinister can break. When that Creed is set free, no matter where in the world he is if you call he'll come."

39 years later Tombstone, Arizona

Molly sits at a table across from Creed 7 and David Hardy as she hands 7 a letter from her father she looks to Martha,"Aah." David and 7 look at her curiously as Madame Web chuckles under her breath.


Marvel Iron Age: One Shot, Agent Fry of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Kansas 10 years ago

Agent Augustus Holland sits crouched down on a hill over looking the make shift stadium known as the Goblin Grind whispering into a comm,"Quartermain just loves giving me ulsers." The voice on the other end replies, "What's he done now?" Holland sneers,"He's gone and gotten captured by Goblins, they have him in their arena, If I were smart I'd let one of their monsters eat him." He looks back to his crew,"Willis, you think we can avoid starting a war here?"

The Grind an hour later

The announcer yells over a loud speaker," We got something real special for yo tonight folks. A genuine agent of Shield. Lets see how the super spy stacks up against the Brick."

A rusty gate swings open to a jeering crowd as a somewhat short man with red hair and a matted beard steps out. He looks rears back and spits into the front row showing nothing but contempt for the crowd. He looks over to Agent Max Quartermain and yells, "I guess we gotta dance for the monkeys, you ready?"

Max sighs, "As ready as I'm ever gonna be." The chains drop and the marches toward Max.

In the stands Agent Willis leans over to Holland,"Why do they have him fighting some random guy? I thought they feed people to monsters here." Holland not even looking at him, "You can't always trust your eyes."

In the pit the short man introduces himself, "Name's Fry." He then takes a swing at Quartermain but the agent ducks and throws an upper cut. Max yelled in pain as his fist connected to Fry's iron hard jaw. Fry then punches him in the gut causing him to fall down as he talks,"Yeah, my body's as hard as granite, that's why they call me the brick. They ain't very bright."

He then yanks Max to his feet. The agent jumps back as Fry takes another swing, He caught his arm and flipped him to the ground and made a run for the stands to attempt escape. A guard hit him with a cattle prod as Fry got to his feet. Quartermain dodged as Fry swung, "Look, secret agent guy, I don't want to do this any more than you so we may as well get it over with." Max looked at Fry's restraint collar as he picked up a small piece of broken metal from the ground,"Fine by me." He then leapt at Fry and jammed the metal into the collar disabling it.

Fry stepped back and felt the broken collar and pulled it off. A hateful smile came over him.

In the stands Holland saw the look in Fry's eye, "Awe hell."

Fry leapt into the front row as the audience started running, Holland looked to the agents with him,"Well there's our opening." The guard ran up to Fry hitting him with their cattle prods as he swatted them away. Holland and his crew jumped down in the pit and tossed Max a gun. Holland yelled at him,"Get a move on." Max started to follow then stopped and looked up at Fry fighting the guards. Holland looked back and sighed,"Fine, Willis, do your thing." Agent Willis gleefully lifted his rifle and shot down several of the guards running toward Fry. The short man jumped back down in the pit and followed the agents out taking Max's gun and shooting the locks off a cell holding a very large angry looking monstrosity that pounced on the Goblins pursuing the group. They managed to get out and ran for their transport. As they hopped in Fry looked at Holland,"Can I catch a ride?" Holland nodded.

Shield North American H.Q. 1 week later

Holland stands in front of a window looking down at Agent Quartermain talking with Fry. Carol Danvers sits at her desk, "You sure about that man." Holland nodded, "He may not be much good at cloak and dagger stuff but he's a fighter, we need that. Maybe if we pair him up with Quartermain I won't have to keep fishing him out of trouble."

On board the Starjammer, present

Agent James Fry sits in the med bay, Molly Creed is bandaging up the scar where his eye used to be as he has a conversation over his comm, "If I go then maybe I can work out a deal, Kree weapons gotta be helpful." The voice on the other ends angrily replies,"We have a lot going on...." Fry nods,"Yeah and you can't spare a ship to come pick up one agent out in the cold any way, if I go I can do some good and maybe bring back a better tool for for taking out the tin men." The comm goes silent for a moment, "Fine, I'm too busy to deal with this, just try not to get yourself killed." Fry grins,"Thanks boss."

As he turns off his comm Molly looks concerned, "Your right eye is gone." Fry looks up,"Sh*t happens, gimme a patch. We are on a pirate ship after all."


Marvel Iron Age: Monsters part 6

Denver, Colorado subterranean warehouse

Hal and Sam entered the ship through an open hatch and were welcomed by a disembodied voice,"Welcome aboard." Hal cautiously asked,"Who are you?" The voice answered," I am the ships on board A.I. designate Professor 2.5." Sam looked around curiously, "This is the Starjammer right?" The Professor answered, "Yes, though Ferrum tech has installed many upgrades such as my program, tho it has been quite a while since I've had any contact from anyone. Apparently after the Ultron incident A.I. was considered too dangerous so the ship was locked away."

Hal nodded," How would you like to see some action?" The ship was silent for a moment then answered,"I cannot leave this dock without a captain." Hal sighed,"How does one become your captain then?" The Professor quickly replied, "A candidate would need the interface implant to connect with my systems. I can install the implant on board. Of course at the moment I'm bound by several safe guards to prevent my launch."

Hal made his way to the ship's control deck, he found the security measures crude by Kree standards and quickly disabled them.

Above ground

Dal, Molly, Fry and David were surrounded by both the Iron soldiers and the stalker army. Struggling to survive the chaos. Abomination and Slaughter were still amid a violent confrontation as were 7 and Lash. Just as it seemed things couldn't get any worse the Makluan clones returned to the battle destroying everything in their path regardless of what side they were on. Lash shot a tendril toward 7's face but it was caught by one of the flying beasts and it yanked him up towards its mouth. Slaughter saw this and leapt into the air slamming into the creature and slicing its stomach open. Abomination followed but was caught by one of the creatures. He quickly broke the talon but fell landing on several Iron soldiers crushing them.

Most of the Iron soldiers panicked and began firing wildly a repulsor blast caught Agent Fry in the right eye destroying it. Molly ran to him as the Makluans closed in. Suddenly a loud crashing sound was heard as something large burst up from the ground. The group feared it was more Iron soldiers as the ship started blasting away the Makluans but then the guns turned on the Iron soldiers as well causing a full retreat. The Stalker army was devastated by the assault but the Makluans fought back slamming into the ship and blasting some kind of energy beams at it. The shields held and the ship began pouring energy blasts of its own at them until they finally fled.

The group nervously watched as the ship sat down and a hatch opened. Sam popped his head out,"Did y'all miss me?" He waved them in and all but 7 quickly got on board. 7 hung back looking toward the Abomination. The massive creature sat on the ground looking confused and completely lost. 7 marched over to him,"Do you have some place to go?" Abomination looked up at him questioningly. 7 looked back to the ship then back to the now childlike creature, "Well come on, I'm sure it won't be long before the soldiers come back with reinforcements. The 2 boarded the ship and headed off.

As they went Hal sent a transmission to the Kree that he had Dal with him. There was static for a moment then an angry voice came through, "He's no criminal, he was right a damned Skrull was impersonating out Supreme Accuser and tried to sell us out to the Shi'ar. If you have a working ship get back here we need all the soldiers we can get." A view screen popped up showing Hal what was going on as the rest of the group entered the bridge.

Dal ran up looking angrily at the sight of the cities of Hala under siege. He looked back at the group, "We need to go, where can we drop you? And make it fast." 7 looked around, "You need all the help you can get and my presence here is putting people at risk. I'll go with you." Abomination nodded, "Me too." not really understanding the situation. David added,"Madam Web ordered me to stick with you and that's what I intend to do." Molly and Sam nodded in agreement.

Agent Fry hesitated then looked at Molly, "Fine I'm in but I need to make a call."

Annapolis, Maryland a day later

Lash stood in front of Sinister,"They seem to have acquired a ship." Sinister nodded,"Yes, the Starjammer. It appears to have left Earth so for the time being our problem is solved."

Denver, Colorado

Iron soldiers are searching a large area and one picks up a small vial with an insignia of The Maryland Institute stamped on the side, "Sir,I think I found something." The Colonel leading the search walked over and scanned the vial sending the data to Ferrum H.Q. A second later a message pops up, 'Deliver to H.Q. immediately.'


Marvel Iron Age: One Shot, Hal-Lass

Hala, Ronan Military Academy 15 years ago

Instructor Mar-Ren over sees the flight test of Hal-Lass as his brother Dal walks up,"How's he doing?" Mar looks over, "Amazing, he's easily one of the best pilots I've ever seen." Dal nodded but looked concerned as Mar asked, "Is your father still insisting on making him a pursuer?" Dal glared,"He claims it's more prestigious than working his way up as a pilot." Mar chuckled, "Yes we all know how your father feels about earning things. Shame to waist all that talent."

Later that day at the home of Yon-Lass

Hal stares at the screen ordering him to report to the Pursuer barracks in the morning. His father looks on proud that he was able to use his clout to get his son the assignment. Dal looked angrily at his brother for going along with it as Yon looks to him,"Aren't you happy for your brother?" Dal glares at him, "He would better serve the empire as a pilot, he's better than any I've seen in the fleet." Yon shook his head, "Not this again, I didn't hear you complain when you joined." Dal shot up, "That's different, I was asked because of my aptitude for the job."

Hal got up and walked out not wanting to hear them fight over his future without including him. He often thought they just enjoyed arguing.

5 years later

Hal had gained a reputation for never letting up on a pursuit. He wasn't much good for the investigative part of the job but when they needed someone chased down there were none better. He had suggested many upgrades for the standard Pursuer craft changing them from what he called clunky embarrassments to top of the line ships rivaling those of the war fleet. He was in the middle of chasing down a suspected Shi'ar spy on the edge of Kree space when he received a transmission telling him of his brothers arrest. He stopped the chase and shot down his quarry into a passing asteroid as he turned to head back to Hala.

The next day he sat at the trial knowing his brother would never betray the empire and growing angry that he and the others on trial with him weren't even allowed to muster a defense. He tried to contact Dal but it was forbidden. The situation was odd, while it was true the Empire was known for swift justice this was a bit extreme. Hal was far from the only one to notice.

Hal didn't sleep well that night and was hardly in a mood to deal with anyone when he was awakened in the morning. He reported to a meeting room where a pink Kree named Lor-Var was explaining about an escape the night before. As the meeting ended he called Hal over telling him," You will be tracking down Dal-Rogg, and remember to bring him back alive and in one piece will that be a problem?" Hal looked curious,"No, Sir." Lor went on, "I don't care how long it takes stay on him."

5 years later

Hal sends a transmission,"Dal-Rogg has entered a forbidden system permission to proceed." He heard nothing but static as he said to himself,"I'll just take that as a yes." He continued on thinking back on how many close calls they'd had, he was always one step behind. He had him in his sights now and was sure today would be the day he caught him. Suddenly a huge energy backlash hit the ship sending him crashing down to Earth. As he pulled himself out he was met by 2 creatures, a human and a larger cat like humanoid.

(Story picks up in Hardy and Creed part 17)


Marvel Iron Age: One Shot Dal-Rogg

Hala, restored capital of the Kree empire several years ago

Yon-Las is in an argument with his eldest son Dal, "We've all heard your opinion, this is my family and I will decide what's best for your brother." Dal grits his teeth, "Your family? that's a laugh." Yon grabbed his son by the throat slamming him into a wall, "Our image is what keeps our position....."

He was cut off by Dal's laughter, "It's your father's image, you've never been anything. You may as well be a stinking Skrull because you are no true Kree."

He then shoved his father away," I don't need your damn name."

5 years later

Accuser Dal-Rogg stands in front of the Supreme Accuser along with many other officers disgusted as he speaks," Majester Soren has offered an alliance, this will herald a new era for the Kree people......" Dal could stand no more, "We have fought for too long and too hard to regain our empire to allow you to make us Shi'ar slaves."

The room went silent as Dal marched up to face him, "What has happened to you? You are the son of Ronan. He would be ashamed of you even entertaining this notion." As he looked into the Supreme Accuser's eyes he noticed a small shift in them. He then had a horrifying realization," He's a Skrull." He shouted as he pulled out his weapon and fired on him. As he died he revealed his true form as several of the officers barred the exits. The true Kree officers were outnumbered and defeated without much effort.

The next day Dal along with all those who witnessed the event were put on trial for the assassination but weren't permitted to speak in their own defense. They were all sentenced to death.

Later as Dal sat in his cell staring angrily at the door he heard a commotion out side. The cell doors flung open and a pink Kree named Lor-Var told him,"We know the truth, get moving." he jumped to his feet and ran out along with the rest of the prisoners to a waiting carrier ship. They flew off world and each prisoner was given a one man ship and told to spread out as far as they could from the empire and they'd be called back when the time was right.

5 years later

Dal entered the Sol system being doggedly pursued by his own brother as his ship was hit by a massive energy backlash that caused him to crash land on Earth on the island of Genosha.

(This story leads straight into Hardy and Creed part 17)


Marvel Iron Age: Monsters part 5

Denver, Colorado

Lash waves to the 3 landing transports and they begin unloading dozens of Stalkers from different divisions. They spread out picking up the trail of 7 and his allies.

7 and the group run south away from their crash site in hopes of finding a place to lay low for a bit when the sky fills with thunderous booms. They look up as they see Makluan clones falling from the sky, being shot down by several Iron Army transport ships.

They maintain cover fire as Iron soldiers fly out and a voice is heard over a loud speaker, "Creed 7, you and your associates are under arrest by the order of the Supreme Commander of the Iron Army, Surrender and we can guarantee you won't be killed."

The group turned to run but stopped at the sight of many Stalkers heading their way being lead by Lash, Slaughter and Cybertooth. David turned to 7,"Have i told you lately that I hate you?" Dal started to laugh and the group looked at him,"Hal, you did tell me I had to die like a Kree." Hal shook his head.

7 picked up the jug of Badoon whiskey and placed an impact detonator on it,"If we're going to die we're taking as many of them with us as possible." He then handed it to Dal who hurled it toward the Iron soldiers causing them to open fire before half of them were vaporized in the explosion. The rest immediately attacked afterward.

Hal put on the Nega bands that had been powering his ship as Dal looked to him,"So are we both going to be Captain Marvel now?" Hal grinned,"You be Mar-Vel, I'll be At-Lass like when we were children." Dal laughed,"Still trying to be Grand father." The brothers and Sam flew off to meet the Iron soldiers as the rest readied their weapons for the on coming Stalkers.

Fry was the first to open fire, Molly ran into the fray tearing into to a rat like creature 7 referred to as a Vermin. David was using his new abilities to their fullest extent as he fought all comers. 7 looked over and saw that the Stalkers were fighting the Iron soldiers as well and considered odd that none came after him until he saw Lash.

He looked at the killer approaching him,"Are you planning on finishing the job this time?" Lash nodded and shot out a tendril toward 7's head. He dodged and blasted him away with a repulser he caught him self by impaling a passing Iron soldier and using him as leverage to leap back at 7 who caught him and drove his adamantium blade into his chest.

The ground shook for a second as a Makluan clone hit the ground but no one seemed to notice at first. Then a deafening roar caused the fighting to momentarily stop. They saw the Abomination glaring across the field at Slaughter. He charged through the battle hurling away Stalkers and Iron soldiers alike Slaughter popped his claws and ran toward him, as the battle began anew.

Hal attacked the transports as Dal went after the soldiers and Sam was keeping the Makluan's busy chasing him through the air smashing into each other causing them to begin fighting among themselves and allowing him to go back to helping Dal.

Fry was content to stand back firing away at the enemy but they came up behind him forcing a hand to hand confrontation. A large black furred Creed grabbed him by the throat so he smashed in its skull with the butt of his gun and when it fell he shot it in the face. He was then jumped by 3 Ferals. he hurled one to the ground and crushed its ribs with a hard stomp, and then turned burying his fist in another's face and then swatting the last away with his comrades unconscious body. Just another Creed was about to pounce Molly's fist burst through his chest.

Fry smiled at the sight of her,"I coulda took him." She grinned and turned back to fight.

It sounded like thunder as Abomination and Slaughter struck each other in the middle of the field. Slaughter attempted to stab him with his claws but was caught and slammed to the ground as Abomination tried to stomp. Slaughter caught his foot barely able to stop it and stabbed into his calf and slammed him down.

Slaughter leapt to his feet and went for the kill but Abomination delivered a punch that sent him flying into the crowd crushing several Iron soldiers and Stalkers as he went. Cybertooth appeared and attempted to help Slaughter but Abomination ripped his head off for the effort. Several Creeds then pounced on him but they were tossed off without effort as Slaughter came back.

Hal managed to take down all the transports but the pilot of the last attempted to take him down with it as he set off a bomb in the ammunition cache. The explosion hurled him away causing him to crash through the ground were he landed in a massive subterranean warehouse. Sam followed to check on him as Dal continued to fight.

Sam flew in through thee hole in the ground and found Hal standing in the warehouse staring at something massive. Sam landed asking,"What's the matter?" Hal pointed and when Sam saw it he instantly recognized it. They then both spoke it's name in unison,"The Starjammer." A huge smile then appeared on Hal's face.

Off the coast of Florida

Sean sat in a chair with his legs propped up on a crate looking bored as Morbius and Thomas landed on the ship,"Are we done here?" They looked out on the carcasses of the formerly living islands and nodded.


Marvel Iron Age: Monsters part 4

Sky over Denver, Colorado

Agent Fry stares at his view screen in shock,"What the starking Hell is that?" Hal opens the front blast shield to see the massive reptilian ape-like monstrosity before them.Dal and 7 open fire on it as it lets out a horrifying roar, it swatted the ship causing Hal to scramble to regain control of the ship bringing down hard but in one piece. Hal unstrapped himself yelling back,"Grab every weapon you can find, the fun parts over."

Dal landed out side the hatch as it opened and asked,"Hal, where do you keep the jugs?" Hal sighed as he popped open a compartment on the wall and pulled out 2 large jugs of liquid growling,"Cost me a half cycles pay." He then tossed the jugs to Dal as 7 asked,"What is that?"

Dal quickly explained as they ran, "Badoon whiskey, highly illegal throughout the Kree empire." David put in,"They don't approve of drinking?" Hal shook his head,"Drinking's fine, but the stuff burns just shy of the heat of a sun."

The giant creature stomped on snatching several Makluan clones from the sky and eating them in one bite. They others gave it a wide birth. On the ground the Kree stared on,"Do you have any detonators?" Hal takes a swig from one of the jugs and tosses Dal a small metal detonator and he attached it to the other jug after taking a swig for himself. Dal looked back to the group,"It's about to get really hot and loud for a second you may want to stay back."

Dal tied a rope to the jug and looked to Sam,"You up for a distraction?" Sam sighed deeply and blasted slamming his fist into the massive creature's eye a second later as Dal shot up into the and swung the rope to build up speed before hurling the jug at the monster. The jug slammed into it's chest triggering the impact detonator.

The explosion caused Dal to fall from the sky but Sam caught him 10 feet from the ground.The creature fell to it's knees clutching the gaping hole in it's chest as it fell dead. David fell down as looked up at 7,"I think the suit just screamed at me." 7 looked down,"It's a little sensitive to heat and sonics, that explosion was like getting kicked in the balls."

New Castle, Indiana

A group of Spiders ran through the deserted town fleeing from 2 massive pig-like creatures when suddenly the ground rattled. They stopped in their tracks at the sight of the Abomination as he looked past them. He growled and charged toward the crowd, they all ducked expecting to be slaughtered when he leapt over them slamming into the creatures smashing the teeth of the first then he grabbed the leg of the second and swung it around smashing it into an old court house. The first turned to attack catching Abomination on it's tusk and slamming him to the ground causing him to spit up blood. In a fit of rage he tore the creature's tusk out and yanked it out of his chest before burying it in the beast's skull. The second charged, he caught it by the snout and twisted hard breaking its neck.

He stood for a moment letting his wounds heal up as he panted. The people stood looking in awe as he gave them a wave and leapt off.

Florida coast, sun down.

Morbius and his crew looked on as several of the living islands encircled the ship. Thomas grabbed his head in pain as M loudly proclaimed,"I'm not letting the Vampire have all the fun," through Thomas's voice. His eyes went red as crimson flames appeared surrounding his body as he rose into the air. Sean looked nervous, while at the same time feeling terribly useless in the situation. Morbius grinned as he flew up, he and Thomas flew off in opposite directions.

The crimson energy wrapped around one of the creatures yanking it out of the water as M used it as a weapon against its comrades, clubbing them into submission as Morbius ripped through them.

Denver, Colorado

Lash, Slaughter and Cybertooth landed their transport at the feet of the massive creature Dal had brought down. Slaughter looked it over,"How did they manage to kill a Gargantua?" Lash grinned,"I was worried it would kill 7 before I got my hands on him. You 2 can do what you wish with the rest but remember the Creed and his pet human are all mine."