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A Pretty Good Retelling of the O5 X-Men Origin Story. 0

The story opens with Jean Grey, the narrator and protagonist, alongside the X-Men as they battle Magneto. During this fight, the story flashbacks to when Jean Grey first enrolls to the Xavier Institute. For me these 1-3 page flashbacks are a problem throughout the book. Sometimes they had some connection to what was happening in the present, but for the most part the flashbacks ruin the flow. I would have appreciated a more straightforward story.After Magneto escaped from the X-Men, we go back t...

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Flashpoint: Captain Amer--I mean Superman. 0

This issue was better than I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a mix between a "Capt America/soldier gets powers from govt" story and a "Superman gone crazy with power" story, and it kind of was, but it's fun and not as cliche as I thought it would be. If the Sinclair's, the protagonist, origin were to become Superman's origin  I would totally support it.  In the issue, after being given his powers he the govt, General Lane in particular, stops trusting Sinclair and paying attent...

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