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You really think the problem is that it became too liberal? Not that it ran out of ideas and stopped being funny?
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If he plays the Flash I will kill myself.
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I don't hate the book, I do like it, but as I said before, I do feel it is overrated. After I finished reading I shrugged. It's good, but it doesn't have the epic feeling a superhero comic should.
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All Star Superman is good, but overrated. I read it in the library, but was disappointed. I feel it was overhyped.
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I know him. He's terrible. Most of his fans are from the ages of 3-13. If he's in the 'Runaways', I will boycott the film.
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Carnage sucks. The only people I know that like Carnage are people who have never read comic books.
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It's clearly obvious that creator draw skimpy outfits because the market for the comic book industry is mostly male and skimpy outfits will draw these men attention.
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I wasn't saying that they don't overuse sex, but you're complaining about there being no celibate superheroes. Most superheroes are in their 30s, so they'll most likely be having sex either with their wives/husbands, boyfriends/girlfriends, or someone they know. It happens a lot. There aren't that many 30 year old virgins walking around, so I'm not such how realistic that is. 
"Just like everything else in this world, an action carries more weight when not acted upon constantly."     
That's not true. A good action is a good action, and a bad action is a bad action. If anything, one acting on the good actions more than bad actions carries more weight than acting on actions sparsely. I like having sex with my girlfriend. Sex with her is good. Should I have sex with her less often so that the next time we do have sex it will carry more weight? 
And you want to talk about realism? Superman is wasting a year walking across the country when there men in third world countries selling little girls in the sex slave trade! You don't want realism. What you want is for comics to go back to the silver age, which is just as bad as those who keep wanting "realistic" stories that are not realistic, but just dark and gritty. 

" By now it’s become “normal” for a superhero to act unheroically.  Batman is a brooding character (and that’s cool!), but when Superman puts all his pride aside and stops a plane from crashing or saves someone from a burning building, the perpetually-angsty 14 year old (or, as he said, 45 year old) boys complain.  “Superman is so boring!  All he does is be a superhero!”


It’s upsetting to see someone labeled a “superhero” without doing a good thing in his life.  People call Green Arrow a superhero, but Green Arrow is an asshole.  He doesn’t treat himself right, he doesn’t treat other people right, he doesn’t treat his friends and family right.  So what does it even mean when he helps someone out of burning wreckage, if only a minute later he’ll spit in their face for cutting him off in the parking lot?  Even Cyclops cheats.  Cyclops, a character who has been kept pure and heroic for decades, has now been cheating.  Seriously?  How can he be expected to be a model to young readers, and then do this? " 

   You said Superman puts everything aside to be a superhero, well so does everyone else. Cyclop may have had a mental affair a few year back-not "has now been cheating" which is present tense--but he puts aside his life problem to be a hero. Same as Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, and Green Arrow. 
The problem with you, and with what you said, is that you think sex is nasty and icky. You also referred to comic books as your "childhood pleasures". Those two reasons right there is why I called you a child and said you're more immature than the 'angsty 14 year old boys'.  
Cartoons are just like comic books; both mediums were once thought to be only for children, but now they carter to more than just kids. Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, Family Guy, South Park, Futurama, and numerous of other cartoons have broaden the range of their medium, just as comic book in the 80s pushed the boundaries. Also look at children's cartoons. Do you know how most of them become popular? Their creators/writers/producers aim for two demos, the little kids demo, and the college student demo. Do you know how they get the college student demo? By writing in sexual innuedoes and other jokes that go over the heads of little kids. Look at Rocko's Modern Life, Animanics, etc.
The comic book demo is diverse, and this should be embraced not pushed aside  . The book industry has adult novels/non-fiction books and young adult/children's novels and non-fiction books.  The comic book industry does not have this and this is due to the main problem with the industry, which is superheroes themselves. DC and Marvel continue to put out more books about the same characters, problem is some of these books aren't meant for some ages while others are. The common person won't be able to tell the difference. And when I mean common person, I mean main-stream audience, which brings me to the next problem. DC and Marvel are reluctant to make comic books that aren't about superheroes, advertise comic books that aren't about superheroes, or make graphic novels/comic books in a format most people are used to.  
There is this fear and reluctance to sell comic books, which are nothing more than illustrated novels, novellas, and short stories, outside of comic book shops. I read people comments that said there aren't any kids in comic book shops anymore. Yeah, well maybe go to the kids instead of waiting for the kids to come back to them. Start putting comic book in book stores. It doesn't matter how out of place comic book fans will feel at first; you'll get use to it. Plus, I'm sure most people who read comic books also read other types of books so it's not like they'll stand out. Seperate mature comics from children comics, and put this children comics, more like books, in the Scholastic catelog or in supermarket racks.  
It would also helped if they moved away from superhero, like I said before, because having a medium be used mainly for one genre is suicide. DC and Marvel should behave more like the indy companies, and should try formatting the books so that they look more like novels, which is what they are. Graphic novel is nothing more than a illustrated novel.  
DC and Marvel should also debunk the myth the illustrated novels are for children. I know teachers and parents tell kids this so kids could move on to read chapter books, but illustrated novels aren't just for kids and telling kids this does not help them to move on to chapter books.  
Alan Moore's Wathcmen was right. The industry doesn't need superheroes.

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Oh shut up, that's not what he was saying. So being gay is somehow unheroic? And I agree with artist draing superheriones too provacative because it comes across as they have to have super powers and be look like this mainstream idolized vision of sexiness, but does that mean they can't have sex lives? Or if the comic shows them going on a date, dress as if they're going on a date? 
Plus, what are you talking about PC? How many women characters have been rape? How many minority are A-List superheroes?
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Yeah, I think the straps are there to make her look like gladiators, whom themselves wore gloves with straps that connected to their shoulder pads.