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Best are Morrison, Claremont, and then Whedon.Worst are Bendis and then Fraction. Yes, Bendis is worse. Emma at least had some moments under his run.

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No because the people in charge of DC have their heads up their read-ends.

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All Star Superman focused a lot on the character. Red Son, though I liked the story, featured the same stiff Superman from the regular comics only in a gimmick setting, ex: communist Russia.

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@bullpr said:


Ok, so I'm even more surprised that the presence or the absence of a gene would correlate in your mind with a new species.

You should be surprised seeing as I already explained that the reason I'm able to accept them as a separate species, subspecies, or race is because I'm able to accept the comics as fiction and suspend my disbelief.

The main phenotypes associated with their X gene allow that, and you know it. No inconsistency in the MU here.

Unless Cyclops' has developed some form of invulnerability that I'm not aware of, no amount of good genetics is going to prevent physics and Newton's law of motion from taking affect when Cyclops launches a huge blast of force at Sentinels like he did in Whedon's run. And I stand by my point that this is fiction and you're overthinking it. The superhero genre is one mostly founded on science fantasy mixed with action/adventure that was aimed for kids. This is the same genre that had a man exposed to radiation and instead of dying or ending up sick, he turned into a giant, green monster. No matter how much modern writers and audience try to treat it as a more adult medium, it will always be founded on ridiculous premised for children. Just look at how they handle political discussion in comics; they often come off like generalized, ill-informed facebook posting. One can often poke holes in the science used in superhero comic books. Razzatazz had a series about the science in comics like Mr.Terrific. Comic books are just fluffy nonsense for entertainment, and to expect serious science from them is nuts.

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@bullpr: No. Definitely not. The franchise has been built on the discrimination with the jews and the antisemitism behind the mind of the writers. To fail to recognize that is too miss a lot of the social impact of the X-men.

That's what I meant. In fact, my second point alludes to that. Also, it wasn't just antisemitism. It bigotry of all forms.

What is your definition of a species???

Do you seriously believe that a kid from a human and a "mutant" would be an hybrid like a mule (Horse and Donkey?)

Going to the extreme will be to speak about different species because the color of the skin is different.

Do you know what is a phylogenetic tree? See an example here

My definition of a species is what the book(s) tells me. And when it comes to hybrids, that stuff happens all the time in fiction, and in the Marvel U. Quicksilver had a child with the Inhuman, Crystal. Agent Brand is half alien. This is all possible because this is all fiction. Wolverine is able to have a adamantium skeleton and not die because this is fiction. Cyclops is able to shoot beams without breaking his neck because this is fiction. Goku is able to bang Chichi and get her pregnant without killing her because this is fiction. Also, don't go to the extreme, because I didn't go to the extreme, so lets not go to the slipper slopes. And yes, I know what a phylogenetic tree is; I took evolution classes in college.

@josedriveratcr7: They are not a separate species and the X-Men have never previously thought so. The very point of the X-Men was to show the general populace that they were just humans who were, through no actions of their own, born with amazing abilities in the same vein as being born black, gay, blond, tall, short etc.

Right now mutants are classified as a species or subspecies. [1][2] And mutants have been referred to as a different race or species for most, if not all, of the history of X-Men comics. And really, when it comes down to sci-fi, species and race are interchangeable terms. Also, just as we have a social construct of race in real life, there is one in the MU when it comes to mutants.



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@josedriveratcr7: If he wanted to make Batman beat Superman he should not have lessened it doing so I hate when a character is made more or less durable, smart, etc just to make another character seem better.

I feel the same way. TBH, I was never a fan of Miller, but after reading that interview I've put him in the category of "overrated".

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I forgot what interview I read this from, but Miller once stated that he doesn't hate Superman. The reason why he wrote Superman so poorly was in order to make Batman look good/better. In fact, he said because Batman was the protagonist, he made the other characters antagonist and stupid compared to him in order to make him look the best. This is why I think Miller is a hack.

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Johns has definitely lost his touch, imo.

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1. Mutants are a separate species. The entire franchise has been built on this.

2. Prof X does and has always believed they were a separate species and what Cyclops fought for was to be treated equally. I can pull out panels if I need to.

3.Wanda and M-Day made it so no new babies could be born mutants. That's why Hope was such a big deal.

4.The Phoenix is a manifestation of life. If it wanted to destroy Earth there was literally nothing anyone could do about it (The Avengers tried and failed), and in trying to stop it you're trying to stop the universe's and nature's plan in the grand design.

5.You don't know whether the majority of these new mutants hate being mutants. Even if they do, it's likely because they don't want to face the bigotry non-mutants hold for them.

6.Cyclops isn't raging a war against humanity. He clearly stated in UXM that he appreciates the support from non-mutants. His war is against corruption, abuse, and bigotry.

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That's pretty freakin sweet. Cool stuff.