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Sounds like you're over-sensitive.

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Bendis is killing it on the X-Men so far. Only problem I have is the slow pace of ANXM.

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Great issue. Loved nearly everything about it. Let the haters hate. They're the same cynical, nitpicky bunch that's going to complain no matter what.

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@iceslick: Rape by deception - a crime in which the perpetrator has the victim's sexual consent and compliance, but gains it through deception or fraudulent statements or actions.

In the example I provided, the woman consented to what she thought was her boyfriend, not her boyfriend's brother. There's a difference between a white lie and physically pretending to be someone else.

Also, don't quote the dictionary like I'm some kind of idiot. I know full well what the general presumption of what rape is.

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I completely agree with Bendis' story being better for trade. I'm loving his ANXM run so far, but when I finished the last issue I just thought, "That's it?" One issue from Bendis feels like a 5-10 scene from a television episode than an entire episode or movie.

I dropped Supergirl and Superboy because of this crossover. DC really needs to fix their Superfamily line.

Wow, that Batman conversation got heated. You guys need to learn to stop interrupting each other. You all do it a lot. IMO, Batman shouldn't kill Joker. It would be pointless because the Joker would just come back and it would go against his character. I think the fans that want the Batman to kill the Joker are projecting themselves onto Batman.

I love Bachalo's art. Don't get the hate.

They bought back the Spider mysticism. Jesus, Slott is such a hack.

All I've heard is hate for Cable and the X-Force. Personally, I think it's just okay.

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I think Batman killing the Joker would be pointless because he would probably just come back to life. Batman will never be able to get rid of him. It's their destiny to do their dance for eternity.

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I loved, loved, loved the art. It worked really well with the story, imo. I have a feeling that the mainstream or majority of readers are going to hate it, though. They tend to prefer the traditional superhero artwork. The story was also great. I like when we have slice of life issues of superheroes. Can't wait for the next.

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This book is awesome. I'm not a huge Bendis fan, but I have to say that he's doing a lot better than I imagined. In fact, I think this is the best X-Men book in years. Great stuff.

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I don't think people were accusing Slott of having Spock rape MJ, but that it was attempt of rape and if he does have sex with MJ it would be rape. Also, the conversation was being had prior to Bleeding Cool's article on it. When Michelle Gonzales had sex with Chameleon pretending to be Peter there were complaints of it being rape. As for the skrull pretending to be Alicia, Masters, it is true that society doesn't take rape against men as seriously as they do with women. I'm also not sure if rape by deception had as much attention then as it does now. Personally, I think if Spock and MJ do have sex it would count as rape. Situations like this is much different then simply lying about your job, wealth, or interests. This is someone pretending to be a completely different person that actually, or at least, did exist. I also don't think it's similar to being drunk because when you're drunk you often still think you're you and not someone else or a different personality who has the intentions to sleep with someone while pretending to be you. I think Spock having sex with MJ is much more similar to this case than someone telling a white lie or being drunk.

And James mixed up the issues where it was rumored that Peter and MJ first had sex. This is the panel that takes place right after Gwen's death where MJ breaks her superficial personality and consoles him:

And this is the scene that happened after the first Clone Saga where fans speculate that Peter and MJ first had sex:

Now you may still think that it's possible that they did it right after Gwen died, but in issue 143 Peter and MJ kiss and the way MJ talks about it makes it seems like it was their first kiss. If this is the case, I find it very unlikely that they would have had sex and not share any kiss at all.

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Glad this arc is over. I didn't find it entertaining. Also, I'm tired of the Hellfire kids. They're terrible and are a big reason why this book is going downhill for me.