Marvel Iron Age: Starjammers chapter 3

Centuri System

Starjammer med bay

The pilot they'd picked up was waking as Hal walked in,"You have a name soldier?" The pilot sat up,"Ben-Dar sir, and you are." Hal sat down,"Pursuer Hal-Lass, you're on board the Starjammer." Ben's eyes went wide,"A pirate ship?"

Hal grinned,"Show some respect, this is the most famous pirate ship in the universe. So tell me, what's happening with the empire?"

Ben looked down,"Majester Soren declared it part of the Shi' ar empire, the boy king thought we'd just hand it to him. He gave us that Shi' Ar nonsense about marrying our cultures, fancy way of saying he planned to bend us over if you ask me."

Hal sat back, "I was busy chasing Dal, I assume everyone knows the man he killed was a Skrull impostor?"

Ben nodded, "How bad was my ship damaged? I'd like to get back to my unit, we were in the middle of battling the Warbird."

Hal looked to him, "You're the only survivor, but if it makes you feel any better my Starjammer turned it into cosmic dust. We'll have you back with the armada in no time."

Engineering bay

Fry and Abomination work as 7 makes some adjustments to the power supply to the weapons systems, Abomination holds a massive coupling as Fry is busy tightening some loose bolts as per 7's instructions. The Creed looks down to Abomination," I'm done up here."

As Abomination fits the coupling back in place Fry asks,"Why exactly are you taking this apart again?" 7 tightens the last few bolts,"Improving the recharge time for the main cannon. It's a good thing that warship didn't put up much of a fight, it would've been an hour before we'd have been able to fire at full power again. Now we can get off 5 full powered shots before we need a recharge."

Fry looked up,"So it's 5 shots and wait an hour?" 7 shook his head,"Nah, 10 ,15 minutes tops."

10 minutes later Mess deck

The crew gathers for a meal as Hal and Ben enter. Ben slowly seats himself next to Dal-Rogg. Half way through the meal a bright flash of light appears and suddenly a man in shorts and a T-shirt stands at the end of the table.

He looks around,"Again with this? I can't wait until this stupid temporal disturbance is over." The crew pulls their weapons but Dal stands up," I know him, he's not a threat. Well not usually any way but rarely intentionally."

Hal looks him over,"The Traveler?" Dal nods

The Traveler hops to the floor,"Where are we?" Dal answers,"Centuri system."

He looks relieved, "Care to drop me off on Centuri 6?"

The professor chimes in,"That doesn't seem wise at the moment."

Hal looks up,"What's the problem?"

The Professor replies," It appears Galactus is preparing to devour it."

The Traveler shrugs,"Not a problem."

The crew looks at him like he was insane. He looks to Dal,"Remember when I said, sometimes just trust me?"

Dal nods,"I almost got eaten by a Brood Queen."

The Traveler shakes his head,"Almost, is the word you should focus on here, this is definitely a time to trust me. I'm 93% sure you'll all survive."

(to be continued)


Marvel Iron Age: Starjammers chapter 2

1 lightyear beyond the Sol System

David Hardy stands in the mess deck in front of the replicator, "Do you have beer?" The Professor speaks,"Clarify?" David looks up,"Beer, its a beverage." The Professor replies,"The beverage known as beer comes in over 4,000,000 varieties from hundreds of civilizations throughout the universe, which is your preferred type?" David steps back,"Okay, Earth style?" The Professor replies,"There are 71 varieties present on Earth, which would you prefer?"

Fry walks up,"He'll take a standard American Lager, make it 2." 2 mugs drop down and are filled. Fry looks to David,"The wise traveler knows how to deal with a smart ass bar tender."

Med bay, 10 minutes later

The professor speaks,"Abomination seems to have the same Titan technology in his system as Creed 7 but the gamma radiation in his blood seems to have destroyed it, I have set the stasis chamber to deliver small doses of the radiation. 7's healing factor keeps the process from being fatal." Molly and Dal sit back as the chamber opens.

7 sits up slowly and asks,"Are you sure its out of my system?" The professor replies,"Scans indicate that you are clear." 7 slides off the table,"Glad to hear it, I believe I'm due for some breakfast."

the Bridge

Hal, Sam and Abomination sit in front of a large view screen watching the stars fly past as Abomination snores from his chair. Sam looks to Hal,"Any idea how long it'll be until we run into someone?" Hal looks over,"It'll be at least a day, most people like to give Earth a wide berth. There's an old Kree saying. No good can come of dealing with Earth."

Sam chuckles, "Are you saying aliens are scared of Earth?" Hal turns back to his instruments,"I'd say cautious is a better word, if you hadn't noticed visits to your planet tend not to end well, The Kree and Skrull were the most powerful empires in the universe, Earth gets involved and now we're shells of our former glory. Your kind even managed to scare off Galactus, caution is wise."

Suddenly an alert goes off as the ship receives a distress signal. Hal focuses the screen and sees a badly damaged Kree fighter floating with only one faint life sign on board. He hits the comm,"Dal, get down to the loading bay, we have an injured Kree coming in."

Loading Bay minutes later

Dal, Fry and David are there to pull the injured pilot out of his ship. He looks at Dal, "Damned Shi' ar caught us off guard." Dal looked down at him, "We'll get you to the Med Bay, see if we can't get you flying again."

The Professor comes in over the comms,"There appears to be a Shi' ar imperial war ship quickly approaching, The captain has asked that you report to the bridge." Dal looks to David, "Get him to the med bay." He then taps his comm,"We're on our way."

The Bridge

The captain of the Shi' ar warship appears on the view screen,"Unidentified ship, our scans indicate you have an enemy combatant on board, stand down and prepare to be boarded." Hal replies, "This is Pursuer Hal Lass, aboard the Starjammer, I'll give you a moment to check your history to see what that means."

The captain hails back, seeing only Sam and Hal on the bridge as Dal and Fry enter,"We aren't worried about a few Kree flying an antique." Sam chimes in, "Actually I'm from Earth and so is most of our crew." The captain's eyes go wide as the screen goes black.

The Professor speaks, "The warship has raised their shields and are powering up their weapons, I suggest we do the same." Dal steps over to the weapon controls, "I've been itching to see what this does." Hal drops into the captains chair,"On my mark."

The Shi' ar warship fires with their main cannon as the professor chimes in,"Shields holding well." Hal nods to Dal who eagerly activates their cannon.

It easily tears through the Shi'ar shields and obliterates the warship. Fry stares at the screen,"Never let it be said that Ferrum goons don't know good weapons."

The professor comes back on,"The warship sent out a message just before we fired, it may be best to move on with haste."


Marvel Iron Age: Interlude Time/Space

The Traveler finds him self back row center at a movie theater. A man in a white suit sits next to him,"Popcorn?" The man in white sits down,"Traveler, huh? Sounds vague." The Traveler looks over,"Said, The Beyonder." The man nods, "Fair enough."

The Traveler takes the bucket,"I'm kinda in the middle of something here." The Beyonder chuckles,"One should always take time to smell the roses." The movie starts with a cheesy guitar riff, "80's buddy cops?" The Traveler asks. The Beyonder nods as The Traveler goes on," You just keep getting weirder, I can see the Tribunal as the chief but I'm having a little trouble seeing Galactus as the partner 1 day to retirement."

The Beyonder laughs,"Would you rather watch the abstracts stare at each other for a day making grandiose speeches?" The Traveler shakes his head,"Could've been worse,I'm still having nightmares about Death as Foxy Browne."

As a bizarre car chase plays on the screen the Beyonder asks,"Are you sure it has to be him?" The Traveler puts down the popcorn,"Yup, its a fixed point." Beyonder nods, "He doesn't exactly have an altruistic history." The Traveler looks to the screen,"I'll find an angle."

He sighs, "You ever get the feeling the boss is just playing a game and we're just the pawns?" The Beyonder smiles,"Of course not. We'd be Knights or Rooks." The Traveler laughs as he grabs more popcorn.

As the credits roll The Traveler disappears and finds himself between Dr. Doom and Carol Danvers in heated battle.


Marvel Iron Age: Doom chapter 10 Confrontation

Blue Area of the Moon

The Traveler appears inside a base,"Damn temporal interference." He turns and sees a man and a woman pulling the pants off an unconscious man,"Oh hell no, I ain't watching this." He disappears before he's noticed.

Doomstadt, Ferrum Tower construction site

A man marches into the site with a purpose. A guard runs up to him, "You can't be here, Sir." The man turns and smiles, "Lord Doom will not allow Ferrum to pollute his land." He then pulls a a small device out and hurls it toward the building as he's teleported away. The device destroys the lower supports bringing the tower down.

Minsk, New Latveria

A dozen men in green cloaks March down the street holding modified plasma cannons. The arrive at a Shield facility and open fire. The blasts tear the place apart as shield agents run out to defend the place. Their bullets bounce harmlessly off an energy shield as the cloaked men continue their mission.

The Geofront

Doom's minion reports,"The Shield Helicarrier approaches my lord." Doom sits in the center,"On my mark drop cloak and open fire." He switches on his comm,"Doomstadt, report." A man replies, "The tower is down." Doom then repeats this process to the half dozen units around New Latveria. He leans back in his chair, "Fire at will." He then orders a minion to take the helm as he walks out.

Shield Helicarrier

Carol stands at a monitor looking at empty sky when something catches her eye. For a second the clouds look blurry. She then hit the P.A., "Battle stations" Suddenly the Geofront drops its cloak and begins firing on the ship. Carol flew to the engineering bay as the ship rocked.

She exited the bay as Holland ran by. He stopped seeing her in full armor,"Don't get killed." She pulls him close and kisses him,"You're in charge until I get back."

The Sky above

As The Geofront commences battle with the Helicarrier Carol flies up to meet Doom, "You've got nerve woman." He shouted as he saw her. She glared at him,"You should've stayed dead Victor." He raised his hand and released an energy beam that knocked her back several yards.

She responded by returning fire.Doom dodged and flew at her top speed slamming into her intending to send her hurtling to the ground. She clutched his arm forcing him to the ground with her. The smashed into a street leaving a crater. She landed on top delivering vicious punches as Doom grabbed her neck and slammed her face hard into the ground. He then got up and kicked her in the gut sending her sliding across what was left of the street.

She leapt into the air and kicked Doom in the head sending him to a knee as she grabbed his arm using it to lift him up and then slam him back down. She followed it up with an intense energy blast to his back causing him to roar in pain and rage. She attempted to fly up to keep her advantage but Doom caught her by the foot and yanked her down as he threw a left hook into her face cracking her helmet and making her dizzy for a moment.

As he moved in for the kill she punched him as hard as she could sending him back a few feet and damaging his chest plate. She then grabbed him and fired several close range energy blasts that knocked the wind out of him. In response he viciously head butted her and raised his hand to punch her when a flash of light distracted them as the Traveler appeared.

He looked at them, "We don't have time for this." He grabbed them both by the shoulder and in a flash of light all 3 were gone.

Doomstadt, near future

Doom and Carol looked out on the barren city, they looked to the clear night sky and noticed very few stars.The Traveler stood in front them, "This is what Earth is going to look like in about 6 months if you 2 don't cut the crap." Carol looks at him,"Was there a war?" The Traveler looks at her,"There was a battle, but that's not what caused this. All life ceased to exist, first on Earth and then it spread like a plague throughout the universe until nothing was left. Now the stars are dying. If this continues all reality, not just this universe but all of them will cease to exist."

Doom looked to him,"How do we know you're telling the truth?" The Traveler glared at Doom,"That new armor has a telepathic function, go have a look." He activated the function and fell to his knees as he quickly turned it back off. He looked up at the Traveler,"What the hell are you?" He answered,"Not important at the moment." Doom got back to his feet,"What can we do to stop this?" The Traveler,"You have to kill Thanos when he comes to Earth in about a month or so from when I picked you up."

Carol's eyes widen,"How do we kill Thanos?" The Traveler shrugs his shoulders and suddenly Carol and Doom are back in the street as a confused crowd stares at them.


Marvel Iron Age: Doom chapter 9 Open fire

Moscow, Russia

A shadow falls over the Kremlin. People fearfully look up in the sky as the Geofront hovers above the city. Suddenly it shifts as Damos leaps from the edge landing squarely on the roof of the Kremlin with enough force to level it. He then smashes his way out of the rubble as a news van pulls up. He snatched the reporter and ordered the camera man to focus on him, "New Latveria shall know no peace until the true master reclaims his throne."

He then tossed the reporter away and began his march toward Doomstadt.

The Geofront control room

Doom watches the view screen nodding with approval as his minions activate their weapons taking aim at the Shield facility just outside the city. The blast shook the city like an earth quake and leveled the facility.

Doom activated his comm,"Do try to keep the damage reasonable, I have no interest in ruling over ashes." Damos replies,"Of course."

Shield Helicarrier

Carol and Holland watch a monitor. Holland looks to Carol," I assume that's Thanos' boy." Carol nods, "I can certainly see the family resemblance. Hopefully the techs are about done with my suit, We're going to need it." Holland looks away,"Are you sure its a good idea for you to use it? You have hundreds of soldiers completely willing to do it."

Carol glares at him, "I'm the best for the job." Holland obviously annoyed,"Damned Avengers, always thinking they know best." Carol began to speak but is cut off," You're the leader of Shield now, the super hero crap is long over. You want to fight him cause in the back of your head you still want to be Ms. Marvel, but right now we need Colonel Danvers." He then stomps out of the room as Carol stares at the screen.

Tunnels beneath Chicago

Sinister enters his empty lab. His few loyal lab techs busy themselves by getting the machinery up and running as Sinister goes into his private study and pulls out a communication device and activates it,"Your son has escaped." A humanoid creature answers,"Lord Thanos has more important matters to attend to, you have served your purpose. Don't call again."

Sinister bursts out of the study, "Deactivate all Stalkers immediately." He looks over and notices the Stalkers that had come with them were now missing as a lab tech speaks up,"Sir, they're off line." A look of clarity comes over Sinister, "I spliced a bit of his son's DNA into all of the Stalkers." The lab techs all look curiously, "Thanos has full control of my army now, he must have slipped something into Damos that has been passed on to all my creations." Sinister drops down in his chair.

The Starjammer, a half a light year passed Pluto

Creed 7 runs to the med lab and injects himself with a massive dose of sedative in front of a shocked Molly Creed. Before he passes out he tells her,"Get my journal and load it into the Professor's mainframe, put me in stasis until he works it out."

The Geofront

Doom sits in his private chambers with a data pad planning his impending attack on the Shield Helicarrier.


Marvel Iron Age: Doom chapter 8 The Traveler


Carol stands looking impatient as a young woman named Lt. Lois Stevens walks up. Carol glares at her, "Can you please explain why I'm doing this?" Stevens answers as she looks over a data pad,"Public relations, if we want the people on our side its best that they see you taking an interest publicly. Its not that bad you over see some new housing coming up, you eat at some rebuilt restaurants. And it humanizes you, you said you don't want to be seen as just another Doom. The best way you do that is not by setting yourself up as an unapproachable god."

Carol rolls her eyes,"Speaking of restaurants, have we come up with any clues who the teleporter was?" Lois shakes her head,"No idea Ma'am, though we have found several videos and pictures of a man matching his description. We're still authenticating." Carol sits down on a bench looking over to her security detail as she talks to Lois,"Any idea how long that will take?" Lois sits down next to her,"We had to carbon date some of them, if they're real this guy hasn't aged a day in over 300 years."

Below the Savage Land, Doom's Lab

Doom puts on his new armor as Damon looks on,"Do you fully understand that technology, even my father is wary of it." Doom looks over as he attaches the face plate, "I've spent over a century studying it." Damos shakes his head, "En Saba Nur had the same kind of tech integrated into his body for thousands of years and he never fully mastered it." Doom glared, "I am Doom, Apocalypse did not compare."

Damos laughed,"Your ego will surely be the death of you Victor." As they left the room an alarm went off and an unknown man in shorts and a T-shirt casually walked past them as if he didn't notice they were there as he read a data pad. Doom shouted, "Halt."

The man turned looking first at Damos and then to Doom, "Son of Thanos, and Dr. Doom wearing Celestial tech, great. Well don't need this now." He tosses aside the data pad and vanishes in a flash of light leaving Doom and Damos confused.

Shield Helicarrier 3 hours later

Carol sits at her desk finishing up her days work and ready for a long nap as a bright flash of light appears bringing the mystery man with it. She jumps to her feet and pulls a gun as he sits down on the other side of her desk," I need to make this quick so can we skip the whole threatening me with a gun thing, it wouldn't work anyway and this is my favorite shirt." Carol lowers her weapon and sits back down as he continues, "Something very bad is coming and I need you to keep Doom from making it worse."

Carol stares at him,"Doom is gone." He shakes his head,"No he's back, with a new body, the borderline psychotic son of Thanos and Celestial tech armor. You need to figure out how to use Apocalypse's armor as quickly as possible and what ever you do, Do not allow Doom or Thanos' kid to get their hands on that infinity gem." He looks at a device on his wrist, "Ok times up, I'll be back at some point."

There's another flash and he's gone. Carol hits her comm,"Is Holland aboard?"


Marvel Iron Age: Doom chapter 7 the Lab (Rewrite)

Doomstadt, Feeble Richards'

Carol sits in the newly restored restaurant with Augustus Holland sharing a meal. As Carol finishes her entree there is a flash of light beside the table. When the light fades a man appears. The confused looking man wearing shorts and an obscene T shirt looks around, "Crap, wrong time." He notices Carol and sates, "Okay, don't have a lot of time. We haven't met yet but find a better place to hide your gem." There is another flash and the man is gone, leaving Holland and Danvers very confused.

The Savage Land

Doom, Damos and several minions march through dense jungle stopping at a clearing being grazed by a herd of triceratops. The minions stare in awe but Doom orders them on toward a massive stone. Doom places his hand over a primitive looking drawing and presses in. A small flap opens in the stone revealing a keypad. He then types in a code causing the stone slab to slide away revealing a long corridor.

They walk down a few yards to a massive door that swings open. Inside is a massive lab with a few dozen people working inside.

They are met by a man in a lab coat named Arkady Azarov. He addresses Doom, "We've completed your new armor to your exact specifications, My lord."

Doom marches on as Arkady continues,"We had some trouble assimilating the technology at first but it seems to be auto adaptive, once we stopped trying it pretty much figured itself out."

Doom nodded, "As expected. I assume you've completed all I asked of you." Azarov bowed,"Yes my lord, your enemies will be reminded why they should fear you."

Maryland Institute

Sargent Martin Davis leads a team of Iron soldiers in expecting a war but inside they find nothing. Davis switches on his comm, "Essex is gone, not a sign of him anywhere, and he seems to have taken all his Stalkers with him. I have men covering every inch of the place and so far we haven't found so much as a beaker."

On the other end, Falcon Helfitta sighs, "Its the same with his other labs, He knows how to cover his tracks I'll give him that. You're done there Sargent, we need you back in New York, another riot has broken out and we're short handed."


A reporter talks into a camera,"In the days since the assassination of Victor Dominic anti Ferrum sentiment as reached an all time high. We've received reports of rioting in every major city in North America and thus far the Iron Armies attempts at maintaining order only seem to be adding more fuel to the fire. Ferrum released a statement claiming they had nothing to do with Dominic's death but the claim has fallen on deaf ears, still no word from the Supreme Commander on the issue."


Marvel Iron Age: Doom chapter 6 Damos

Sky above the Maryland Institute

Doom sits across from a massive humanoid creature aboard a helicopter,"Do you have a name?" The creature looked to him,"I am Damos, Son of Thanos."

Damos saw the curious look in Doom's eye,"The prison you freed me from was intended for my father who sent me here in search of his precious infinity gems. I made the mistake of under estimating Sinister."

Doom nodded,"Are you a man of your word?" Damos kept eye contact,"In return for my freedom, I will aide your vengeance. I would warn you to keep your end."

Geofront, New Zealand the next day

Doom's helicopter flies above as Damos leapt out. He laughed as the guards emptied their guns on him and he charged. More guards ran out as Damos began his slaughter. They were as gnats fighting a bear. Robotic sentries were called in. Damos was caught off guard for a moment when he was hit by a plasma blast. He was enraged and began hurling the guards at the machines. They were programmed to protect all human life so in their scramble to save the guards Damos attacked tearing them limb from limb as Doom landed.

Doom opened the gates of the fortress and headed in as Damos continued his extermination of the Shield agents. Doom made his way to the control center and switched on a PA system that could be heard throughout the Island, "This island is no longer the property of Shield, if you would like to avoid slaughter I suggest you evacuate immediately."

The Shield agents and their families grabbed what they could carry and loaded up transports as quickly as possible. Within 4 hours the Island was Doom's.

New Latveria one day later

Augustus Holland is listening to an odd report when a view screen popped on with an emergency message.

5 minutes later Holland burst into Colonel Danver's office,"Carol, we've got problems." She looked up at Holland,"I'm busy, can it wait?" She could tell by Holland's face it was urgent so she told him to continue,"Those Doom cult zealots you had locked up are gone. All of them along with a bout a hundred or so we hadn't got to yet. On top of that, we lost the Geofront, I was told some monster showed up and started killing and they had to abandon the place."

Carol pulled up a screen to see a view of the Geofront, all they saw was clear sky.


Doom stands in the control center surrounded by his minions, Damos stood beside him as he spoke,"Those buffoons had no idea what this place is capable of, to think I wasted so much effort for the ingrates. The teleporters look untouched, I'll have to show them the true potential of my work."

Doom switched on the comm,"Are my thrusters clear?" A voice answered,"Yes my lord." Doom then addressed the bridge,"Activate cloak and set a course for Antarctica, I need to pick something up."

Damos stood at the edge of the floating island and stared at a camera positioning to view the island.


Marvel Iron Age: Doom chapter 5 Martyr

Live news feed NYC

A reporter stands in front of a camera, "Presidential candidate Victor Dominic is holding a rally today on same street where just 3 weeks ago a riot rocked the city. He's coming to the stage now the cheers are deafening. His Anti-Ferrum platform has taken the nation by storm."

As Victor started to speak a bullet tore through his skull to the horror of the crowd.

Maryland Institute

Sinister watches a monitor,"Right on schedule." He then asked a lab tech to go find Doom to give a progress report but the lab tech told him,"He left about 2 hours ago."

New York Iron Hall

Sanders rushes down a hall to Helfitta's office. As he enters he watches as Victor Dominic dies on national TV. Colonel Bendis cheers as Sanders enters, "What did you do you Starking Moron?" The Colonel and the General looked at Sander's as the Colonel answered,"I just took out a threat to the Iron Army." Sanders looked at him,"No you just did exactly what they wanted you to do, You gave the Anti-Ferrum cause a martyr."

Helfitta stood up,"What do you mean?" The whole thing has been a set up. He's been pumping millions into some charitable funds that don't exist. They all sound like humanitarian aid on paper but everyone of them lead right back to a guy named Essex."

Helfitta sighs,"Nathaniel Essex?" Saunders looks up,"Yeah."

Maryland Institute a view screen come on showing Doom in full armor, "Sinister, as a thank you for your kind service I leave you with some warning, the Iron army will be coming for you, soon. I've left you a little gift on T floor. Have a nice day."

Sanders' apartment

Rob is on a comm,"They're on their way to Maryland." On the other end of the line, Doom speaks,"You've done well." Sanders smiles, "Thank you my lord."

Maryland Institute T floor

Sinister enters the room angrily but stops when he sees the room empty. His assistant asks,"Is there supposed to be something in here?" Sinister looks down,"Yes there most definitely should be. Doom may have just killed the world."

As the elevator hits the ground floor the doors open to a lobby full of Iron soldiers Sinister shakes his head,"I don't have time for this." He takes out a small device and hits a button destroying them all as he walks to a phone leaving a message at the Supreme Commander's office,"He's still on Earth and He's loose."


Marvel Iron Age: Doom chapter 4 Pawns

NYPD 5th precinct Manhattan

General Falcon Helfitta marches in behind Colonel John Bendis and a couple of Iron Soldiers. The General walks up to the desk of Det. Rob Sanders," You're coming with me." Sanders grabs his jacket and follows the General.

Sanders joined the General on a transport, as they sat down Helfitta handed Sanders a data pad. Sanders stares at the General's metal hand a bit put off, Helfitta shrugs,"Temporary replacement, we have more important things to focus on."

Sanders clears his throat,"What can I do for you sir?" Helfitta leans back, "I read the reports, the work involved is far beyond Bendis' capabilities. He tells me you've discovered Shield involvement."

Sanders shook his head, "I don't think Shield did it." Colonel Bendis interrupted, "But what about the tattoos?" Helfitta glared at him,"Did I give you permission to speak?" Bendis backed up as Sanders continued, "Its a false lead, but they want you to know its a red herring. It's like they're daring you to come after them. I've read up on your Shield files and there's not one mention of a tattoo logo on them."

Helfitta stopped him, "How did you get our Shield files?" Sanders shrugs, "I know a guy. Oh have you guys checked the sub net." Helfitta looked confused,"The what?" Sanders was surprised," The Sub net, its an online network that lets people run shows without having to go through the censors, I thought you guys would have it monitored or something considering how often the Spiders and the Thor cult use it to share info. Footage from the riot is already all over it. Everyone in the country has probably seen it by now. The edit used is not helping."

Helfitta gave a hateful stare to Bendis,"How did our investigative branch miss that?" Bendis was staring very intently at his shoes as Sanders started again,"I have a suspect." The General's attention was back on Sanders,"Who?"

Sanders sat up, "Victor Dominic, he's trying to run for president on an Anti-Ferrum platform and 3 days after he announces his candidacy we get a riot made to look like it was instigated by the Iron army. From what I've gathered the guy has really deep pockets which he'd need for access to cloners." Bendis replied,"What cloners?" Sanders answered, "The 200 people who started the protests that caused the riot are all hollow clones, crime bosses use them every now and then they don't have any minds of their own and can be programmed like a computer to do what ever you want, suicide bombs, extra hands in a robbery that you don't have to pay, or in this case hold signs and chant while waiting for who ever hijacked your armor to slaughter them."

Helfitta gave Bendis another hateful glare, "Sanders, you just earned yourself a new job. Bendis, meet your new boss." Bendis was pissed,"But sir, I've...." Helfitta swatted Bendis to the floor, "In 2 minutes he's given me 3 times the amount of intel you have in your entire career."

Sanders looked at the General,"You guys got dental?"

Maryland institute

Doom watches as his new political ad airs using scenes from the recent riot to attack the sitting president and Ferrum. He looks to Sinister, "I've been checking in on the sub net, it appears the riot has caused a great deal of questions to be raised, I'm assuming someone has made the connection back to Dominic by now. From this point on he has no private life, I've scheduled as many public engagements as possible." Sinister shakes his head,"Is that wise?" Doom looks up Martyrs don't get quiet deaths."